Brake era

I have never seen night, I have never seen stars, I have never seen spring, autumn and winter.

I was born at the end of the braking era, when the earth had just stopped turning.

The earth’s rotation brake took 42 years, three years longer than the coalition government’s plan. My mother told me about our family watching the last sunset. The sun set slowly, as if it had stopped on the horizon, and it took three days and three nights to fall.

Of course, there will be no ” day” or ” night” in the future. The Eastern Hemisphere will be in eternal dusk for a long period of time ( for more than 10 years ), because the sun does not set deep below the horizon and shines out in half of the sky. In that long sunset, I was born.

Dusk does not mean darkness; the earth’s engine shines brightly throughout the northern hemisphere. The earth’s engine is installed on the Asian and American continents, because only the complete and solid plate structure of these two continents can bear the huge thrust of the engine on the earth. There are a total of 12,000 earth engines distributed on the plains of Asia and America.

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Under the economic crisis, can job-hopping solve all the problems?


Have you noticed that there have been more and more exclamations about the difficulty of finding a job recently?

The Internet industry, which once represented China’s rapid economic development, has made a series of large-scale layoffs in the past few months. The head companies in better condition have also started to freeze their recruitment quota this year and spend the winter cautiously.

As for companies in traditional industries, most of them are thankful that they can pay their salaries on time. As for promotions and raises? It doesn’t exist.

In a word, no one can rest easy in the economic crisis. Everyone began to tread on thin ice, trembling with fear.

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Scientific Suggestions on Improving Cognitive Deficiencies in Brain

Epiphany in Blank

Is mankind, as Shakespeare’s famous saying goes, the spirit of all things, endowed with ” noble reason” and ” infinite ability”? Has mankind evolved to this day and is it the perfect work of God?

The truth is not. Although it is regarded as ” up to standard”, there are still many defects in human body and brain. For example, our eyes actually have blind spots. The whole weight of our body is only borne by one spine. Our brains often forget what just happened and persist in making wrong decisions.

In the face of imperfect evolution, is mankind helpless? Gary Markus, an expert in psychology and brain research at the University of new york, gave his answer.

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