15 social laws, simple but amazing

Between heaven and earth in life, there are always some laws and truths. They are the simplest but the most real and profound.

Sometimes you laugh at them, but they leave you with a deep impression.

1. Law of Error

All others are wrong, that is their own fault.

2. Law of Effect

Tears on the wound and salt on the wound have the same effect.

3. Jealousy Law

People are often envious not of the success of strangers, but of those around them.

4. Fangyuan Law

People cannot be too square or too round. One will hurt people and the other will keep people away from you. Therefore, people should be elliptical.

5. saliva law

When you are red and make people drool, there will be more drool about you.

6. Law of Wind and Rain

Love can withstand wind and rain, but it cannot withstand blandness.

Friendship can withstand blandness, but it cannot withstand wind and rain.

7. Law of Achievement

If you do not achieve, you will have no friends because of mediocrity.

If you have achieved something, you may lose friends because of your excellence.

8. Pie Law

When the pie fell on that day, be careful that there is also a trap waiting for you on the ground.

9. Law of Error

The biggest mistake people make in daily life is being too polite to strangers and too harsh to close people.

10. Law of Evaluation

Don’t be curious about how others judge you, think about how you judge him.

11. Law of Allium fistulosum

People who take themselves too seriously are often especially good at playing dumb.

12. Gossip Law

Gossip is a word written on water, destined not to last long, but it travels fast.

13. Law of Fear

The novice is afraid of the skilled, the skilled is afraid of the superior, and the superior is afraid of losing.

14. Fool’s Law

If you treat people like fools, you must be foolish enough to be at home.

15. Law of Sadness

It is the enemy who is sad and happy for you.

Friends are those who are happy for your happiness.

Those who feel sorry for you are those who should put it into their hearts.