The fastest growing smartphone

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Google Pixel is now the fastest growing major smartphone brand in the United States. Like Apple, Google Pixel smartphones target wealthy Americans with many eSIM devices and many applications.

Obviously, if you like Android to a large extent, Pixel series smartphones are your choice. This is because Pixel was the first phone to receive the latest Android update from Google.

Don’t take this as a trivial matter; Most Android users do not run the latest version of the operating system on their phones. But Pixel users were the first to use the latest operating system.

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Why should one have a wide range of interests?


I met a post – 95 college student in architecture feng shui class.

He often sends out some cases and insights in the group, and his words show a particularly positive and studious spirit.

He is a student majoring in landscape design. He fell in love with feng shui when he came into contact with architecture by chance and enrolled in the course.

Of course, many students around expressed incomprehension to his behavior.

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What is the truth behind the famous witch trial massacre in the Middle Ages, in which 20 women were killed unjustly

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Where is Salem? This is a small town in Massachusetts, USA. Although it is very small, it has a long history. Pilgrims who immigrated to America lived here for a long time and established this small town.

However, if it is only for a long time, this ordinary American town will not become famous. Its most famous history is the sad and ridiculous extraordinary case that took place more than 300 years ago, and it is also an indelible black history of the United States, which boasts itself as a beacon of the world: the Salem Witch Trial.

Salem was originally a strange name to the Chinese. However, the launch of the 2014 US TV series ” Salem” and the Japanese hand tour ” Fate/Grand Order” chapter ” Forbidden to Come to Salem in Courtyard” in the national uniform has made many Chinese people aware of this strange place and what happened.

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