I decided not to get married.

In the first quarter of 2018, 3.017 million couples were married nationwide. Compared with the same period five years ago, this figure is down 29.54%. People’s attitudes towards marriage are quietly changing. One of the results of this change is the emergence of non-marital families.

However, the form of choosing a good couple at marriageable age, setting up a family and reproducing offspring is still accepted by most people as a matter of course, and ” not getting married” is difficult to understand and immoral in many people’s eyes.

Before we did the movie ” Unmarried Tribe”, we already knew the huge number of this group in China, but the process of finding the shooting candidates was still very difficult. Perhaps, as a non-marital family, growing up in this country with strong traditional ideas, one learned early that ” people are awesome”. Therefore, after invitations were rejected again and again, I realized that the courage of the three protagonists in ” The Unmarried” was invaluable.

The oldest of the three interviewed was sugar, with a fragile sensitivity and stubborn conceit. She used to laugh at herself for being short, but she was very arrogant when reasoning with others. She frankly admitted that she had a lot of loneliness, but she never refused to lower the standard of ideal object and succumbed. She believes that marriage is an alliance, which is essentially a mutually beneficial transaction. However, she sticks to her own ideal of love and refuses to give in half.

The youngest of the three grew up in an enlightened family. Not getting married is nothing new to her, and her teenage sister-in-law was understood and accepted by her family as an unmarried family early on. Many people seem to have unconventional and advanced ideas, which in her view are especially natural. So she often asked, ” shouldn’t this be the case?” ” What’s wrong with that?” . At that moment, you will also suspect that the rules and regulations that you have been deeply convinced of are actually not that solid.

The only male student in the interview, Yulong, seems to be born with a loose and free temperament, which seems to be exactly the same as his idea of not getting married. He said that marriage is just a social management system and a means of standardized management of people. A person who has enough self-discipline can break away from such discipline and gain more freedom. He has always been like this. As an unmarried family, he said goodbye to his dependence on others and got rid of the bondage of being depended on. To be an independent individual and to pursue the most ideal life is what he looks forward to most.

Due to the time limit, the three protagonists did not fully list their thoughts in the video. But in the end, those views were chosen and adopted because they were indeed carefully considered and used for a long time as the creed and criterion of self – belief.

At the end of the video, we quoted another group of data: the proportion of Chinese non-marital groups was less than 10% before 85, while the proportions after 85 and 95 were 13% and 18% respectively. The three people interviewed in this interview are 22, 30 and 34 years old respectively, which exactly corresponds to the different three generations in the data. However, they are still young and have a long life in the future. We even have reason to suspect that they may enter marriage in the future.

However, we want to discuss the unmarried group and its future development. Or there is nothing more valuable and meaningful than the three outspoken young generations.