All diseases in the world are defeated by emotions.

Don’t ignore the huge wounds hidden in the bottom of emotions.

All the grievances, entanglements, anger …

It will eventually turn into an immune storm.

There is a woman with advanced lung cancer who has lived with her in-laws since her marriage.

Although her husband’s family is good to her, she hopes very much to have her own space and has been refused several times to move out of her in-laws home.

Later, she slowly stopped talking about it until last year when she got lung cancer without warning.

Her family’s financial condition is relatively good. In addition to receiving western medicine treatment, her family also helped her find a famous psychotherapist.

When the psychotherapist asked her during a hypnotherapy: ” What is the greatest wish of my life?”

She said only one thing: ” I hope to have a family of my own, with my husband and children, not too big, not too long, just a few months.”
In the category known from western medicine experience, there are still many sudden diseases, and no one knows the specific causes.

Modern people are more and more vulnerable to various diseases. Is it because they do not pay attention to health? No. Too many people spend their energy on health preservation, but this idea simply regards the body as a machine, forgetting the integration of body, heart and even body and mind.

People only like good emotions, such as happiness, and suppress negative emotions, such as sadness and fear. However, we do not know that injustice, oppression, pressure all accumulate in the body. One day, an immune storm will take the lives of people.

most of the time

Frequent negative emotions are the cause.

We have always underestimated the wisdom of the body. In fact, the body has a sophisticated immune system.

This is not only western medicine’s narrow sense of immunity, but also includes self – diagnosis, human resource management, self-repair and regeneration.

When we produce various emotions, the first attack is on the body’s immune system.

More than 70% of people digest their emotions by attacking their body organs, which is one of the biggest causes of the disease.

Take women for example.

Anger is not easy to get hyperplasia of mammary glands, long-term depression is easy to get breast cancer, ignoring female identity will affect ovarian health, menstrual disorder, and the entanglement of gynecologic diseases for couples with incompatible feelings.

Studies have shown that among the emotions that cause problems in the immune system, the common ones include anger, sadness, fear, melancholy, hostility, suspicion, and seasonal runaway ( such as frequent disputes and friction in summer, and more depression patients in winter than usual ).

When we feel skin allergy, throat discomfort, stomachache, gastric ulcer, insomnia, dreaminess, frequent headache and other symptoms, we often think: Is there something wrong with our body?

In fact, most of the time, frequent negative emotions are behind it.

Physical discomfort and illness

It’s a cry from the heart and a distress signal.

Yesterday, a friend talked with me at night. He was very interested when he talked about emotions and diseases.

He asked me, ” What emotions triggered my younger brother’s boyhood?”

I said, ” Maybe it’s’ I did my best’.”

He asked, ” How can it be alleviated?”

I replied, ” Be yourself and give back others’ wishes.”

He nodded and asked, ” My father’s hoary head on the night of my mother’s death was also due to emotion?”

I said, ” Yes, too sad and desperate.”

He asked, ” What is the reason why I have lost my hair for no reason recently?”

I replied: ” Anxiety.”

He asked, ” I don’t want to be anxious, but I can’t help it!”

I said, ” Why live in the future? Live now. ”
Don’t ignore the huge wounds hidden in the bottom of emotions.

We often say ” piss me off”, ” pressure is great” and ” heart is unwilling”. This is precisely the emotion at work.

Anger makes people feel out of control, and the body automatically releases a large number of factors harmful to the respiratory system.

Anxiety makes one’s body enter a state of dry burning in empty iron pot, killing one’s heart little by little.

The pressure is depressing, like an invisible hand that covers one’s nose, can see five fingers through the gray sky, and cannot be touched.

The body does not lie. It faithfully helps us store all our emotions. Illness reminds us to face our real needs, deal with them properly, and believe in the body’s ability.

Sickness cannot be treated only

We have to find out where the disease is ( emotional source )

A doctor friend of mine said:

” Among the patients who come to the hospital now, more than 1 / 3 suffer from psychosomatic diseases and less than 1 / 3 suffer from somatic diseases, which in turn lead to psychological problems.

Therefore, they can no longer rely on pure biomedical model to treat these patients, but should treat them from biological to psychological and social levels. ”

All diseases in the world are defeated by emotions.
When our intestines and stomach are upset, we just swallow a lot of stomach medicine but avoid the root of stress and tension.
When all kinds of red rashes on our skin are like eruptions of small volcanoes, but they do not come out: I am very angry, please look at my angry voice;

Many diseases are caused by our own emotions. Even if we get better, when our emotions come up again, our health will be gone.

When fatigue reaches a critical point, you need to rest;

When will you be ill, you need to manage your immune system;

When do you need to cry, roar and vent?

When should we let go and forgive?

When is it worth being bold and confident …

You should know better than anyone where your emotions and body are, and then digest it.

There is no easy and wonderful life in the world, and the bright future is all sweated down.

If we want to be responsible for our dreams and for our family, we must manage our emotions and have a strong body.

Knowing to love yourself is not only to live in the best house, eat the most exquisite delicacies, be loyal to your heart and surpass yourself.

And you are more concerned about your emotions than anyone else, and more sensitive to the signals your body sends out.