All the choices that make you better will not be very comfortable in the process.

I was very surprised to see my friend Liang Yuan basking in his marathon medal in the circle of friends. In my impression, he has always been a lazy person with no sports cells. He usually gasps heavily on the sixth floor, not to mention long-distance running that requires endurance and energy.

I asked him doubtfully, ” did you really go to the marathon? How many kilometers did you run? Are you not hurt? ”

He sent me an activity photo, in which he was wearing orange sportswear and running very seriously. What surprised me even more was that his body was no longer as thin as before, but became strong and strong, and even the muscle lines of his calf were clearly visible.

Liang Yuan said that the reason why he has made such remarkable changes lies in his unremitting exercise. It only takes us a few seconds to see his changes through our eyes, but he has stuck to it silently behind our eyes for a long time, making efforts we can’t imagine.

Liang Yuan hardly exercised much during his college days. The same is true of life after graduation. I work in the office on weekdays and play games online at home on weekends.

During a physical examination, the doctor said that he was in poor physical condition, which would easily increase the risk of illness in the long run. Liang Yuan was therefore determined to change his sedentary bad habit.

At the beginning, he also felt very painful, because he did not exercise for a long time, suddenly running for one kilometer made his muscles ache and he felt weak, and every step was extremely difficult.

He almost wanted to give up, but he did not want to be so depraved and depressed, so he continued to stick to it and ” cut off” himself, slowly running from one kilometer to three kilometers, five kilometers, ten kilometers …

When I asked him if it was hard to run a marathon, he said, ” Hard, how could it not be hard? But all the choices that make you better will not be too easy. Can’t eat bitter, insist on not bottom go to, how can there be harvest? ”

My friend Wei Xu majored in accounting, but he always loved programming in his heart, so he chose to take a cross-disciplinary examination.

I can’t imagine how difficult that is. According to his recollection, he only slept five or six hours a day when preparing for the exam. Apart from eating and sleeping, he spent most of his time studying professional books and took every second as a minute.

In the early days, he also had a headache for programming. He felt that he could not finish reading the thick professional textbooks. A lot of obscure formulas made him restless. He didn’t regret it, but he persevered and finally succeeded in getting into a graduate student majoring in computer science.

Now, he has entered an internet company and is engaged in programming. Recalling the difficult time of postgraduate entrance examination, he would always say to me: ” everyone thinks I have a easy life. only I know how much I suffered before I became what I wanted.”

The so-called ” combination of river and ice is not a cold day.” A mountain is built from accumulated soil, but this is not the case.

Many people want to take a shortcut and hope to reach the top easily, but they don’t know that the easy way is downhill.

If you want to learn English well, you must spend more time memorizing words and reading diligently. If you want to have a good figure, you must make good plans and stick to sports. If you want to write, you should read more, accumulate more and write more. If you want to climb to the top of the mountain, the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky., you have to use your strength to climb step by step.

If you are eager to become better than now, then you have to put in time and energy, resist pressure, keep on working hard and stick to the end.

You should know that all the choices that make you better will not be too comfortable.