Doctors have called a way to defeat depression

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Doctors from King’s College in London came to the conclusion that people whose diet consists of healthy food, more often get rid of chronic depression than lovers of fatty foods. The results of their research are published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine .

According to experts, this effect is especially pronounced if patients not only follow a diet, but also begin to play sports.

Such conclusions were made by British doctors after 16 studies were analyzed, the authors of which followed changes in the diet, mood and physiological state of the volunteers. About 46 thousand people participated in the experiments, some of whom suffered from depression.

According to scientists, the transition to the Mediterranean diet and ten other types of healthy food helped about a third of the subjects to get rid of depression or significantly reduce the severity of its symptoms.

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Waltz with elephants: from the Soviet box office to pay in one click

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Paying bills in Sberbank 10 years ago was a whole quest. Task number one is to catch the cashiers until they are gone by the company for lunch, task number two is to keep the line. The opportunity to stand in a civilized manner on a coupon, jealously not watching the next “who is the last,” seemed to be something of science fiction. What to say about paying bills in a couple of clicks from a mobile phone. How the brand of the bank has changed, or who taught elephants to dance, read in the “Izvestia” material.

“We have to prove that elephants can dance,” said German Gref in November 2007, almost immediately after he replaced Andrei Kazmin as head of Sberbank. On Friday, February 8, he turns 55 years old.

The experts appointed the appointment of the ex-Minister of Economic Development and Trade as a whole approvingly, excluding the possibility of collapse. But they did not even assume that an organization associated with the population with a Soviet-type savings bank would survive such a transformation.

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She parachuted into the department, but she was not interested.

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The General Affairs Department was newly established after the establishment of the Chu Beauty. It is not so much a ” department” as an appropriate department. After the second expansion, that is, after Xiao Pingsheng was transferred, the General Affairs Department finally had a ” resident” staff.
Why do you want to emphasize the word ” resident”? In fact, the General Affairs Department has a total of five employees. But except Xiao Pingsheng, the other four have their own jobs.

Zhang Dehai, who is supposed to be the head of the general affairs department, is a deputy general manager in charge of the company’s outfield. In addition to the necessary time, the company basically did not return, every day from one store to another store, is a real titular minister.

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