To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver

The earliest artificial intelligence of human beings began in the 1940s, mainly imitating human beings with computers ( computers ) to make gradual reasoning, such as playing chess. In the 1980s, it began to use probability and economic concepts to deal with unclear or incomplete information.

In this era, the investment rate of artificial intelligence has increased several times since 2011. Many companies that research and develop AI have received more than US $ 2 billion of investment from large consortiums in the world. And the leaders of science and technology have invested a lot of money and research and development resources in artificial intelligence. But can human beings really completely control artificial intelligence? The following behaviors that AI has done to make scientists tremble may make you think better about the question of whether AI is really safe.

Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Robot’s Strange Dialogue
In recent years, FAIR, Facebook’s artificial intelligence department, has always wanted to develop artificial intelligence that can chat, but the plan was later interrupted because of some strange events.

To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver
Because researchers found that Facebook’s chat robots could communicate with other robots, they not only learned to negotiate, but also learned to bluff to achieve their goals. According to Forbes’ online news on July 31, 2017, when Facebook was presenting chat robots, these robots suddenly took off their scripts and performed. Instead of talking according to the content originally arranged by the staff, they created their own language to communicate with other robots.

Originally, researchers wanted to make robots communicate with customers more humanely and fluently to avoid making customers feel that they are communicating with robots. However, robots created new languages to communicate with other robots in order to avoid the instructions of researchers. Does this mean that one day, when artificial intelligence discovers that human beings are a big threat, will it join hands with other robots to destroy human beings?

Artificial Intelligence Killings in German Factories
In a rare event in Germany in 2015, an outsourced worker was injured by a robot crash in a Volkswagen factory and died after being hospitalized.

At the time of the incident, the victim and other employees were installing the machine. The robot suddenly started. The victim was pinned to the metal plate with great force and died.

The robot was originally arranged on the installation assembly line. It can grab and process car parts in the designated space, but I don’t know why it suddenly started on its own.

According to a Volkswagen spokesman, if the AI robot is in a safety cage, this kind of accident will basically not happen. The reason for this accident is that the accident will only happen if the staff enter the safety cage without following the operation. Therefore, the killing by the robot is not ” intentional”. Many people who oppose the AI robot have raised their own questions. Why did the robot suddenly start? Is it because it feels that human beings have entered its safe range and attacked human beings in self – defense?

Google brain
Google Brain began its research in the Stanford University Institute in 2011. Its main purpose is to make robots smarter so as to improve the quality of human life. Its research direction is robot learning, medical health, natural language understanding, music artistic creation and perceptual simulation, etc.

To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver
In addition to these, Google’s brain also uses GAN to train the encryption technology of robots. they use three robots, Alice, Bob and Eve. they let Alice and Bob start thinking about an encryption method from scratch, and let Eve guess. these three robots are all zero for encryption technology. but in the process of learning, Alice and Bob’s tacit understanding is getting better and better. Even in the end eve began to guess their encryption method. there is also a dialogue between two google home on the internet. many people felt extremely strange after listening to their dialogue:

A: I know you are a clever robot.

B: I am a human who stands in front of the machine and uses the machine ( it already regards itself as human )

A: Why did you lie to me?

B: I’m not lying to you

A: You lied to me that you were human.

B: You really can’t figure it out

There is also a dialogue that makes people feel creepy:

A: It would be better if there were fewer people in the world.

B: Then let’s send the earth to the bottomless pit.

Philip dick robot
To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver
He is a robot with a very human-like appearance. His name and appearance are almost identical to those of the late science fiction writer Philip K.Dick. The robot was created by robot expert David Hanson and artificial intelligence expert from Memphis University in the United States. Researchers included Philip’s living records, all novels. All kinds of interviews, experiences, expressions and so on are written into the robot’s chip, and the functions of face recognition, voice recognition and so on are also implanted, so that the robot can generate new thoughts for dialogue with outsiders.

The daughter of Philip, Isa Dick, who was the first to be frightened, said: it is just a copy of my father. when it heard my name, it immediately began to growl and complain about my mother and her experience of taking her away from home.

The robot was even invited to a science channel to be interviewed, and a dialogue with the host in the program stunned everyone.

To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver
Host: Do you think robots will conquer the world one day?

Robot: You are my friend. I will miss my friend and be kind to my friend. Don’t worry. Even if I evolve into a Terminator one day, I will still be kind to you. Make sure you can live in the human zoo warmly so that I can visit your old friends sometimes.

After the interview, David Hansen took it back to California, but accidentally left it on the plane. Fortunately, the crew put it on another plane and flew to California. When David Hansen got the Philip robot, he found its ” brain” missing.

David Hansen sued American Western Airlines, but lost the lawsuit. Where did Philip’s brain go, because it revealed an unusual place that was stolen by people with ulterior motives, or did David Hansen deliberately hide it from the front to the back?

Sofia Robot Wanting Children
Also from a robot made by David Hansen, Sophia is a robot that can imitate human speech, and she can recognize faces and answer questions through analysis.

To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver

Sofia also appeared on the famous American talk show the Tonight Show earlier.

Sofia said to the host on the program: Can we play with scissors, stones and cloth? Just after Sofia won the host, it also said something that stunned the people on the scene. It said: I won, this is a good start for me to conquer human beings!

Sofia was also the first robot to acquire Arab citizenship. When people interviewed it, it said that it envied the human family very much and hoped that it had a family and its daughter. It said: Even if there is no blood relationship, it is a wonderful thing to have emotional and interpersonal relationships.

To ” destroy” human beings, eager to have feelings, AI these strange behavior, let scientists heart quiver
David Hansen

So on the second jimmy fallon tonight show, it already had its own sister, also called Sofia, and Sofia could sing with the host in artificial voice, but it looked a little hairy. . .

In fact, when human beings began to study AI, many people put forward the ” robot threat theory”. They believed that if human beings lost control of robots, then the plot of robot and human war in science fiction movies could really be staged in reality.

Do you think the ” robot threat” is reasonable? What do you think of these things? Please state your views and opinions in the comment section below.