Living in the state of life that I created

I have always believed that fate is a variable, but this variable needs the master of destiny to create; it becomes better and worse, and it needs the master of fate to decide.

With a hand, the air will change; fate will change because of different ideas and actions. Ideas and actions create a gas field that belongs to this person. The change of the gas field drives different people to move toward different life paths.

Some things may be that we have no way to change, such as our genetic makeup, our family background, our looks. These things are innately decided, and we should accept it.

There are two main factors that can make our destiny better or worse: one is the environment in which we grow, especially the influence of parents; the other is the state of life we ​​choose when we grow up.

The influence of parents on children can almost be branded for a lifetime, which also plays a big role in the future of children’s future destiny. It’s a lifetime of luck to meet a good parent, because at the beginning of your birth, your parents are already shaping you, carving you like a sculptor.

If parents are positive, optimistic, optimistic, good-natured, good-natured, and eager to learn the same habits and personalities of children, then the child’s growth process is rooted in red seedlings, and when they grow up, they have the basic skills to keep their lives moving forward. In the future, despite all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, the overall fate will not be too bad. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether the parents are qualified or not, and we have seen too many rich and powerful parents who have miserable the children’s case. The so-called good family does not necessarily give people a good life.

In addition to parents, 80% of people’s fate is still in their own hands. In other words, no matter what age we are, we can change our destiny at any time. People live in the state of life they created. Over the years, whether we are passive or active, we have created a state of life and then unconsciously lived in this state of life. This state of life is called fate.

So what we need to do is to change our state of life. Let’s calmly analyze, what is the subject of the state of life? What is preventing us from getting better? For example, some people do things, they are always trivial, and they can’t tell what is most important. Some people never develop the habit of cleaning things up and clean; some people are anxious and anxious, do not know how to calmly think and deal with them; The heart of the person is full of greed, life is in the fog. If it is in such a state of life, our destiny will not be too good.

In fact, a good state of life is the formation of good life habits. Good habits need to be worked hard, bad habits are easy to develop, so if we are not careful, we will fall into bad habits, such as being lazy, taking advantage of small, and venting emotions. Bad habits have a harmful effect on the state of human life, and it is easy to drag people’s destiny to the darkness, so we need to develop good habits.

Forming good habits is painful at first. For example, reading and running are all things to work hard, but as long as you persist, good results will naturally appear, and the ultimate sense of accomplishment and inner self-enrichment, as well as the optimization of fate is the best. The blessing. A person can start from a small habit of change, for example, you have always been squinting, and now try to smile at everyone, and soon you will find that the benefits of smiling are far greater than the face, slowly smiling will become your life state . Such a small thing is already changing your destiny.

My own state of life is made up of a series of habits that I have developed. My hard work comes from my early childhood in the rural life. My reading comes from self-encouragement and other role models during college. My habit of cleaning up the house comes from the inner pursuit of methodicality. My team spirit comes from childhood and friends. . This series of habits constitutes my life state, which in turn determines the direction of my life.

I am deeply aware of how important it is to develop good habits for a person’s life state and direction, so I strive to keep moving towards active and healthy habits. When the habit becomes a state of life, it will produce joy, but it will be painful. For example, a person who often runs will be uncomfortable if he does not run for a few days. A person who reads frequently will feel empty when he does not study for a few days.

The state of life will eventually recreate your life, which is to reshape the destiny. The so-called “Buddha’s fear, all beings are afraid of fruit” means that we must change and control our own destiny from the source, instead of being helpless and waiting to accept the fate.

Everyone has heard about the butterfly effect: “A butterfly in the rainforest of the Amazon River in South America, occasionally flapping a few wings, can cause a tornado in Texas in two weeks.” The change in our destiny is the same. A small change in your life and work habits can dramatically change your destiny in the long run. Thoughts become more inclusive, treat fame and fortune a little more openly, and pack yourself up a little more neatly. Use more bits and pieces of time. This kind of bit by bit will gradually change your destiny, and it will become better and better! “