In the past year, let me change the 7 biggest ways of thinking.

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The biggest difference between people is the way of thinking.

Facing the same world and the same problem, you and I think from different angles, take different reactions, and the final results are quite different.

French sociologist Tory once said:

” Whether a person’s intelligence is superior depends on whether his mind can accommodate two different thoughts at the same time, without prejudice to his life.”

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15 social laws, simple but amazing


Between heaven and earth in life, there are always some laws and truths. They are the simplest but the most real and profound.

Sometimes you laugh at them, but they leave you with a deep impression.

1. Law of Error

All others are wrong, that is their own fault.

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Teach you a way to learn any new knowledge

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Jay Chou has a song called ” Waiting for You to Quit Class.” One of the lyrics is: ” In the three years of high school, why, why didn’t I study well and didn’t get into the same university as you …” Is it really heart – breaking?

The most important ability of a person is learning ability, which is the meta-ability of all abilities. We learn to walk and talk from birth, to go to school and study, to enter the workplace, and study accompanies us all our lives.

It can be said that learning ability is the most important factor to open the gap between people.

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