If you want to live a long and healthy life, you must learn ” shameless”

People to the point of ” shameless”, still afraid of? With such a spirit, you can not only do great things, but also ensure your health and longevity.

As the saying goes, ” No heart, no lung, no tired living”. One is to say that if you are silly and muddled, you will not feel too tired living. The second is not to be too proud. If you are good at being human, you will live a long life.

Living is looked down upon by people, whether it is from an official to a civilian or from a rich man to a poor man. In order to ensure health, one must have the spirit of ” living on the job and tasting gall”. One must not ruin one’s life by looking after useless faces. To achieve this goal, we should do the following four things:

Less shame

It is to jump out of the circle of feudal thoughts and not be ashamed to take part in some social activities, such as dancing, making friends between men and women, doing things in a decent way, not afraid of being opposed to speaking ill of others, and not to feel ashamed of yourself, which will lead to poor mental health, illness and health damage.

Be cheeky

We live in a complex society, with all kinds of people. We may encounter trouble or resistance in doing everything, or we may even be attacked and reviled by envious people. Therefore, we should not pay too much attention to our face and be more cheeky. Otherwise, you will be unhappy in your heart, your career will not work well, and even your career will be interrupted, which will naturally damage your health.

Be more vigorous

People who live a vigorous and vigorous life, with less shyness and shyness, can open up a situation in life and do a good job in society. They are not only rich in life but also healthy. Women in particular, those who are vigorous are better off and live a long and happy life.

Be smart

Open your heart and be happy as you like. Don’t restrict yourself. Some old people dare not show up boldly in new clothes. The new ones are put on the inside and the old ones are put on the outside. This is not smart enough. With money, eating and wearing are fun. I think there is nothing wrong with it. Why not? It should be the attitude of daily life to behave decently and conduct activities in a little way.

If one wants to live a long life, one should have a thicker skin. Even if you have done bad things and made mistakes, don’t let yourself get into trouble with yourself. How many people can’t get on with their faces and even commit suicide? On the road of life, no one can just do good things and not do bad things, only to see if they can do bad things and accept lessons, and turn bad people into good people.

” People want faces and trees want skins”, originally this is the virtue of being a human being. However, one should not overdo it. Excessive face-saving may sometimes harm oneself. Besides, one may not do it completely correctly. One has no shame, that is, one should not have a face that is harmful to one’s health.