A cup of bitter coffee

At present, I often sit at Starbucks in the city center. Ray can’t move. A medium American cup without sugar or milk. Of course, it is a bit melodramatic. Women always have countless reasons to lose weight, but they still hoard all kinds of snacks. Of course, it is not good to drink American style. Every time hot liquid is poured into my throat, I will unconsciously wrinkle my eyebrows. It is bitter. However, all good taste comes from high sugar, high milk and high fat.

The unit also has a coffee machine, which is clumsy and bulky. Press the button, and the coffee beans on it will groan and groan. Probe a little slowly. It is really grinding. However, this machine is estimated to be made in China. Coffee powder is not always ground so smoothly and finely. Just let it be. As a refreshing artifact in the morning, it is always possible to flush a little foam with boiling water. And no matter what else, the whole floor is full of such fragrance, which makes our rigid and serious unit feel more human. People who come and go waiting for work are also willing to take a drink. It seems that the environment is mild.

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Sex and aggression are the two primary driving forces of human beings.

It’s all about the collapse of human facilities. Fans feel distressed and passers-by sigh.

Many people, like watching the scene of bustle, watched the gossip and stood on the moral high ground ready to comment.

Even somehow they feel much better than them, but what they think is not what they think.

Last week, Anna came to my consulting room and said she had cheated.

Anna is 32 years old, outstanding, self – disciplined, traditional, graduated from a prestigious school, has a successful career and has been married for five years.

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How bad can bad relatives be?

A friend of the 1970s once told a story.

At that time, they were still in a village in the middle, the bottom of the bottom. The people around us are all of the same kind, facing the loess upside down. Over the past few years, we have not seen any changes in our lives.

In such still hardships, he has seen too many people fight for small profits, and too many relatives are torn by interests.

In 1978, he was 8 years old.

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Dreaming of sleeping with a best friend boyfriend

Six months ago, Ms. Ye came to my consulting room, feeling very depressed, but tidied up.

After sitting down, she spoke hesitantly and hesitantly. Finally, she told me very embarrassedly that she had a dream, a dream that made her very ashamed.

Ms. Ye is introverted and doesn’t have many friends. However, she has a very good friend. They talk about everything and are true friends.

My best friend has a boyfriend who has already talked about marriage. Ms. Ye is not familiar with her best friend’s boyfriend.

However, suddenly one day, in a dream, she dreamed that she was in bed with her best friend’s boyfriend, a man whom she had not met several times, let alone knew.

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Marriage is meaningless; company has light.

In the past two years, my father always told me:

” You’re young, you can spell it, but after a few years, when you’re tired, find a lighter job.”

When he said ” work”, he was thinking of another word.

Fulcrum. Or, depend on.

It’s a lifestyle that allows me to ” stop and rest.”

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