The fastest growing smartphone

Google Pixel is now the fastest growing major smartphone brand in the United States. Like Apple, Google Pixel smartphones target wealthy Americans with many eSIM devices and many applications.

Obviously, if you like Android to a large extent, Pixel series smartphones are your choice. This is because Pixel was the first phone to receive the latest Android update from Google.

Don’t take this as a trivial matter; Most Android users do not run the latest version of the operating system on their phones. But Pixel users were the first to use the latest operating system.

Pixel users can also first learn about any new technologies Google has introduced, from the call screening function that monitors suspicious phones to the Duplex function ( currently available in some markets ) that uses Google Assistant to book services and dinner for users. Moreover, Pixel insisted on using a single camera system on the back of the phone, which also left a deep impression.

Not that everything is so beautiful. Pixel 2 and Pixel 2XL encountered many problems during their first release. The list of glitches such as strange noises and display anomalies is so long that a legal company has called on buyers to join the class action lawsuit against Google, LG and HTC ( the latter two are the actual manufacturers of these Pixel phones ).

The software update from Google has solved most of the problems, although some devices still have slight blue shift, and some Pixel 2XL users are still complaining about the aging of the screen.

However, Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL users do not seem to have any problems that cannot be solved for a long time.

Even if Google Pixel is the fastest growing smartphone brand in the United States, we won’t expect it to take away much market share from Apple’s iPhone. After all, as we pointed out earlier, Pixel is designed for those who already like Android.

Google released a series of advertisements last year showing users of another smartphone brand ( apparently iPhone ) switching to Pixel 3 and selling their iPhone. Although some iPhone users make such decisions in real life, this is not a common phenomenon.