These kinds of people in life, can meet not seek


Know your bosom friend

Peach blossom does not ask for much, but wishes to win the hearts of the people and keep the white heads together. One or two bosom friends are enough for a lifetime if one does not count his friends.

A true friend knows you know you have pity on you, love you, tolerate you, accompany you in your growth, and warm your time.

Good friendship makes people warm, knowing each other’s tears, pain and laughter, not pleasing each other but warming each other.

Good friendship has always been one to one. You know my story, and I know everything about you. You can grow old together.

Along the way, we always lost a lot of people, also came a lot of people.

People live for a lifetime and meet countless people. Some have become light friends and some have become bosom friends who treat each other with sincerity.

A bosom friend is not a person who accompanies you to enjoy yourself. A bosom friend is a friend who will bear hardships together with you.

Not all encounters can wait for beautiful scenery.

Friends don’t cost much, but know people, bosom friends, bosom friends and knowledge. No matter how long you are in love, the emphasis is on moving, understanding, sharing and sincerity.

Own scenery, just have beautiful linger; Having one’s own heart can keep one warm. The fate is myriad, let nature take its course; Heart for heart, can forever.


A close rival

In the movie ” Flying Life”, Shen Teng played a racing driver who won the championship for five consecutive years.

I didn’t think that because of an accident, the driver’s license was revoked and I said goodbye to the racing stage.

Five years later, through representations, Shen Teng once again qualified for the competition. But at this time, he has not enough money and racing cars to support him.

Just when he was worried about money, his opponent appeared. The opponent played by Huang Jingyu was willing to support all props and expenses in order to compete fairly.

In the five years since Shen Teng left the track, Huang Jingyu has always been the champion of racing cars. He is also looking forward to a fair competition to show his strength.

In the end, although Shen Teng won the victory, this victory is also inseparable from Huang Jingyu’s support.

It is a great blessing in life to have an equal opponent.


Someone who gives you a helping hand.

As the saying goes, there are nine times out of ten that life is unhappy. On the road of life, everyone will encounter frustrations and setbacks.

In a difficult situation, someone will give you aid, encouragement and help you tide over the difficulties. Some people will cast indifferent eyes on you, and even some people will fall into the pit.

People should learn to be grateful and remember those who lend a helping hand to you in times of crisis, they are noble people in your life.

They have given you help, encouragement and courage to overcome difficulties and forge ahead bravely.

People should learn to forget, forget those indifferent eyes, forget those mocking words, they are destined to be passers-by in your life.

For the strong, indifference and ridicule can even stimulate morale. For the weak, indifference and ridicule are heavy blows.

We must be strong in life and cannot be defeated by indifference or ridicule.

Thanks to those who have been with us through thick and thin, they let us go further and further.

Know your bosom friend, equal rivals, people who lend you a helping hand, these three kinds of people can not be met, if meet one or two, is a great blessing in life.