A cup of bitter coffee

At present, I often sit at Starbucks in the city center. Ray can’t move. A medium American cup without sugar or milk. Of course, it is a bit melodramatic. Women always have countless reasons to lose weight, but they still hoard all kinds of snacks. Of course, it is not good to drink American style. Every time hot liquid is poured into my throat, I will unconsciously wrinkle my eyebrows. It is bitter. However, all good taste comes from high sugar, high milk and high fat.

The unit also has a coffee machine, which is clumsy and bulky. Press the button, and the coffee beans on it will groan and groan. Probe a little slowly. It is really grinding. However, this machine is estimated to be made in China. Coffee powder is not always ground so smoothly and finely. Just let it be. As a refreshing artifact in the morning, it is always possible to flush a little foam with boiling water. And no matter what else, the whole floor is full of such fragrance, which makes our rigid and serious unit feel more human. People who come and go waiting for work are also willing to take a drink. It seems that the environment is mild.

Coffee is not only a refreshing agent, but also a psychological soothing agent.

Coffee shops are always associated with literature and art. It is said that there are more than 10,000 famous coffee shops in Paris, such as Huashen and Shuangsou Cafe. They always gather Hemingway, Joyce, Beauvoir, Sartre and other celebrities. They often meet and talk freely and collide ideas. There is really no such atmosphere in domestic cafes. I always choose Starbucks, which is criticized, because it is ordinary and simple.

Every time there is a lot of noise and noise, and the background music is always loud in the American countryside, it is easy to immerse yourself in your corner in an atmosphere of loud chatting, silent listening to songs and taking students to do homework. Also have to say is a strange state. All the noise has become a kind of complete background music, just like when I am absorbed in doing something, I often close the door and put on intense rock and roll to isolate myself from the whole world. I have tried several times. Although it is quieter in other cafes, I always feel that it is not private enough. The coffee shop has become a place where I stare blankly, write, work or simply observe others. Here, only a cup of bitter coffee can kill half a day. People come and go in turns and live in the crowd with great interest, but with a detached attitude.

I was not addicted to coffee, and I hardly got into the habit of drinking coffee. Memories are always related to emotions. One night, I took a friend’s last bus away. In the cramped corner of the station, I suggested to have a cup of coffee. Sitting alone with a cup of coffee was actually a bit ambiguous. In the quiet waiting room, there was no one, even the coffee shop was closed. As a heartthrob and peach blossom face ( another friend’s evaluation ), he always succeeded in attracting others. On the way home, my heart still felt uneasy. However, coffee always makes people alert. When the cold wind blows, it calms down.

On another occasion, they were working overtime. I took out a few cups of coffee to visit the shift. when I really got to the entrance, I found something wrong with them. even I felt a little sneaky and went away after a few simple conversations. He later sent a photo with a few words on the take-out carton: every cup of coffee can accompany you for 10 minutes. It makes people think. So quivering exchanges, a little dangerous happiness.

However, coffee is not wine, it always makes people awake. Some emotions, always bitter, can last longer after transcendence. I always tell myself in my heart that we only talk about growth. Whether it is actually very self – deceiving.