She parachuted into the department, but she was not interested.

The General Affairs Department was newly established after the establishment of the Chu Beauty. It is not so much a ” department” as an appropriate department. After the second expansion, that is, after Xiao Pingsheng was transferred, the General Affairs Department finally had a ” resident” staff.
Why do you want to emphasize the word ” resident”? In fact, the General Affairs Department has a total of five employees. But except Xiao Pingsheng, the other four have their own jobs.

Zhang Dehai, who is supposed to be the head of the general affairs department, is a deputy general manager in charge of the company’s outfield. In addition to the necessary time, the company basically did not return, every day from one store to another store, is a real titular minister.

The second-in-command in the Ministry is Wang Yan, who works in the personnel department. She has just graduated from university and is the only person in the Ministry who regularly comes to this office except Xiao Pingsheng. However, in terms of words such as ” I’m here to visit …” which are often hung on her lips, she has no intention to take the position of director of the general affairs department seriously. Plus the somebody else is ” airborne troops”, someone with above, for such a dispensable department, not interested in is taken for granted.

The remaining two members of the department are the two cleaning ladies employed by the company … besides picking up cleaning utensils from time to time, the rest of the time is Xiao Pingsheng alone. This is why, after Xiao Pingsheng was transferred to this department, Wang Yan gave him the nickname ” Xiao Suo Lifetime”. Obviously, Xiao Pingsheng was ” frozen” by the company.

Xiao Pingsheng didn’t care at all, although he was conscientious and devoted to his duties before and won the quarterly award in the sales department. However, that kind of life itself is not what he wants. Now this kind of full mixed dark life, is very accord with their own character. Of course, he did not know for what reason he was ” exiled” to come here. He just thought he was the first ” old employee” to be cleaned by the company.

” Xiao Ge ~ early ~” Xiao Pingsheng butt haven’t hot, just heard a cry of sweet greasy ears.

I saw a pretty woman dressed in a fashionable skirt. She said hello to Xiao Pingsheng while ignoring the steamed stuffed bun that Xiao Ping had already bitten in his hand and put it into her mouth. Finally, he picked up Xiao Pingsheng’s freshly brewed scented tea and took a sip.

” You are a little girl movie! After eating my steamed stuffed bun, don’t you even let go of the tea I just made? ” After a grabbed the cup, Xiao Pingsheng hate hate said.

” This lad how come so early? Well, anyway, I don’t want any money, and I don’t have any life. just do what you like. ” Xiao Pingsheng is not at all impressed by the ” beautiful food” in front of him. He is not the guy who can’t move his nest when he sees beautiful women. Especially in front of the, obviously is a ” little devil”, provoked her words, oneself just started ” cultivate one’s morality raises a gender” comfortable life, is likely to become very sad …

Xiao Pingsheng in front of the beauty is Wang Yan, come here so early today, mainly in the morning Mo Yan from her for a copy of Xiao Pingsheng data, coupled with his own temporary ” big mouth”, will Xiao Pingsheng ” glorious deeds” sold a bottom off … In the heart a little guilty, this just come and have a look.

However, seeing oneself dressed in a fashionable short skirt is not as attractive as the one-dollar or two scented tea Xiao Pingsheng held in his arms. The accumulated resentment that has been accumulated in the past suddenly broke out.

” Just your broken tea, this girl drink one mouthful, is your pleasure. This girl doesn’t even touch Xinyang Maojian in the Ministry, so you still treasure that one-dollar and one-two-dollar jasmine. ” Wang Yan, who was just like a peacock in court, now looks like a child robbed of toys, said sourly.

Xiao Pingsheng can ignore her, there is still a week to spend. There are more than three or two teas in hand, and broken tea is better than plain boiled water.

” Ha ha, I am so tasteless. This is sealed by your eldest daughter. How can we change it at will? Isn’t that hard for you? ” Xiao Pingsheng specially held Wang Yan and continued: ” If you want us to rely on petty bourgeoisie, if you don’t like the best Mao Jian, then give it to us …”

This kind of old routine can be used by Wang Yan. ” Hum, don’t come with me. That’s what you said last time, and then I inquired about it. You didn’t drink a mouthful of the half kilo you gave me. What you sell is cheap ~ thousands of pieces of things, when you come here, you will sell them for 300 pieces! You … you … ” Xiao Pingsheng is lifting a stone to suck up his feet, is he dug his own grave. Wang Yan has never been so attentive to anyone since he was a child. He finally gave Xiao Pingsheng a step. But he wants to sell the special-grade Mao Jian he took out from home. Think of your own thoughts, so be in front of the donkey heart pig lung guy, not seriously spoiled, immediately red rim of the eye.

If you want to say what Xiao feared most in his whole life, it is probably the tears of women. Educated as a male chauvinist since childhood, he was also influenced by Savannah when he was in school. After a comprehensive study of Chinese and western doctrines, it is even more hard for women to shed tears. Although, by its very nature, it is still smelly, hard and heartless wood. However, when a girl cries, her reaction is very quick.

” Don’t, don’t. Aunt, can’t I be wrong? I am such a heartless person, you can do whatever you want. Until you nod, we will listen to you. ” For the sake of worry, Xiao Pingsheng didn’t put down his ” precious” cup. Wang Yan finally smiled through tears and said grumpily, ” Did you say that?”

After a hurry – scurry, Xiao Pingsheng didn’t react until he was confused again. However, the words have already been spoken and it is too late to take them back. Only weakly replied: ” I have promised you … it is difficult to take it back.”

Wang Yan looked at Xiao Pingsheng’s ambiguous and unwilling appearance and was angry. ” What’s the matter with me, this heartless guy, what do I care about him … chasing after holding this girl, just like you and a dead man …” Although hate in my heart, however, is not the same is not the same. In front of Xiao Pingsheng, no matter what, he has more backbone than those who are chasing behind Wang Yan’s ass. Real life is not like some urban novels, where a man goes, there are a lot of women who recommend themselves for pillow seats … In modern life, many men have long lost the pride peculiar to men. Although Xiao Pingsheng looks ordinary, he has self-knowledge and the bottom line of pride as a man. Although, in the melting pot of the society, he had already polished the edges and corners of his body. However, the man’s unique sense of responsibility has made him such a ” freak” who adheres to ancient principles and can accept modern ideas. According to Da Zhang, Xiao Pingsheng is a ” clown”. Twenty – seven people haven’t even received their first kiss yet … He insists that his girlfriend is equal to his wife. This kind of man is really rare …