Three things a woman should see through most in her life.

The stupidest thing in human history must be the saying ” a woman without talent is virtuous.”

Even stupider than this is the theory that reading is useless.

However, what impressed me most in ” Know or Not Know” is Zhao Liying’s remark that reading is useless is a lie.

” I think this sentence is just those men who hope that women will be ignorant, obedient and easy to manipulate all their lives.”

In an era when women could not go out at will, Zhao Liying must have read books if he could say such a thing.

Education makes people have a pattern and have a long-term vision. More than half of the worries in life are that they read too little and think too much.

As Ming Lan, the character played by Zhao Liying in the play, said: ” When you go to school, you can not let a woman be confined to small things in her boudoir. When time is spent in the right place, there will be no time for trouble. ”

Long Yingtai once said in a letter to his son, ” I also require you to study hard, not because I want you to compare your achievements with others.

But because, I think you have the right to choose in the future, to choose meaningful and time-consuming jobs instead of being forced to make a living. ”

This is what this society is like. If you have knowledge, competence and ability, you will never have to worry about being laid off or eliminated.

Your choice is firmly in your own hands, and you don’t need to do what you don’t like because of the pressure of life.

Reading has been useful from ancient times to present. Those who say reading is useless are deceiving you. They are either afraid that you will surpass him or hope that you will do nothing like them.


Always be independent

In the play, although Zhao Liying lost her mother when she was young, she fortunately met old lady Sheng.

Old Mrs. Sheng is also a reasonable person. She told Zhao Liying early that life is her own after all, and no one can really live on it.

In this world, there is no one who will always be the backer of others. It is best not to expect too much from others.

The more you expect, the more disappointed you will be. The more disappointed you are, the more resentful you will be. After a lifetime of resentment, hatred begins and the day becomes sad.

In life, there is no one who must support whom, we can only rely on ourselves.

Only if we know how to rely on ourselves and how to be independent, then we will not be disappointed in marriage.

On the one hand, this will not be belittled by the husband; on the other hand, it is also his greatest protection.

Everyone’s first lesson in life is to learn to live independently in this world.


Always look ahead

The Zhao Liying in the play always has various situations to face.

However, she never clung to the past or was full of resentment towards the present, but looked to the future.

Eyes are long in front and should have looked forward. When I first came to this world, I wanted to live a good life.

Lv Mengzheng, Prime Minister of the Northern Song Dynasty’s Number One Scholar, wrote a ” Hanyao Fu”:

” The weather is unpredictable, and people are in danger. Scolopendra has a hundred feet and is not as good as a snake. Domestic chickens have large wings and cannot fly as fast as birds. A horse can travel thousands of miles, and no one can go there alone. People have lingyun ambition, not luck can’t soar … ”

The prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty did not have smooth sailing.

He was born in a wealthy family, but he drove himself and his mother out of the house because his father favored his concubine and destroyed his wife.

But even living in caves, Lv Mengzheng’s forward heart cannot be extinguished.

After entering the government, Lv Mengzheng will take care of his father, who has ignored him for many years, and share the house with his mother.

Some people say that Lv Mengzheng is magnanimous, while others say that Lv Mengzheng is fishing for fame. The next thing is enough to explain why Lv Mengzheng is like this.

At that time, Lv Mengzheng had just been promoted to deputy prime minister, and on his first day in office, he heard someone secretly mocking ” this boy is also worthy to be involved in politics?”

The people around you wanted to track down who the speaker was and were stopped by Lv Mengzheng.

” If you know his name, you will never forget it. It is better not to know.”

It is this kind of bearing that led Lü Meng to become very famous in the imperial court. He made three appearances in his life and conferred a title on the public.

Sometimes, learning to lose unnecessary obsession, unnecessary entanglement and unnecessary weight will make life more and more successful.