To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver

The earliest artificial intelligence of human beings began in the 1940s, mainly imitating human beings with computers ( computers ) to make gradual reasoning, such as playing chess. In the 1980s, it began to use probability and economic concepts to deal with unclear or incomplete information.

In this era, the investment rate of artificial intelligence has increased several times since 2011. Many companies that research and develop AI have received more than US $ 2 billion of investment from large consortiums in the world. And the leaders of science and technology have invested a lot of money and research and development resources in artificial intelligence. But can human beings really completely control artificial intelligence? The following behaviors that AI has done to make scientists tremble may make you think better about the question of whether AI is really safe.

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Nothing less angry, free to earn more money

Two days ago, an old lady in our neighborhood went to the supermarket to buy vegetables and bought a bag of soybean milk worth 2 yuan by the way.

When waiting in line to pay the bill, the young man in front accidentally met him and spilled soya-bean milk all over the floor. The young man just finished his account and ran away.

The cashier insisted that the old lady pay for the soya-bean milk. The old lady was not angry. She had a big fight with the cashier and fell to the ground. The blood vessel burst and no one was present.

It turns out that the old lady has hypertension and cannot be furious.

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Global Trading System: Changing Chess Game

” New Economic Pattern, New Multilateralism” – This is the topic addressed by IMF Managing Director christine lagarde at the joint annual meeting of IMF and World Bank ( WBG ) on October 11, 2018. She sighs with emotion: in the past 70 years, global economic and trade cooperation has promoted unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, but now the principles and systems on which it is based have been strongly resisted and face major challenges. She estimated that the current escalation of trade tensions could cut global GDP by nearly 1% in the next two years. Lagarde called for easing these disputes, and for this reason must reform and work together to repair rather than destroy the global trading system.

At the same meeting, the IMF released a new issue of the Global Economic Outlook report, reducing the global growth rate from 2018 to 2019 by 0.2 percentage points to 3.7% from the previous 3.9%. The report believes that increased trade tensions and the possible weakening of the rules-based multilateral trading system are major threats to the global economy, which will lead to financial market turmoil and eventually slow down investment and trade. The global supply chain will be destroyed by the increase of trade barriers, which will hinder the spread of new technologies and eventually lead to a decline in global productivity and welfare. The latest data provided by IMF show that global trade, manufacturing and investment have shown signs of weakening.

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The fact that these five things can be done shows that you are still young.

No one in the world is always young, but someone is always young.

Youth and aging refer not only to the size of age, but also to a state. They are in favor of a word:

” A person is young or not, depends on what? It depends on the ” heart”. Although the body will grow old with age, the heart cannot grow old. ”

Time will never damage a young heart. I believe that when young, time will be evergreen. Self – confidence is young, and naturally the younger you live, the younger you become.

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