This is an era of awakening! Everyone can become a genius!

The time has come for mankind to surpass itself. Everyone needs to make a magnificent turn.


Since entering the revolution of science and technology, mankind has been seeking outside.

We went to the moon, to discover planets and galaxies, but we found nothing except the world.

The era of external demands has passed, and then human beings have only internal demands! The so-called internal demand means that human beings have to rely on themselves to obtain huge energy.

All matter in the world can be converted by energy, which is Einstein’s formula extracted by his lifetime wisdom: e = mc2. in this case, we can treat all matter as energy.

How is energy formed? Movement and vibration inside matter.

From atoms and molecules to celestial bodies, they are constantly moving and vibrating.

Therefore, all tangible and intangible substances in the world are energy formed by different motion periods and different vibration frequencies, but the periods and frequencies are different, thus producing different forms of expression.

Vibration theory is a huge theoretical system and is the basic basis for explaining the existence and interaction of all natural phenomena.


Einstein’s teacher, Planck, a quantum physicist, has another formula: E=hv(E is energy, h is a quantum constant, v is the frequency of vibration ), and consciousness is that the higher the frequency of vibration, the stronger the energy.

As a result, the most frequent substance becomes invisible, such as ideology.

Second in frequency are living substances, such as human beings and animals. Of course, human beings are a little higher than animals. The ones with the lowest vibration frequency become solid substances, such as flowers, trees, tables, chairs, human bodies, etc.

This is what Chinese traditional culture says: All things have spirits.

Only intangible energy is more powerful than tangible energy, and has more high-level power and function.

Since all things are energy, according to the principle of conservation of energy, energy can neither be generated out of thin air nor disappear without reason.

Only from one object to another, or from one form to another.

Energy is generated all the time in the human body, for example, the physical energy in the body – that is, the transmission of material energy, is from molecule to molecule, from cell to cell.

At the same time, the human body also has a kind of invisible energy in the outward transmission, that is, the transmission of consciousness energy.

The latest research results of modern physics show that the transmission of consciousness energy can be restricted by beyond space.

The most important thing is that invisible energy sometimes transcends the real world.

For example, the deeds of Hangzhou’s ” most beautiful mother” a few years ago have won the praise and admiration of countless people.

Later, according to the distance that ” the most beautiful mother” rushed to save her child, someone calculated it with the method of physics. to her surprise, she ran faster than the sprint speed of the world sprint champion.

In fact, this is the result of some invisible energy being turned on.

Similar magic cases emerge one after another in ancient and modern China and abroad, countless.

In most cases, the reason why we have difficulty in perceiving it is that our body normally receives this energy.

However, some people are instantly stimulated in a sudden and stressful state and gain energy from the outside world for a short time.

So, how do we adjust our physical state and absorb energy from the outside world?


Human primary energy is obtained from diet, while medium energy is obtained from brain.

Higher energy comes from higher space.

First, let’s look at some scientific phenomena: there is a word called resonance in physics, and there is another word called resonance in acoustics, which is very simple to understand.

There is also a newly discovered quantum entanglement: there is no conventional connection between two quanta that are far apart ( in light years ).

It is no coincidence that one changes state and the other changes state at almost the same time.

In 1665 Dutch scientist Hawkins discovered the ” resonance principle”: a strong rhythmic vibration is projected onto another object with a corresponding frequency.

However, the object with weak vibration rhythm will resonate with the stronger object due to the periodic stimulation of the corresponding frequency.

Hawkins once placed old clocks with the same frequency and different speed side by side on the wall of the room, and then walked out of the room.

When I came back the next day, I found that the clocks of the grandfather clocks were all swinging at the same speed, and many people repeated this experiment one after another and tried it again and again.

In fact, this phenomenon can be seen everywhere in our daily life. For example, the strings that are not vibrated will resonate together under the influence of the strings that are strongly vibrated.

A soprano’s voice can break the glass, because her high-frequency singing ( invisible ) can improve the vibration rate of the glass ( visible ). When the vibration reaches a certain level, the glass can no longer maintain the shape of the glass and thus breaks.

If you think about ourselves again, when your heart is deeply drawn by someone, something or something, you will feel ” appreciate each other” or want to ” stay together” with each other.

This is ” telepathy” and we also call it ” bosom friend”. No wonder the ancients said, ” a gentleman is a bosom friend”, because your frequency is the same, and the probability of such a thing happening is too small.

Therefore, in order to receive energy from the outside world, we must first adjust our state ( frequency ) so that the frequency interfaces with the outside world, and then obtain the transmitted energy.

If you want to absorb energy, first we have to make ourselves quiet, which means you start to reduce energy consumption.

For example, Taoism stresses the extreme of emptiness and tranquility. Only emptiness can begin to absorb energy from the space universe.

The highest state of tranquility is to let oneself go to nothingness, so that energy can flow in. How should this be done?


This is like this question: How can a drop of water last forever? Put it in the sea!

The same is true of human beings. The highest level of peace ( tranquility ) is to merge oneself into the space-time cycle in which all things run.

In fact, the Chinese people have been advocating the unity of heaven and man since ancient times. In fact, it means that the universe is as big as celestial bodies.

As small as the five zang-organs and six fu-organs of the human body, their operation logic is the same, which is also what we call ” Tao”.

For many people who realize the Tao and practice, the essence of meditation, hard thinking and meditation is actually to adjust the operating state of the human body.

Make the body’s operation order consistent with the outer universe celestial bodies, and you become a projection of the universe celestial bodies in the world, and then you forget yourself and have no self.

In fact, our ancestors have long discovered this. For example, Huangdi Neijing studies the principle of human body operation, and then uses the principle of mutual generation and mutual restriction of water, fire and earth in Jin Mu.

In fact, the movements of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Saturn in the solar system are essentially the same as the cooperation of the five zang-organs and six fu-organs in the human body.

Another example is the ancient saying that the small week day in the human body actually represents the system in which the moon revolves around the earth. The human spine has 24 segments, and with the circulation of the body, each segment will have corresponding induction.

According to these subtle changes, the ancients realized the change node of a cycle and divided the year of the Chinese lunar calendar into 24 solar terms.

Therefore, every point in the human body has its corresponding point in the universe. By looking back and looking inside, all galaxies will find their corresponding positions in the human body, such as 28 stars in the five zang organs, such as the Milky Way in the gate of life.

The essence of meditation is to continuously improve one’s ability to blend with nature and eventually reach the state of harmony between man and nature.

Another example is Buddhist meditation, which puts your brain and all your cells in a highly quiet state. At this time your brain is like a superconductor.

Your heart is the whole world. When you are full of joy, compassion and tolerance, the positive energy of time and space will continuously flow into your body.

When you are kind and willing, you will get unlimited energy in an instant.

Water callously believes that once people reach this state, naturally they will be able to show kindness in respecting heaven, loving people and caring for all living beings.


This is the reason why many geniuses succeed. Their hearts are full of infinite wisdom. If they move their minds, they will mobilize a lot of energy to help him finish the career he wants to finish.

Many scientists, politicians, businessmen and stars in the world have their own beliefs.

Many genius, they can succeed, often comes from the inspiration of the moment.

Many of mankind’s great inventions are often inspired. The essence of inspiration is actually energy from time and space.

Kindness and quietness will give a person unlimited energy.

For example, Jobs had the experience of Zen. Since he was young, he loved to study Oriental mysticism philosophy. Zen not only made him quit marijuana, lost his headstrong character, and made him a genius.

His unique strategic thinking and artistic and aesthetic product design must come from the positive energy brought by daily meditation.

For each of us ordinary people, we must be deeply aware that there is infinite and powerful energy in our bodies.

Looking around, material wealth is no longer the ultimate goal of mankind, and the era of obtaining satisfaction from the material world is over.

I believe that more and more people will acquire the energy to change the world by exploring the essence of life in the future. This is the so-called ” asking people is not as good as asking yourself”.