Doctors have called a way to defeat depression

Doctors from King’s College in London came to the conclusion that people whose diet consists of healthy food, more often get rid of chronic depression than lovers of fatty foods. The results of their research are published in the journal Psychosomatic Medicine .

According to experts, this effect is especially pronounced if patients not only follow a diet, but also begin to play sports.

Such conclusions were made by British doctors after 16 studies were analyzed, the authors of which followed changes in the diet, mood and physiological state of the volunteers. About 46 thousand people participated in the experiments, some of whom suffered from depression.

According to scientists, the transition to the Mediterranean diet and ten other types of healthy food helped about a third of the subjects to get rid of depression or significantly reduce the severity of its symptoms.

It is noteworthy that making nutritional adjustments helped women most of all, while for many men they had opposite effects. Moreover, every fifth man fell into even stronger depression after switching to a new diet.

As medics suggest, proper nutrition helps to lose weight, which reduces the level of inflammation in the body and helps you to get less tired and, as a result, affects mental health.

Chronic depression is considered one of the most common and complex mental disorders. As a rule, the appearance of chronic depression is accompanied by a loss of interest in life, a decrease in self-esteem, apathy and other negative effects, RIA Novosti reports .

Previously, scientists have called a way to deal with depression in the elderly. It turned out that this is physical activity.

The female brain ages by an average of 3.8 years slower than the male one, say American scientists from the Medical School of George Washington University.

The findings of experts are based on the results of a study conducted with the participation of 121 women and 84 men aged from 20 to 82 years, the newspaper The Guardian writes .

The researchers estimated the biological age of the brain of participants in the glucose metabolism experiment. In their youth, most nutrients go to a process called “aerobic glycolysis,” which affects the development and growth of cells. With age, its intensity decreases, and by the age of 60 it reaches a minimum.

All subjects underwent tomography, during which a special computer algorithm determined the age of participants based on data on the metabolic processes of the brain.

The biological age of the subjects was compared with the actual.

The results showed that, on average, the female brain was 3.8 years younger than the actual age of the study participants. In this case, the male brain was older by 2.4 years.

“The point is not that the male brain is aging faster – it starts to grow approximately three years later than the female one, and this trend continues throughout life,” said research co-author Professor Manu Goyal.

The results of the experiment suggest that the cognitive abilities of women over the years do not decrease as much as men.

In January, scientists discovered the effect of weight and height of women on life expectancy.

Because of the love of Russians for tanning, the number of patients with melanoma in the Russian Federation has increased over the past 10 years, said the head of the department of biotherapy of tumors at the National Medical Research Center oncology. Blokhina Professor Lev Demidov.

According to him, the increase in the incidence of melanoma (a malignant tumor that manifests itself in the early stages as a skin lesion) is associated with the opportunity for Russians to go on holiday to hot countries and sunbathe at any time of year.

“Over the past ten years, more patients with melanoma have become. The indicator was in the region of four patients per 100 thousand of the population, and now it is about seven, ”RIA Novosti quotes Demidov .

The main risk factor for this cancer is sunburn, obtained during sunburn.

Oncologist Igor Utiashev also noted the harm from tanning in the solarium.

“Even a single visit to the solarium increases the risk of developing melanoma several times,” the specialist said.

On January 27, scientists talked about the benefits of certain types of tea in the fight against cancer .