The Russian maxim

Our land is vast and fertile, but it lacks order.

This sentence comes from the chronicle of previous years, a general chronicle of the 12th century. According to this chronicle, many tribes lived on the land at that time, and they paid tribute to the Varyag ( Scandinavians ). Later they drove out the Varyags and tried to manage themselves, but they always quarreled. In order to stop the fighting, they decided to find a maharaja from the outside, so they sent messengers to the Varyag and brought the following words: ” Our land is vast and fertile, but it lacks order. Please be a maharaja and rule over us.

Ryurik responded to the proposal and became the founder of Russia’s first dynasty, the Leric Dynasty. By the second half of the 19th century, this phrase began to be used as a satire, meaning that despite Russia’s vast territory and rich natural resources, no one has ever been able to establish a normal order of life here.

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This is an era of awakening! Everyone can become a genius!

The time has come for mankind to surpass itself. Everyone needs to make a magnificent turn.


Since entering the revolution of science and technology, mankind has been seeking outside.

We went to the moon, to discover planets and galaxies, but we found nothing except the world.

The era of external demands has passed, and then human beings have only internal demands! The so-called internal demand means that human beings have to rely on themselves to obtain huge energy.

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Why is it difficult for Vietnam to replace Chinese manufacturing?

I have always been curious about Vietnam. I often see opportunities about Vietnam’s stock market. From 2011 to 2017, Ho Chi Minh Index rose 177.49% for 6 consecutive consecutive days. In 2017, the increase was as high as 55.29%. Some friends recommended investing in Vietnam stock market, but they could only give up if they didn’t understand.

This trip to Vietnam also brings with it the question of whether Vietnam was China at the beginning of the reform and opening up 30 years ago. After the trade conflict, will Vietnamese manufacturing replace Chinese manufacturing?

Those who hold such remarks are nothing more than Vietnam’s huge and cheap demographic dividend.

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Those who care about you will never say this sentence.

The more serene your heart is, the deeper your happiness will be.

People with you in their hearts are eager to see you every day. Those who do not have you in their hearts wish to see you forever.

Those who care about you cannot stay with you long enough, those who hate you cannot stay with you long enough.

In a healthy relationship, the investment of both sides is equal. The harder the party tries to please, the easier it is to be abandoned mercilessly.

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