It is a disaster for people to get too close to each other.

In a forest, there lived a group of hedgehogs. One winter there was a heavy snow.

In order to keep warm, they clung to each other tightly, but later they ran away because they couldn’t stand each other’s long thorns.

However, the weather was so cold that they wanted to stay together for warmth, but the sting of being together forced them to separate.

In this way, it is repeated, divided and gathered, gathered and divided, constantly struggling between suffering from cold and stabbing.

At last hedgehogs found a moderate distance to keep warm without being stabbed by each other.

In fact, when people get along with each other, they are not like hedgehogs. If they get too close, they will hurt others and hurt themselves. It is better to keep a little distance to warm each other and keep some mystery.

A truly intelligent person knows how to keep a proper distance.

A gentleman’s friend is as light as water. In dealing with people, it is best not to try to spy on other people’s privacy, to leave room to speak, not to be too difficult, to maintain a certain degree of discretion.

Some people start to have various requirements when they get closer to their friends. If their friends are not satisfied, they complain. Such friends make people feel tired when they get along.

True friendship is pure and without utility. Friends are kind to help you, but it is duty not to help you. You cannot kidnap them with morality, and ask them to meet your needs without limit.

Many friends get worse because they ask too much of each other. This is the reason why we turned against each other.

Keeping a certain distance makes life more pleasant.

The best relationship between husband and wife is a little distance.

Of course, on the basis of ensuring intimacy, each should have its own space. Don’t force each other’s tastes to be the same, and don’t force them to be the same.

You respect my hobbies, and I also understand your small circle, respect each other and do not interfere with each other.

It is better to have some distance with children, which can effectively avoid many contradictions and troubles.

The best distance is the distance of ” a bowl of soup”, which will neither burn the child too much nor be too cold and cool.

Get along with relatives, don’t be too casual, be respectful. Thank you for the help of your loved ones. If your loved ones have difficulties, they should also provide timely help.

People who are willing to talk about family matters should listen carefully, while those who are unwilling to talk should ask less, do not interfere, and do not be unscrupulous.

Everyone has a corner that they don’t want to be touched by others. To respect him is to respect your dear ones.

Between people should keep a certain distance, as long as can recognize each other comfortable.

The distance between relatives is respect. The distance between lovers is beautiful. Between friends, distance is love; The distance between colleagues is friendly. The distance between strangers is polite.

Don’t underestimate the distance in these lives, how many emotions are ultimately defeated by distance. The distance is rusty, and the distance brings forth contradictions.

The older you get, the more you discover that love, kinship, friendship and affection are precious, so don’t get too close to anyone. leave yourself some room for relaxation and give others some personal space. this may be the most beautiful distance.

Don’t get too close, each has his own life, don’t get too far away, our life circle still has intersection.

Distance produces beauty, in fact, is to respect and cherish each other.