The best state of one’s life

People always need to do something so as not to feel desolate in their hearts, but to be able to do one thing well, that kind of happiness is incomparable.

There are 1,000 ways to live for 1,000 people, but all one pursues in his life is the best living condition.

What is a person’s best living condition?

For a person, the best living condition is nothing more than having something to do, someone to love and something to expect.

Have something to do

I once asked my good friend: What do you want to do most?

She said: The thing I want to do most is to do nothing.

More than a month ago, she resigned and returned to her hometown. Last weekend she sent me a message: ” It’s too boring. There is nothing to do at home.”

It was only when she really had nothing to do that she realized how happy it was to have something to do.

We have all heard of the word ” carefree worry”. I understand the word in this way. when people are free, they are easy to entertain foolish ideas and give birth to various kinds of worries. on the other hand, when people are busy, how can they have so many thoughts to worry about?

People always need to do something so as not to feel desolate in their hearts, but to be able to do one thing well, that kind of happiness is incomparable.

In the movie ” Intern”, the 70 – year – old retiree Ben, in order to relieve his lonely old life and return to work, became an old intern. He made new friends and learned new skills.

With his rich life experience, he even became the boss’s life mentor, leading a colorful life in old age and rediscovering the meaning of his life.

People always need to do something to show their value. Although doing things sometimes hurts, doing nothing makes people more painful.

It is a rare happiness to have something to do, to be able to do it well, and to embody one’s own value.

Someone loves you

Writer Hugo said this sentence:

The best thing in life is to be sure that someone loves you.

Love is indeed a good medicine for a person to fight against the world. It is also a source of happiness and happiness for a person.

On the weekend, I took a motorcycle home. The driver was an uncle in his 40s and 50s. His skin was tanned and red. He smiled and had white teeth. As soon as I got on the bus, he was very happy to talk to me.

I wonder in my heart, how can he be so happy after all the hard work he does every day?

So I asked him, he smiled and answered:

On my birthday today, my son and daughter sent me happy birthday wishes and red envelopes early in the morning. My wife said that when she finished work at night, she would cook me a delicious meal, which many people were thinking about. Can she not be happy?

Although it is a bit hard to work, filial piety, family harmony and mutual care are happiness.

Indeed, when a person is loved, his heart seems to glow. Even if he is doing hard work, he will feel very happy.

Expect something

The best thing in the world is to have expectations.

When there is expectation in my heart, the ordinary days also have color.

The happiest time for people is not the moment when they get happiness, but when they expect happiness to come.

As the fox said to the little prince in ” the little prince,” you come at 4 o’clock every afternoon, I start to feel happy from 3 o’clock, and I get restless at 4 o’clock.

There are always pains and defects in life, but with the expectation of the future in my heart, I have more strength and courage to get out of the current predicament and quagmire.

Just like Andy in the movie ” The Shawshank Redemption”, he was sentenced to several decades in prison and suffered various kinds of bullying, but he never gave up his expectation of a better life.

He said there was something in his heart that these walls could not stop, and that was the expectation of a better life.

With that expectation in his heart, he survived all kinds of tribulations in the prison and successfully redeemed himself from the prison.

Life is sometimes like a cage, which deprives us of freedom, dignity and all kinds of torture.

But once there is expectation, there will be enthusiasm and flames in my heart, and I will not despair of life completely, and I will have the strength to get out of the predicament.

What is a person’s best living condition?

If you have something to do, you can live in the world according to your ability and reflect your life value.

Some people love to give their souls a place to belong and feel the warmth of human nature.

Expect something, keep your enthusiasm and hope for life, and be full of upward force.

This is a person’s best living condition.