How to be healthy, effective and fast?

Walking fast looks simple, but it also requires certain skills to be most beneficial to health. Health magazine introduces the most efficient exercise essentials for fast walking. Let’s learn together.

1. Pay attention to foot movements

Fast walking at a speed of more than 6 kilometers per hour cannot be achieved overnight. First, one should know the foot movements. Correct walking posture can prevent injuries and effectively improve the muscles of feet, legs and buttocks. First, lay the heel flat gently, then move the focus point from the back to the front of the sole to spread the impact of the body to the entire sole. At the end of an action, the toes exert a pushing force on the ground.

2. Shake your arms

Walking fast can not only exercise legs and hips, but also make our upper body stronger and slimmer by exercising oblique muscles, waist, arms and shoulders. In the relaxed state, the arm swings back and forth like a pendulum. When the left arm swings forward parallel to the ground, the left foot is put behind, and the right hand and right foot are the same.

3. Keep upright

Keep your back straight during walking. Lower your shoulders and lean back slightly. The crotch is stable and moves rhythmically with the lower leg.

4. Entering ” Endurance Period”

People who want to lose weight should pay attention to maintaining a certain frequency to succeed. The trick is that the body must enter the ” endurance period” 30 minutes before starting to burn fat. This period is usually accompanied by accelerated breathing, starting to sweat and feeling heavy on the lower legs. However, be careful not to force yourself too much, and to ensure that you can communicate normally and without any problems.