Brake era

I have never seen night, I have never seen stars, I have never seen spring, autumn and winter.

I was born at the end of the braking era, when the earth had just stopped turning.

The earth’s rotation brake took 42 years, three years longer than the coalition government’s plan. My mother told me about our family watching the last sunset. The sun set slowly, as if it had stopped on the horizon, and it took three days and three nights to fall.

Of course, there will be no ” day” or ” night” in the future. The Eastern Hemisphere will be in eternal dusk for a long period of time ( for more than 10 years ), because the sun does not set deep below the horizon and shines out in half of the sky. In that long sunset, I was born.

Dusk does not mean darkness; the earth’s engine shines brightly throughout the northern hemisphere. The earth’s engine is installed on the Asian and American continents, because only the complete and solid plate structure of these two continents can bear the huge thrust of the engine on the earth. There are a total of 12,000 earth engines distributed on the plains of Asia and America.

From where I live, I can see the plasma beams from hundreds of engines. You can imagine a huge palace as big as the temple on the Acropolis of Athens. There are countless towering pillars in the temple. Each pillar emits blue and white light like a huge fluorescent tube. And you are a bacterium on the floor of that huge palace, so that you can imagine what the world I live in is like.

In fact, this description is not too accurate. It is the tangential thrust component generated by the earth’s engine that stops the rotation of the earth. Therefore, the jet from the earth’s engine must have a certain angle. In this way, the giant light beams in the sky are tilted, and we are in a huge temple that will be toppled! When people from the southern hemisphere arrive in the northern hemisphere, they suddenly find themselves in this environment. Many people will be insane.

What is more terrible than this is the extreme heat brought by the engine. The outdoor temperature is as high as 70 – 80 degrees Celsius. You must wear cooling clothes before you go out. Under such temperature, there will often be heavy rain, and the scene when the engine light beam passes through the dark clouds is simply a nightmare!

The strong blue and white light of the light column scattered in the cloud, turning into a surging halo of countless colors, and the whole sky seemed to be covered by white and hot volcanic magma. Grandpa was too old to stand the intense heat. He was overjoyed to see the heavy rain and rushed out the door shirtless. Before we could stop him, the rain outside had been scorched by the ultra-high temperature plasma beam from the earth’s engine, peeling off his skin.

But for our generation of people born in the northern hemisphere, all this is very natural, just like for people before the brake era, the sun, stars and moon are so natural. We call the history of mankind before that the pre – solar era, which is really a fascinating golden age!

… …

When I entered primary school, as a course, the teacher took 30 children of our class on a round-the-world trip. At this time, the earth has completely stopped rotating, and the earth’s engine has only made some posture adjustments besides maintaining this stationary state of the planet. therefore, in the three years from the age of three to the age of six, the light intensity of the light beam has been greatly reduced, which enables us to better understand our world during this trip.

We first saw the earth’s engine at close range. We saw it at the exit of Taihang Mountain near Shijiazhuang. It was a high metal mountain that loomed up in front of us and occupied half of the sky. Compared with it, Taihang Mountain in the west was like a string of small mounds. Some children marvel that it is as high as Mount Everest.

Our head teacher, miss xiaoxing, is a beautiful girl. she told us with a smile that the height of this engine is 11,000 meters, more than 2,000 meters higher than mount Everest. people call them ” god’s blowtorch”. We stand in its huge shadow and feel its vibrations through the earth.

The earth’s engines are divided into two categories, the larger one is called ” mountain” and the smaller one is called ” peak”. We climbed Mount 794 in North China. Climbing the ” mountain” takes longer than climbing the ” peak” because the ” peak” is lifted up and down by a giant elevator, while climbing the ” mountain” takes a car along the pan ” mountain” highway. Our cars were mixed up in long fleets that could not be seen from end to end and crawled up the smooth steel road. On our left is a blue metal cliff, and on our right is an abyss.

The convoy consisted of a 50 – ton giant dump truck loaded with rocks dug from the Taihang Mountains. The car quickly rose to more than 5,000 meters. The ground below could not see the details, only a piece of green light reflected from the earth’s engine.

Teacher Xiao Xing asked us to wear oxygen masks. As we get closer and closer to the nozzle, the luminosity and temperature are increasing sharply, the color of the mask is getting darker gradually, and the micro-compressor in the cooling suit is busy with great power. At 6,000 meters, we saw the entrance of the feed. Cars of big stones poured into the big hole with faint red light, but no sound was heard. I asked teacher Xiao xing how the earth engine makes fuel from rocks.

” Heavy element fusion is a very deep knowledge, now still don’t understand to you. All you need to know is that the earth’s engine is the most powerful machine built by human beings, such as our North China 794, which can generate 15 billion tons of thrust to the earth at full power. ”

Our car finally reached the summit with the spout above our head. Because the diameter of the light column is too large, what we are looking up at now is a huge blue-emitting plasma wall, which stretches up to infinity.

At this moment, I suddenly thought of a philosophy lesson not long ago. The gaunt teacher gave us a riddle.

” You were walking on the plain when suddenly you came across a wall. It was infinitely high up, infinitely deep down, infinitely far to the left, infinitely far to the right. What is this wall?”

I shivered and told the riddle to the little star teacher nearby. She thought for a long time and shook her head in confusion. I put my mouth to her ear and told her the terrible answer.


She looked at me silently for a few seconds and suddenly held me tightly in her arms. I looked over her shoulder and on the misty earth stood a huge metal peak, stretching from our surroundings to the horizon. The beam of light from the giant peak, like a tilted cosmic forest, punctured our crumbling sky.

… …

We soon arrived at the seaside and saw the spires of the city skyscrapers sticking out of the sea. When the tide ebbed, glistening sea water flowed out of numerous windows of the building, forming waterfalls …

The braking era has just come to an end, and its impact on the earth is shocking: the tide caused by the acceleration of the earth’s engine has engulfed two thirds of the major cities in the northern hemisphere. The global high temperature brought by the engine melted the polar glaciers, further contributing to the flood and spreading to the southern hemisphere.

Thirty years ago, Grandpa witnessed the 100 – meter – high waves engulfing Shanghai. He is still straight-eyed when he talks about this. In fact, our planet has changed beyond recognition before it set off. Who knows how much suffering awaits us in the long journey to outer space?

We sailed on the sea by an ancient means of transportation called a ship. The light pillar of the earth’s engine was farther and farther behind, and one day later it was completely out of sight. At this time, the sea is between two pieces of glowing rays, one is the blue glow from the light pillar of the earth’s engine in the west and the other is the pink glow from the sun under the sea level in the east. Their reflection on the sea surface has divided the sea into two parts that shine with two colors of light. Our ship is driving at the boundary between the two parts. This view is really wonderful.

However, with the gradual weakening of the blue glow and the gradual strengthening of the pink glow, an uneasy atmosphere pervaded the ship. The children could not be seen on the deck, they all hid in the cabin and the curtain of the porthole was tightly drawn.

One day later, the moment we were most afraid of finally arrived. We gathered in the big cabin used as a classroom. Teacher Xiao Xing solemnly announced: ” Children, we are going to watch the sunrise.” No one moved, our eyes glazed over and froze like a sudden freeze. Small star teacher urged several times, still no one moved. One of her male colleagues said: ” I have already mentioned that the global experience class should be put in front of the modern history class, and students will be easier to adapt psychologically.”

” It’s not that simple. They knew everything from the society long before the modern history class.” Teacher Xiao Xing said that she went on to say to several class cadres, ” You go first, children, don’t be afraid. When I was a child, I was very nervous when I watched the sunrise for the first time, but it would be good to watch it once.”

The children finally stood up one by one and moved towards the hatch. At this time, I felt a wet little hand grabbed my hand, looking back, is shine.

” I’m afraid …” she said.

” We’ve seen the sun on TV too. It’s the same anyway.” I comforted her and said.

” How can it be the same? Are you watching snakes on TV the same as watching real snakes?”

” … we have to go up anyway, or we will lose points in this class!”

Shine and I held hands tightly and walked gingerly toward the deck with other children to face the first sunrise in our life.

” In fact, it is only three or four centuries since mankind linked the sun with fear. Before this, human beings were not afraid of the sun. On the contrary, the sun was solemn and magnificent in their eyes. At that time, the earth was still rotating, and people could see sunrise and sunset every day. They cheered the rising sun and praised the beauty of the setting sun. ” Small star teacher standing in the bow said to us, the sea breeze blowing her long hair, behind her, Haitian joint shot several light, like a monster under the sea was too big to imagine snorting.

Finally, we saw the chilling flame, which was only a bright spot on the Tianshui line at the beginning, and soon increased, gradually showing the shape of a circular arc. At this time, I felt my throat was pinched by something, fear choked me, the deck at the foot of the suddenly disappeared, I fell down in the abyss of the sea, falling down … And shine with me, her spider silk weak small body cling to me trembling; There are other children, everyone else, the whole world, falling.

Then I remembered the riddle again. I asked the philosophy teacher what color the wall was, and he said it should be black. I don’t think so. The wall of death I imagined should be discerning. That’s why the plasma wall reminds me of it. In this era, death is no longer black, it is the color of lightning. When the last lightning comes, the world will turn into steam in an instant.

… …

More than three centuries ago, astrophysicists discovered that the speed of hydrogen conversion into helium inside the sun suddenly accelerated, so they launched tens of thousands of detectors through the sun and finally established a complete and accurate mathematical model of the star.

The results calculated by the supercomputer on this model show that the evolution of the sun has shifted out of the order of the main stars, and the fusion of helium will spread throughout the interior of the sun in a very short time, resulting in a violent explosion called helium flash. After that, the sun will become a huge but dim red giant star. It will expand to such a large extent that the earth will move inside the sun!

In fact, our planet was vaporized during the helium flash before this.

All this will happen in 400 years, 380 years have passed.

The solar cataclysm will blow up and engulf all habitable earth-like planets in the solar system and completely change the shape and orbit of all wood-like planets. Since the first helium flash, with the repeated accumulation of heavy elements in the center of the sun, the solar helium flash will occur repeatedly for a period of time, which is relative to the evolution of stars, and its length may be equivalent to thousands of human history.

Therefore, human beings can no longer survive in the future solar system. The only way out is to immigrate to outer space. According to the current technological strength of human beings, the only feasible target for all human immigrants is proxima centauri Centauri, which is 4.3 light-years away from our nearest star. People have reached a consensus on the above views, and the focus of the debate is on the immigration method.

… …

In order to strengthen the teaching effect, our ship turned back twice in the Pacific Ocean and made us leave two days later. Now that we have fully adapted, we also believe that the children in the southern hemisphere who face the sun every day can really live.

After that, we sailed under the sun. The sun rose higher and higher in the sky, and the cool weather became hotter these days. I was drowsy in my cabin when I heard voices outside. Shine pushed open the door and leaned his head in.

” hey, the spaceship faction and the earth faction are fighting again!”

I’m not interested in this. They have been fighting for four centuries. However, I still looked outside. Among the boys who were in a group, I could see at a glance that it was Adon who started the incident. His father is a diehard spaceship faction and is still in prison for taking part in an anti-coalition uprising. Like father, like son.

Small star teacher and several stout crew had a difficult time to pull open the frame, adon nose blood gunk, trumpeting:

” throw the earth pie into the sea!”

” I am also an earth pie, and I will throw it into the sea?” Small star teacher asked.

” the earth pies are thrown into the sea!” Adon did not show weakness. Now, the mood of the spaceship faction is on the rise all over the world, so they are crazy again.

” Why do you hate us so much?” Small star teacher asked. Several other spacecraft sent boy then cried:

” We will not send fools to die on earth!”

” We’re going to take a spaceship! Long live the spaceship! ”


The little star teacher pressed the holographic display on her wrist, and a holographic image was immediately displayed in the air in front of us. The children’s attention was immediately attracted by it and temporarily quieted down.

It is a crystal clear sealed glass ball with a diameter of about 10cm. Two – thirds of the ball is filled with water. There is a shrimp, a twig of coral and some green algae in the water. The shrimp is swimming leisurely in the water.

Teacher Xiao xing said: ” this is a design assignment for a nature lesson in adon. besides these things, there are some invisible bacteria in the ball. they depend on and interact with each other in the sealed glass ball. Shrimp feeds on seaweed, taking in oxygen from water, and then discharging excrement containing organic substances and carbon dioxide waste gas. Bacteria decompose these substances into inorganic substances and carbon dioxide. Then seaweed uses these inorganic substances and artificial sunlight to carry out photosynthesis, produce nutrients, grow and reproduce, and release oxygen for shrimps to breathe. Such an ecological cycle should enable the creatures in the glass sphere to continue to live under the condition that only sunlight is supplied.

This is the best curriculum design I have ever seen. I know that it embodies the dreams of Adon and all the children sent by the spaceship. This is the epitome of your dream spaceship!

Adon told me that he designed the genes of every creature in the ball according to the strict mathematical model in the computer, so that their metabolism was just in balance. He firmly believes that the life world in the ball will live for a long time until the end of the shrimp’s life. Teachers love this homework very much. We put it into the artificial sunlight with the required intensity. We also firmly believe in Adon’s prediction and silently bless the small world he created. But now, time has only passed for more than ten days … ”

Little star teacher carefully took out the glass ball from a small box she brought with her. the dead shrimps floated on the water. the water was cloudy and the rotten algae had lost their green color and turned into a mass of lifeless fur covering the coral.

” This small world is dead. Children, who can say why? ” The little star teacher raised the dead world to the children.

” It’s too small!”

” You’re right. It’s too small. A small ecosystem, no matter how accurate, can’t stand the storms of time.

The same is true of the spacecraft that the spacecraft faction imagined. ”

” Our spaceship can be made as big as Shanghai or new york.” Adon said his voice was much lower than before.

” Yes, according to current human technology, it can only be built this large. Compared with the earth, this ecosystem is still too small and too small.”

” We will find new planets.”

” This doesn’t even believe you. Centauri has no planets. The nearest star with planets is 850 light-years away. At present, the fastest spacecraft that humans can build can only reach 0.5% of the speed of light. It will take 170,000 years to get there. The spacecraft scale ecosystem cannot even maintain this one-tenth of the time.

Children, only an ecosystem of the size of the earth and such a magnificent ecological cycle can make life last forever! Human beings have left the earth in the universe, just like babies have left their mothers in the desert! ”

” But … teacher, we’re too late, the earth is too late, it can’t accelerate fast enough, sail far enough, the sun will explode!”

” Time is enough, to believe in the coalition government! How many times have I said this? If you still don’t believe it, we will take 10,000 steps back and say: Human beings will die proudly because we have done our best! ”

The flight of human beings is divided into five steps: the first step is to stop the rotation of the earth with the earth’s engine and fix the nozzle of the engine in the opposite direction of the earth’s movement; The second step is to start the earth’s engine at full power to accelerate the earth to escape velocity and fly out of the solar system. The third step, continue to accelerate in outer space, fly to proxima centauri; The fourth step is to make the earth rotate again in the middle, turn around the direction of the engine and start to slow down. The fifth step, the earth moors into proxima centauri orbit and becomes the satellite of this star. People call these five steps brake era, escape era, vagrant era I ( acceleration ), vagrant era II ( deceleration ) and new sun era respectively.

The whole process of immigration will last 2,500 years, with 100 generations.

… …

Our ship continued to sail to the dark part of the earth, where neither sunlight nor the light beam of the earth’s engine could shine. In the cool sea breeze of the Atlantic Ocean, we children saw the starry sky for the first time. Oh, my god, what a sight that is, it is so beautiful that we are intoxicated.

Teacher Xiao Xing held us in one hand and pointed at the starry sky in the other. Look, children, that is Centauri, that is proxima centauri, that is our new home! Then she began to cry, and we all cried. The sailors and the captain around her and the iron men also shed tears.

All the people looked at the direction pointed by the teacher with tearful eyes. The starry sky was twisted and quivered in the tears, but the star was motionless. It was the lighthouse of the distant land in the crazy waves of the sea at night. It was the flickering light in front of the lonely travelers freezing to death in the ice and snow wasteland. It was the sun in our hearts. It was the only hope and support for mankind in the bitter sea of the next 100 generations …

On our way home, we saw the first sign of sailing: a huge comet appeared in the night sky, which was the moon. Even if man cannot take the moon, he has installed a planetary engine on the moon to push it off the earth’s orbit so as not to collide when the earth accelerates. The huge tail of the planet’s engine on the moon shrouds the sea in a blue light and the stars cannot be seen. The gravitational tide generated by the moon’s movement caused the sea waves to soar into the sky. We flew to our homes in the southern hemisphere instead.

… …

The day of sailing has finally arrived!

As soon as we got off the plane, we were blinded by the light beams of the earth’s engine. These light beams were several times brighter than before, and all the light beams changed from inclined to straight. The earth’s engine was at its maximum power, and hundreds of meters of huge waves generated by acceleration roared onto every continent. The scorching hurricane, with its hot spray, roared crazily among the standing plasma beams, uprooting all the trees on the land … At this moment, from the perspective of space, our planet also became a giant comet, with its blue tail piercing the dark space.

The earth is on its way, man is on his way.

Just before sailing, grandpa died and his burns were infected. As he lay dying, he repeated a sentence: ” ah, earth, my wandering earth …”