A gentle man is his own noble.

Gentle people are human treasures.

I have read a sentence once and feel it is especially reasonable.

” Probably because of old age, more and more irresistible to gentle people, just want to be treated sweetly every day. I don’t want to speculate on each other’s thoughts, and I don’t want to have a longer cold war with each other. I can’t speak loudly and I will cry. ”

As for the word tenderness, the best description I have ever heard is: ” gentleness is the feeling when you use chopsticks to hold tofu.”

Gentleness is actually a kind of ability, a kind of ability to digest negative emotions. It is also a state of mind, understanding each other’s optimistic state of mind with maximum goodwill.

A few days ago, when watching The Girl of My Family, He Gui was gentle.

In the program, Wu Xin has always been a girl who feels inferior, introverted and loves to stay at home.

Whether at work or emotionally, clearly Wu Xin is already so excellent, but he is so belittling himself.

In the latest program, Wu Xin invited He Gui and many friends to his home.

During the chat, Wu Xin talked about marriage. Whether it’s for the audience, the program group or the parents. For friends.

Wu Xin’s marriage has always been an obstacle. No matter how excellent Wu Xin is, as long as you hear that Wu Xin is not married, everyone will think it is a ” failure”.

Even though Wu Xin himself is living a happy life, he will still be ” rejected” by so many people.
And He Gui said:

” I don’t think Xin Xin is a failure if she is not married at this age. I can’t judge whether she is married or not. it is important to live a good life.”

After dinner, a group of people sat and chatted in the living room, chatting and everyone sang a song for Wu Xin.

When it was He Laoshi’s turn, He Laoshi reclined on the sofa and looked at Wu Xin tenderly, lazily singing:

” One day Xin Xin said to me, to record” my daughter “.

She said that this was the happiest job she had received when she came to Hunan Taiwan. I said Xin Xin, you are really brave and want to make your life public.

She said it doesn’t matter if you love me, I will have the courage.

I want to say Xin Xin you are the best, no matter what happens tomorrow, maybe you meet the right person, maybe not, it doesn’t matter whether you or you, we are still there.

No matter what happens tomorrow, you are still my daughter. ”

He Laoshi, is really a gentle person to his bones.

Gentle people are like the gentle and warm gusts of wind at the turn of spring and summer. Everything passes by you and becomes soft. Then you begin to like the world.

I used to think that cool people are the most attractive, but now I realize more and more that gentleness is the rarest quality, and the more I grow up, the more I know how valuable it is.

Full of goodwill, not showing its edge, tolerant but powerful, soft and bright with its own light.

Gentle people are probably really human treasures.

All kindness from the heart is gentle.

Sometimes, I think gentleness is more like a philosophy of life. Gentleness is the deepest darkness I have ever seen, but it still gives light to others.

The older you grow up, the more people who feel that they still like gentleness, which is gentleness to the whole world.

A person’s gentleness will be reflected in his real life and behavior bit by bit. It is a person’s accomplishment and cognition.

It is a person who whispers softly in public. It is the person who politely says thank you to the waiter. It is a person who deliberately slows down when driving through puddles in rainy days.

It is the person who quietly withdrew to the last line at the entrance of the subway where everyone crowded in. It is the person who takes a long way to throw garbage into the garbage can.

Gentle people are not necessarily weak, because they are grateful and kind, so they know how to treat people gently.

A sincere and gentle person may not necessarily deliberately speak softly.

But he must be willing to understand others and treat the world with his greatest kindness.

It is really hard to meet someone who is willing to help you or accompany you on your way to life.

To be a kind, powerful and gentle person, use these to resist those malice and treat those who deserve to give sincerely with kindness.

Gentleness is the best way to get along with the world.

There are two kinds of gentle people, the first is caused by the living environment.

Family and social circle are all very good people, so that his education is the standard system of his life.

The second kind is people who have never been treated tenderly by the world.

Those who were hurt and squeezed when they were young chose to treat others gently because they were extremely empathetic and did not want others to endure what they had experienced.

Japan has a healing animation ” Xia Mu Friends Account”.

The protagonist Xia Mu lost his parents when he was young, and his childhood has been pushed around by relatives as a burden, moving from family to family.

Because he could see monsters at an early age, he was called ” alien” by everyone. His childhood had been spent in panic and fear.

However, everything that hurt him did not make him give up his principles. He treated others tenderly and gained many friends.

You cannot choose the way the world treats you, but you have the right to choose the way you treat the world.

The older you grow up, the more you know that it is not easy to do things. The more you know that everyone has difficulties, the more you dare not look down on anyone casually and fear hurting anyone carelessly.

This is not a cover – up, not hypocrisy, but understanding and gentleness, gentleness to get along with the world.

Therefore, be a gentle person, you will be the sunshine of others. And if you meet such a gentle person, please cherish it.