Your tone is the way you feel inside

If everyone’s heart is a cycle of seasons

The tone should be the most accurate thermometer.

If everyone’s life is a mime

The face is probably the most appropriate background sound

– 01 –

Speaking reflects your character and tone reveals your heart.

The tone is born from the heart and is a reflection of your inner world. They always look out of their heads inadvertently.

People who are aloof and proud in their hearts naturally cannot have a humble tone. People with coarse hearts cannot expect them to have polite words. However, people who are self-centered do not know the tone of comfort, just as they cannot imagine the grandeur of glaciers in the equator.

In fact, the tone is only a superficial problem, and the deep root lies in the heart.

Your tone is the way you feel inside
We often say that a person is ” beautiful and kind – hearted”. This kind of beauty is not only manifested in the appearance of the skin, but also goes deeper into the soul. A person with a full and peaceful heart can expand his heart infinitely to accommodate all the difficult things.

Whether it is to treat people close to you or strangers who meet by chance in the street; Whether it is an opposing enemy or a long-term friend, his tone of voice is always as ” beautiful as spring” as his heart.

Your tone is the way you feel inside
A strong tone may be convincing, but a kind and generous heart is more convincing.

Speak well to your family, command less and satirize less. Speak well to your friends, don’t be impatient and don’t complain. Speak well to strangers, understand respect and tolerance.

A good tone starts with the cultivation of one’s heart, and one’s heart should be relaxed and relaxed. Heaven and earth have nothing to worry about, so why don’t you go to the world of mortals with good words?

– 02 –

Your face is the way you live.

Your face determines the color of life. You are what you are and your world is what you are.

The world does not look at your face, but at your face. It is not what kind of life you have, but what kind of face you have.

A person who always puts a smile on his face and always smiles, life will pay special attention to him.

” People who love to laugh, luck will not be too bad,” said this is the truth.

Your tone is the way you feel inside
When we smile at others, to a certain extent, we leave a good impression on others. Whether it’s family life or friends, a smile always makes people feel better.

His face is also a kind of psychological hint to himself, giving himself a smile every day will virtually cheer him up.

If you don’t look well every day, not only will others be upset, but you will also become irritable. As a result of this vicious circle, life will naturally not improve, but will get worse and worse.

Please put a faint smile on your face whether it is in hard times or in days full of hope. I believe this smile will give you a stronger heart and life will not give you too much difficulties.

Your face is the way you live.

Go out every day to give yourself a smile and tell yourself ” I can do it”; Every day when I go home, I give my family a smile and thank them for their hard work.

Tone, is the appearance of your heart

Face, is the appearance of your life

Speak well to others

Live a good life