What signals does the body send out when it lacks vitamins?

Vitamins are a kind of organic compounds necessary to maintain health. This kind of substance is neither the raw material of body tissue nor the source of energy in the body, but a kind of regulating substance, which plays an important role in substance metabolism and is an indispensable nutrient substance for human body. If the body lacks vitamins, it will seriously harm the health of the body, and most of them are irreversible.

So, what signals does the body send out when it lacks vitamins? Next, let’s take a look at it with the Economic Daily – China Economic Network Fashion Channel.

Vitamin a deficiency

Vitamin A not only has the effects of regulating metabolism of epidermis and stratum corneum, removing wrinkles, resisting aging, softening skin, etc., but also can prevent night blindness, vision deterioration, and treat various eye diseases. Promote bone growth, prevent obesity, prevent alopecia, etc.

If the body lacks vitamin A, it will lead to night blindness, greatly reducing people’s visual ability at night, even without vision at night. In addition, symptoms such as dry skin, desquamation, decreased resistance and frequent colds will also occur. Therefore, when the body has the above situation, it indicates that vitamin A is deficient and should be supplemented in time.

Vitamin B deficiency

There are more than 12 kinds of vitamin B group, and there are nine kinds of essential vitamins recognized by the world. All of them are water soluble vitamins, and the retention time in the body is only a few hours. They must be supplemented every day. Group B is an essential nutrient for all human tissues and is the key to release energy from food.

When vitamin B1 is deficient in human body, it will lead to inappetence, dyspepsia, etc. When vitamin B2 is deficient, oral ulcer, dermatitis, keratitis and other symptoms will occur. However, when the body lacks vitamin B12, it will cause pernicious anemia. These symptoms are very harmful to health, and B vitamins should be supplemented in time.

Vitamin c

Vitamin C can resist scurvy, so it is also called ascorbic acid. It is an important vitamin widely existing in fresh fruits and vegetables and many organisms. As a highly active substance, it participates in many metabolic processes. At the same time, vitamin C also has the functions of resisting oxidation and free radicals, thus achieving the effects of whitening and lightening spots.

When the body lacks vitamin C, scurvy symptoms will appear, resistance will also decline, and many parts of the body will bleed, the whole person will become weak, tired and weak. If the body has the above symptoms, vitamin C should be supplemented in time.