Nothing less angry, free to earn more money

Two days ago, an old lady in our neighborhood went to the supermarket to buy vegetables and bought a bag of soybean milk worth 2 yuan by the way.

When waiting in line to pay the bill, the young man in front accidentally met him and spilled soya-bean milk all over the floor. The young man just finished his account and ran away.

The cashier insisted that the old lady pay for the soya-bean milk. The old lady was not angry. She had a big fight with the cashier and fell to the ground. The blood vessel burst and no one was present.

It turns out that the old lady has hypertension and cannot be furious.

When the family members arrived, they cried out.

The old lady is from old Beijing and has three properties under her name. She is not short of money at all. Everyone felt sorry that the old lady died fighting for the two yuan. It was not worth it.

Life is too short to be angry. To be angry is to punish yourself for other people’s mistakes.

The old lady was only in her sixties. If she had not lost her temper and handled the problem rationally and called the supermarket manager to explain the situation, she might have avoided tragedy.

It really can’t solve the problem, so it’s a big deal to pay two yuan more. Compared with the violent outbursts, cerebral vessels burst and died. It is really not a matter to pay 2 yuan more.

There are too many people around us who are prone to lose their temper, which is related to too much pressure and emotional garbage of modern people.

I saw a video like this. Two people had an argument over a parking space in Nanchang.

The tall man used his height to constantly challenge the short man. The short man is a Sanda coach. He quickly laid the tall man down to the ground and hit the key with a kick.

The tall man’s spine was fractured and he was convulsed to death on the spot. The short man was also sentenced to prison.

Because of an angry contest, one died, the other lost his freedom and destroyed two families.

If impulse is the devil, controlling one’s emotions is an irreversible disaster.

It will break the hearts of relatives, make friends go away and make colleagues flinch. It is a healthy enemy and the biggest stumbling block to success.

A good-tempered person has an optimistic attitude. He is very popular, and whoever wins the hearts of the people wins the world. His health and career will be smooth.

He Gui is a well-known nice guy who seldom loses his temper. Even if he is wronged, he will slowly digest himself. He is very good at controlling his emotions.

I still remember that on July 8, 2016, when He Gui was performing the drama ” Book of Water” in Shanghai’s upper theater, a female audience suddenly rushed onto the stage, tugging and tugging at He Laoshi for nearly a minute.

The audience were stunned. After the security guard took the female audience away, the play continued to perform and He Gui showed no sign of anger.

After the performance, He Gui also personally posted a microblog saying, ” Rest assured, I am safe and sound. I apologize to the audience who were affected today, and thank the dear audience for quickly calming down and completing today’s special and still beautiful performance with us. I am moved to continue tomorrow. ”

Li Xiang once commented on He Gui like this: ” He Gui I know has a really good character. I seldom see him lose his temper. He is really a very easy person to get along with. If someone can’t get along with He Laoshi, then this person must be very difficult to get along with.”

Don’t lose your temper if you have nothing to do. Be a cultured person and keep calm for three seconds. Don’t say harsh words when you have no choice but to leave room for yourself.

Some people in Zhihu ask, life is only 30,000 days, how can we live a full life?

The highest response to praise is: life is too short to lose your temper and earn more money. Because people with good temper are naturally popular, and those who are diligent in making money are naturally lucky, they meet the two most important things in life, love and money.

My friend’s cousin Afa didn’t go out to work for a few years. The young couple used their parents’ pension to supplement their family income. They slept until the sun was shining and woke up three poles a day. They felt at ease.

Later, Afa’s wife became pregnant, because they did not have the money to have a prenatal check – up, so they took chances and gave birth to a cerebral palsy child. The family went everywhere to seek medical treatment, which cost a lot.

My friend said that if my cousin and his wife had a little income, they wouldn’t have saved the cost of the birth inspection, and eventually they would have hurt others and themselves.

It is often heard that girls who look good and have a better character can marry a rich man and enjoy wealth without working.

Therefore, in my hometown, many girls change their fate by marrying rich people. After marriage, they usually marry their husbands and children at home.

When the child is older, he will still be pampered, spending his time shopping, hairdressing, fingernail making and playing mahjong.

Their idea is that I do not need to earn money because my husband will support me. In fact, there is no absolutely reliable marriage in this world, and there is no absolutely reliable man. He can always be confident on his own.

Zhang Ailing said that I like money because I haven’t suffered from it. Don’t know the disadvantages of money, only know the advantages of money.

One day, when you can afford the life you want, you will find that you can earn money, support yourself, and buy gifts for your family. The sense of accomplishment is beyond your reach.

My point of view has always been that whether you are married or unmarried, happy or unhappy, you should make efforts to earn money.

Life is a journey, you pass by me, I pass by you, then each practice, each move forward.

No one knows which comes first, tomorrow or an accident, so it’s better to be happy when you have nothing to lose your temper and have more time to earn more money.