Why should one have a wide range of interests?

I met a post – 95 college student in architecture feng shui class.

He often sends out some cases and insights in the group, and his words show a particularly positive and studious spirit.

He is a student majoring in landscape design. He fell in love with feng shui when he came into contact with architecture by chance and enrolled in the course.

Of course, many students around expressed incomprehension to his behavior.

However, he believes that feng shui is a discipline that integrates aesthetics, environmental studies, geography, the book of changes, etc. it is a culture that has been passed down for thousands of years and can be used in combination with one’s own specialty, adding reasonable garden design on the basis of feng shui planning.

Therefore, he followed his interest and did not hesitate to sign up for the course.

One day later, I sent out a method to change the sub-health state of my body in my circle of friends. He practiced on time after seeing it and shared with me his physical feelings during the practice. Before that, many people had not even opened this link.

He has curiosity, maintains a strong interest in things, and tries new things with an open mind. In his constant attempts, he will naturally judge and accumulate.

However, many people in reality, like their classmates around them, have no idea of what they like and never change actively. When seeing other people’s behavior different from their own, they feel unreasonable.

They feel confused and confused, but they refuse to try. Therefore, the world in their eyes is only that big, and their world outlook is bound to be narrow and mediocre.

Broad interests come from your curiosity. Your attempts and explorations are expanding and filling your world.

On the contrary, if you refuse to try something you don’t know, you will lose the opportunity to explore and enrich yourself.


I saw a topic on the internet, which interests have changed your life.

A girl said that she liked painting five years ago. She slowly tried pen-and-ink painting, watercolor painting and so on. She painted several pictures a month. Later she became fond of photography, skiing, sewing and so on. She tried but did not stick to it.

Seeing this, you may think that this is the common characteristic of many people. They only have three minutes to treat things with enthusiasm.

But even so, the most valuable thing is that she dares to listen to her heart to try, find the connection between them and find her starting point.

She made a lasagna cake a year ago and got praise from her friends. Since then, it has gone out of control.

Later, she developed many kinds of cakes by herself, incorporating special features into various processes such as color, ingredients and types.

The characteristics and inspiration come from her previous study of aesthetics and her experience in painting, photography and design.

Making cakes became her major interest at this stage and gradually became a career.

Everyone’s interest is within the scope of his talent. It is not static. You may not be able to judge whether a thing is your greatest interest in a short period of time, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you can find and dig it slowly.

This process is a process of accumulation and experience, and every step will not go in vain.

The reason why you are now you is just a collection of all previous interests, passions, thoughts and actions. Quality thoughts and actions must be based on strong interests.

The so-called thick product but thin hair, if she had not made extensive attempts and explorations in aesthetics, painting, photography and so on, her cake development might have lacked features and inspiration.

It was this accumulation of various aspects that gave birth to her inspiration at an appropriate time and became her career in an unstoppable way.

As for me who is writing articles, if I hadn’t tried writing, even if I had a platform like new media, my thoughts would still exist in my mind and it would be very difficult to leap from the paper.

Therefore, the more things a person contacts, the greater the probability that he will encounter good things, and the greater the impact of these good things on him, so that he can more quickly determine what can achieve his true self.

For those who remain open, there are countless possibilities in life. For those who refuse to try, their vision will never be long – term.


Slash youth became one of the most popular hot words in 2017.

It refers to a group of people who no longer meet the lifestyle of ” single occupation” but choose to live in multiple occupations and identities.

For example, someone can have multiple roles: photographer / flower arranger / teacher.

Wan Weigang wrote in the book:

The division of labor in society is getting finer and finer, and more and more professionals are needed, but what is really valuable is generalists, especially leadership positions. One survey selected the resumes of 4,500 CEO’s and found that they had more than 35,000 jobs.

Judging whether this person is a professional or a generalist through the diversity of his positions, the results show that generalists are more popular and the average salary of generalists is 19% higher than that of professionals.

Jobs once said that he would become a poet if he changed his career. He thought that Apple could resonate with people because there was a humanistic spirit in their innovation.

This kind of diversified thinking, which combines humanities and science, produces great creativity.

As a philosopher Zhou Guoping also said:

Many things in the field of humanities are interlinked. Only on the basis of extensive knowledge can we have high-quality specialists. For example, many writers have rich philosophical and historical accumulation. If a poet does not have some philosophical temperament, his poems will appear dry and empty. If a philosopher does not have some poetic temperament, his works are mostly obscure and hard.

One of my classmates, Ben, master and erudite, are all of different majors. After graduation, he also took up different jobs. In his study and work, he constantly strengthened his ability to learn by analogy.

When everyone else said they were puzzled, a company hired him as a technical manager at a high salary because they just lacked all-round talents who knew all these fields.

Seeing this, you may envy their multiple identities and multiple skills. But please note that this is only superficial.

On the surface, these people can switch multiple identities at will. In fact, what they are really good at is their continuous learning and updating ability. They can keenly capture the connections between different fields according to their interests at all times, thus expanding their horizons and developing a strong thinking and problem-solving ability.


Many people want to be slash youth just to pursue labels and salaries.

But what is the real slash?

As Cheng Jia said, slash is the result, not the cause.

That is, slash youth’s original intention is to broaden their horizons, understand the world, develop their potential and enjoy their lives, not to learn various skills in order to make more money.

They do not confirm when any skill is useful and when it can be used, but with enthusiasm for the world, starting from interest, they train their thinking, improve their mind, and regard all fields they have learned as a system to upgrade their cognition.

In today’s words, Liang Qichao is a super slash youth, thinker / educator / historian / litterateur … He attaches great importance to interest.

Someone asked him, ” What is the basis of your outlook on life?”

He replied:

On the basis of interest, ordinary people must often live in interest, and life is valuable. What I do often fails. Strictly speaking, I can say that nothing fails. However, I always fail while doing it, because I feel interesting not only in success but also in failure.

He once said to his children:

I am a person with a wide range of interests in learning. The reason why I can’t concentrate on successful people here is that my life is extremely rich, and I can keep the tireless spirit forever, and I have not stopped here.

At certain times of each calendar, when my interest changes to a new aspect, I feel like a new life, such as ascending to heaven in the morning, like water flowing from a new lotus. I feel that this life is extremely lovely and valuable. ……

He looked down on worldly fame and achievements and focused on the pleasure of life. Here, interest became his necessity and the value of his life.

Interest keeps people young and ignores age limits.

Maintaining a strong interest in things is not only reflected in how many skills or special skills you have, but also its greater value lies in the fact that it gives you a strong sense of life and no longer numbly consumes time day after day. Instead, it gradually becomes addicted to daily life and leads a fresh and interesting life.


Liang Qichao not only pays attention to the interest of life, but also respects children’s interest and personality and guides them to realize themselves.

His children have done very well in different fields, with three academicians out of nine.

Liang Sicheng, the eldest son, is an architect with international vision and was a visiting professor at Princeton University.

Liang Sicheng has repeatedly asked the government to save Beihai’s Tuancheng and Beijing’s city walls, which he knows are treasures of the Chinese nation.

He is an intellectual and has always maintained his loyalty to the academic world. He has been to many places in the world and has rich knowledge. He has witnessed many countries that have missed the road and has also learned from some experiences of developed countries.

Therefore, he can see clearly the future direction of Beijing, and know what is the most distinctive culture and what is the best thing for China.

Lin Huiyin also begged to keep Yongdingmen, she screamed at the top to denounce:

” You have torn down the real antique now, and when you regret it one day, you can only build a fake antique.”

However, her plea was invalid, and the real antiques were finally ruthlessly dismantled.

Some cultural relics experts say that if this ancient city can be preserved to this day, it will be the only historical and cultural city in the world that can be completely preserved, with the greatest scale and momentum, even Paris and Rome today cannot match.

Later, the Yongdingmen Gate Tower was rebuilt as expected, and as Lin Huiyin said, it can only be a fake antique.

This is the difference between openness and closeness, and it is also a contest between pluralism and singleness. Interest is the starting point for a person to have diversified thinking and broaden his horizon.

A person with diversified thinking and broad vision is more likely to have strategic thinking, to distinguish between good and bad, and to be more content with being himself.

This self is not a self seeking second best, but a self that is more and more appropriate, more and more secure, and more and more confident.

Perhaps at this time you feel that you are useless, overwhelmed and even bored by your lack of interest in anything.

You have to understand, maybe you are not interested in anything, just not to contact.

Then try and explore. After you have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience, seen more things and had a broader vision, you can easily find things that you like and are suitable for, and you can be content to be a better yourself.