The depth of the water is silent, but one cannot be sure.

Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete. Between people, more understanding will lead to less misunderstanding. Between heart and heart, more tolerance will reduce some disputes.

Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete. Between people, more understanding will lead to less misunderstanding. Between heart and heart, more tolerance will reduce some disputes.

Don’t judge a person and judge the right or wrong of a thing with your own eyes and cognition.

Don’t expect others to have the same point of view as you, don’t expect others to fully understand you, everyone has his own character and point of view.

People often put too much emphasis on themselves to gain and lose, and feel that others must understand themselves.

In fact, people should underestimate themselves, less self, more transposition, in order to be happy.

The so-called heart is as big as happiness. The more inclusive you are, the more you get.

Don’t talk about people behind their backs, don’t care about being said. People who are useless have nothing to say, and the better they are, the more they will be said.

There is nothing in the world that is not commented upon, nor is there anyone that is not commented upon.

We can’t control other people’s mouths, but we can look at all the troubles with a cool heart.

Only when you are calm can you hear the sound of all things, and only when you are clear can you see the essence of all things.

Settle one’s heart and watch the situation change. To get along with others, one needs to pay attention to ways and means.

There are some things, need to endure, not anger; Some people, need to let, don’t investigate.

What if I eat some losses on my lips and let him get three points? Everyone needs to be respected and everyone wants to be understood.

The depth of the water is silent, but one cannot be sure. Learn to temper lightly, learn to resist anger and face dissatisfaction.

Everything can’t be too fine, too fine no way; Treat others not too harsh, too harsh without friends. Know how to back down, only show the atmosphere; Knowing tolerance shows magnanimity.

The shorter you are, the shorter you cannot hide it. The longer one grows, the less one can grow.

Don’t dazzle when you are proud, don’t lose heart when you are frustrated.

No flower lasts a hundred days, no man dies a hundred days, three points depend on luck and seven points depend on himself.

It is good to work hard and do your best. The result is not the ultimate goal. The experience of the process is the most real feeling.

Some people often complain that life is difficult, but it happened that some people just like to embarrass themselves, drill a dead end and never look back without hitting their heads and bleeding. What’s more, he crashed into the east wall and the west wall, abruptly breaking his life to pieces.

They don’t understand: not all persistence in life will have rainbows after rain. Understanding change is sometimes a way forward.

If you are tired, change the road and never push yourself too hard.


Two days ago, I saw on Weibo that the youngest group of post – 80s generation is almost 30 years old this year.

At the age of 30, one has to start a family and make a living and support one’s family. Under pressure, we know that in the world of adults, nothing is simple and nothing is taken for granted.

This reminds me of David’s middle-aged life in the movie The Weather Forecaster.

The work of a weather forecaster seems simple, but David is often thrown in the street because the weather forecast is not accurate, or because of poor advertising language on his own program.

What is more sad is that his marriage with his wife also broke down, his son went to rehab for smoking marijuana, and his father died of a serious illness soon.

David, who did nothing in middle age, faced an empty life alone and finally spoke the classic line: ” Nothing meaningful is easy, and there is no easy word in the world of adults.”

As an adult, no matter what sad things you have experienced, no matter what difficulties you are facing, you must be strong. Because life has to continue … and what we can do is either stick to it or move on in another way.


Many people do not want to change their lives, because fear is unknown, so they are content with the status quo. However, there are many things in life. If you don’t choose to stick to it, you will surely have good results.

There is always someone who loves a person and wants to get it. He always wants to get to the end of a road. Even if he finds that he is likely to be unable to do it or love it, he will plunge into a dead end without hesitation and will not turn back. Like this, insisting on what one should not have insisted on often only embarrasses oneself.

When you look back on your life, you will find that when your life is the most difficult, you actually have many choices, but you chose the most difficult one and consumed a lot of life.

Therefore, if one thing has been done for a long time and there is still no hope, one may as well choose something else to do. If a person has been in love for a long time and still feels inappropriate, he may as well reconsider his feelings. After a long walk, I am still at a loss. I might as well see if there is another way.

Life is the accumulation of constant choices. If you are tired, then take a different path. Dark days will one day bring out the best in the world.


There used to be a saying on the Internet that was very popular: if you choose your own way, you have to walk on your knees. Many people in my circle of friends have taken this sentence as their motto.

Choose a road, go to black, think this is ” my life is up to me”. However, this may not be the case. A free life is not what you have, but what you can change.

You know, there is no right or wrong in many choices, and knowing change is also a way forward. Enough is enough to change, not to lose what you want, but to pursue what suits you.

As a book writes, when you learn to discard unrealistic insistence, you will find that timely flexibility can actually solve seemingly intractable deadlock.

Choice is a process of self – remolding. Pain may be inevitable, but every transformation will bring you growth surprises and make you stronger.

If life is a journey of constant choice, then when Qian Fan reads it all, what he finally leaves behind is a landscape that belongs to him.

People live, don’t think of life too complicated. However, life has never been a single topic. Therefore, if you are tired, don’t embarrass yourself. Take a different route, don’t be afraid, don’t worry, life will give you unexpected answers.

Believe in yourself, the future can be expected.

Life is like a play. Everyone is the main character in his play. The important thing is how to write the script of one’s own life.

Perhaps there is a life at the mercy of fate, but by shaping one’s own mind and changing one’s own spirit, one can create scripts according to one’s own ideal and play the leading role in the play according to one’s own ideal.

The so-called life depends entirely on how you describe it. The content of the script is quite different between those who live in a muddle and those who take life seriously.

Cherish yourself, day by day, moment by moment, live extremely seriously, and your life will present a brilliant scene immediately.

– kazuo inamori

This is the only time in life. If you spend it without knowing what to do, it will be the greatest waste. In my opinion, the reason why human beings exist is precisely because of the needs of the nature of heaven and earth and the boundless universe.

It is no accident that each of us can come to this world and enjoy the miracle of life. First of all, we must believe that ” the universe needs us, and our existence is very important”.

Judging from the scale of the universe, the insignificance of human beings is more than dust and dirt. But we must believe that our existence is inevitable and is recognized by this universe. It can be inferred from this that our life has corresponding value.

Life is so great and valuable. If you waste it in vain, wouldn’t it be the most serious waste of life? In my opinion, in this meaningful life, the value of a person depends on the seriousness of everyone.

Plants that seek survival in harsh nature are our models.

I have seen such images on TV. In the arctic tundra, all plants sprout together. Summer in the Arctic is very short. Those seemingly weak flowers and plants try their best to bloom and plant in the fleeting summer so that the water of life can meet the coming winter.

I feel the spirit of ” living like summer flowers” in this scene.

The same is true in Japan. When spring comes, the snow will melt and everything will recover. Even in the rocky mountain areas, we can still see vegetation sprouting and flowers blooming.

These plants leave seeds in order to continue their life and are ready to spend the next winter. Even the plants known as ” grass” are growing earnestly and tenaciously every day.

We have certainly seen such a scene. In the deserts of Africa and other places, it rains at most once or twice a year. But as soon as rain falls, the plants in the desert will germinate and blossom immediately, and then leave seeds in a short period of one or two weeks. The seeds will again wait tenaciously in the hot desert until the next rain comes.

It can be seen that in nature, all living things are earnestly living every minute of their lives.

Therefore, we human beings should not idle away our time and must face life with extreme seriousness. In my opinion, this is the contract between us human beings and the gods of the universe, which is why I have always stressed that ” we should pay no less than anyone’s efforts”.