Facing the vast universe and vast time, how should human beings find their own meaning?

Physics, universe, earth, vastness, animals

A long time ago, about 13.799 billion years ago, a state we call singularity brought about today’s universe. This is a state in which the known laws of physics do not work, a state that is believed to have given birth to the current universe. With it, we have space, time, energy and matter. Every atom, every star, every galaxy, every planet comes from that lonely infinite point.

The creation of these ordinary substances, including the dust particles we call the earth, accounts for only 0.3% of the universe. About 68% of the space is occupied by dark energy, an unknown substance. The other 27% is made up of dark matter, another matter that is almost unknown. The remaining 5% is what we know and study, including the negligible 0.3%.

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