Do you know that story of that professor who got stinkingly rich?

In 2000, a number of researchers set up a small business that makes vaccines with a cell that had been removed from an aborted fetus ten years earlier. It is smart science, innovative, applicable. And profitable. In 2011 the Utrecht company, Crucell, is taken over for billions by pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson. The directors of the company, once boring scientists, are suddenly filthy rich.

Crucell is a so-called spin-off: a company that is founded by researchers or students and that uses scientific knowledge acquired at the university. Since the establishment of Crucell, scientists are increasingly exchanging the lab coat for the tailor-made suit. All Dutch universities together have about 2,100 spin-offs, of which 600 have been established in the last five years. These include spin-offs such as Crucell that market knowledge of the university, but also companies without a direct link with science, such as A small fifty thousand people are currently working on special high-tech campuses, where many spin-offs are established. A complete economy around spin-offs has emerged.

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When making French fries, the potatoes should not be fried after blanching. Without this step, it is no wonder that the French fries are neither fragrant nor crispy.

Recently, many people asked Master Hu that all the children in the family have gone home for the New Year. They want to make some favorite snacks for their children, especially French fries. Every time they make French fries, they are neither crispy nor fragrant. The children don’t like to eat them. I hope I can help myself. Hearing that everyone has such needs, I immediately found Chef Jia who went home for the New Year. He has made French fries, small potatoes, popcorn, squid and so on for many years. Today Chef Jia will teach everyone the authentic method of French fries. Chef Jia said: When making French fries, potatoes are fried after they are not scalded! Without this step, it is no wonder that the French fries are neither fragrant nor crispy. As long as you look at Chef Jia’s method again, I believe everyone can make the French fries fragrant and crispy.

Potatoes, French fries, tomato sauce
Potatoes, French fries, tomato sauce

Food preparation: 500g potato, 30g potato starch, 400ml peanut oil and 50g tomato sauce.

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How to resist the negative influence brought by digital media, critics call for the recovery of ” human nature”

Douglas Shikov published a book ” Cyberia: Life in the Trenches of Hyper Space” to discuss the emerging Internet subculture, the global brain theory based on the Gaia hypothesis and the theme of neo – shamanism. In the book, he compared Internet space to the unexploited Siberian continent at the end of the 19th century, and any possibility will happen here.

Douglas Lowe Shikov is regarded as one of the pioneers in commenting on the digital public domain because the book came at the right time.

Douglas Lowe Shikov mentioned at the beginning of ” Sabrina:” A special moment in our history today – this moment is very likely to happen. When the whole subculture – like the ecstasy of a child trying virtual reality for the first time – saw the wild potential of combining the latest computer technology with the most intimate dreams with the oldest sublime truth. “

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The fastest growing smartphone

Google Pixel is now the fastest growing major smartphone brand in the United States. Like Apple, Google Pixel smartphones target wealthy Americans with many eSIM devices and many applications.

Obviously, if you like Android to a large extent, Pixel series smartphones are your choice. This is because Pixel was the first phone to receive the latest Android update from Google.

Don’t take this as a trivial matter; Most Android users do not run the latest version of the operating system on their phones. But Pixel users were the first to use the latest operating system.

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Why should one have a wide range of interests?

I met a post – 95 college student in architecture feng shui class.

He often sends out some cases and insights in the group, and his words show a particularly positive and studious spirit.

He is a student majoring in landscape design. He fell in love with feng shui when he came into contact with architecture by chance and enrolled in the course.

Of course, many students around expressed incomprehension to his behavior.

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