How good is a slightly fat girl?

Women all over the world now want to become a flash of lightning and clamour to lose weight every day even if they are not fat.

In fact, for women, the benefits of being fatter are really many.

However, many people don’t know it. They just say that I want to lose weight. I want to be thin.

Thin is not necessarily good – looking, if you have to say that only thin is good – looking, then you have never seen the charm of a fatter woman.

As an old saying goes, ” a good head is not as good as a good face, and a good face is not as good as a good body.”

A person’s fortune in life can be seen from her figure and appearance. Especially for women, being fat and thin is especially important.

The old man often said, ” dumplings need to be hot, and daughters-in-law need to find fat ones.” If the family is prosperous or not, it depends on whether the daughter-in-law is fat or not. ”

Although it is a joke, there is some truth in it.

Being a slightly fat woman is not only better looking, but also better life. It is a simple and happy experience.

Fat, healthier

Many women regard losing weight as a career for their whole life. In order to lose weight, they do not eat either. They starve their stomachs and destroy their bodies.

Although thin is thin, but hungry sallow and emaciated, look very poor, have no energy.

The fatter woman is different. She will not go on an excessive diet for her body, but should eat, drink and drink.

Maybe not so slim, but the body and complexion are very good, seldom sick, always in high spirits, looking more beautiful than any cosmetics applied on the face.

A fatter woman looks a little bit more fleshy, but in fact she has more health, vitality and a better state to take care of her family and family, and to face marriage and life.

Not only that, they are not very picky about food.

Actress Jiang Xin is a good example. Jiang Xin is the shoulder of the micro-fat world. She once said frankly, ” I have a strong stomach desire.”

In fact, to put it bluntly, they have a good appetite and are not picky about food.

Most fat people have a good appetite. They are not picky about food. The intake of various foods can better maintain the microecological environment in the body and make the skin healthier.

The nutrient absorption in the body is also relatively balanced, the immunity and resistance are relatively strong, and it is not easy to get sick.

Such healthy women can only be more truly reflected in slightly fat women.

In fact, in life, eating is the most pleasant thing and the easiest thing to find happiness.

If you want to learn from women who are slightly overweight, don’t deliberately avoid eating, just be happy. I’m afraid I’m too fat. It’s the same if I exercise more.

Life is not smooth sailing, healthy and strong body is the biggest capital against wind and rain.

A broad heart makes one fat.

It is said that women with a broad heart and a fat body are mostly tolerant, easy-going and easier to get along with.

A fatter woman is born with affinity. She doesn’t have to worry about her violent temper and blx, and she doesn’t have to be nervous to watch the scenery.

After all, for a woman who is fatter, it is better to have a good meal than to waste time losing her temper and making a scene.

A woman who is slightly fat is more plump than a woman who is thin. She often stays with her, giving people a kind of calm and gentle feeling, and looks more gentle to her neighbors.

When you sleep at night, it is especially comfortable to hold them in your arms.

In winter, slightly fat women also have relatively higher body heat, so they are also warm and can bring warmth to people.

Comedian Jia Ling is the best representative of the happy-go-lucky fat woman.

She doesn’t worry about her weight. On the stage, she transfers happiness to everyone attentively. On the stage, she can entertain herself and be optimistic and open – minded.

With such a woman, life is more relaxed.

So, when a woman with a broad heart, she would rather be fat and chic than thin and identical.

It is not only to adjust one’s emotions, but also to treat one’s body well.

Lovely, never weight.

As a woman, as long as she is healthy, no matter whether she is fat or thin, she should not deliberately change anything.

In addition to morbid obesity, in the range of healthy weight, it is good to have a larger body weight.

Make yourself fatter and stronger, not only can you have a healthier body, but also can you bring a better fate.

Life is not easy, fat and powerful.

May you always find someone, fat or thin, who will always love you. Life is so long, it is good to live happily.