Capital Begins Competition for ” New World”!

In 2019, a year that the Jianghu claims to be ” beyond redemption”, although the global capital market has long been scared stiff – eyed, legs trembling and falling endlessly, the undercurrent of chicken thieves’ capital has never stopped.

Defending wealth will continue until death.

There may be countless questions about the fate of global capital, but the core is the following three points:

1. Will the high-level bubble game continue to be played? 2. Who should global capital embrace next? 3. Is there a ” new continent” for capital to continue to play in the world?

The first problem is certain, because the essence of the world economy has long been fully frothed, with only periodic stoppages and no withdrawal of the whole plate. A logical resource is conserved, but the printing press is the most unruly. The coins scattered are used for special purposes and water under the bridge can only be diluted.

India, everyone is happy.

The second question seems to be very empty, in fact, it is about a great change of ” capital geopolitics” in the world in the future. The basic logic is that behind capital are ” ownership” and the ultimate ” right of return”. When the capitalization of global resources is digitized, there will be the possibility of cross-regional concentration in a certain region.

The city is only the appearance, the capital in the backyard pool is the hard strength, and the concentration of capital represents the regional concentration of the power of wealth ownership and income rights.

One question: What is the primary industry in new york, the world’s largest city?

Capital market. Can also be called, to help the world’s rich and powerful financial management of the grand industry.

Therefore, we can see why we spare no effort to attract financial, scientific and technological capital talents after the first-tier cities with well-off families ( such as Shanghai and Shenzhen ) bid farewell to land finance. Behind the suspicion of poverty and love of wealth is actually a struggle for the two elements of ” capital” and ” technology”. Why do we need the capital of science and technology escort? Because technological innovation is a life-long money-burning game that can only be played in places where venture capital is extremely abundant.

For example, Huawei is going to build the most awesome 5G chip, which will cost 100 billion yuan a year for five consecutive years without any noise. If it doesn’t eat, drink or play in a second-tier city with scarce capital, it won’t work.

It’s not the first-tier cities that drive people out, but the way they play has changed. People will have to fight hard with new york in the future. The market is ruthless. When the time comes, they will have to fight hard on the battlefield.

For the fresh graduates from ordinary universities, the first-tier cities seem to be bright and beautiful, but in fact they have already closed half the doors, either bright or dark. If you stay, you are bound to face urban exclusion and the blow of the world’s high-minded people. Leave and take the initiative to embrace the strong and second-tier cities that welcome you. Perhaps you won’t lose face and money.

In life, one must know how to advance and retreat.


On the third question, does the world have a ” new continent” for capital to continue playing?

The answer is also yes.

Capital ponders, looking to the east.

With the further opening of the capital management market in 2018, foreign giants such as Fidelity, BlackRock, Pioneer Pilot, UBS and Qiaoshui are accelerating their efforts to seize the capital management market in China, striving for private placement licenses or public offering of controlling shares, while China’s trillion-dollar pension market is also attracting foreign investors.

Capital has no motherland, only interests.

When Wall Street, the top player in the capital science and technology tree, is more and more constrained by the weakness of the old US credit support, the defection of capital to seek a new continent has become a more and more realistic consideration for Wall Street bosses.

What is the combination of high technology and world capital market?

The baton of the world industrial chain.

The scientific and technological achievements hatched by capital have a direct impact on the direction of the world’s terminal demand. When demand is created, there will be the power to arrange the global industrial chain, and there will also be the power to ” take the lion’s share”. In fact, what the trade war is really about is this one, will China get it in the end, or will foreign giants get it?

China gets, enriches the national treasury, and the market regulation ability grows exponentially. Foreign giants grabbed, our domestic industry chain again how to do is darling was arranged.

High – dimensional competition, almost, slow half beat is all for nothing.

Many people are concerned about the future housing prices. In fact, housing prices will eventually return to the ultimate lift of industrial chain profits. The government will sell land, build high-speed railways, build airports and build subways in debt. Eventually, it will build a nest and attract talents to form the accumulation of advantageous industries. North, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen will continue to go further and get the ” technology baton” of global industrial layout. The second-tier cities in the central and western regions will rely on the advantages of the entire industrial chain to land efficiently and amplify the actual achievements of scientific and technological innovation. The advantages of the industry are also the advantages of income. Residents’ pockets are bulging, thus successfully completing the efficient closed loop in the middle and lower reaches of the domestic industry.

Industry is the cause and house price is the fruit. It’s about everyone’s money bags and the ultimate fate of all the wealth and assets you and I hold in our hands. We must not overlook it.


On January 10 in Beijing city, ziguangge welcomed a young guest, Tesla CEO Mr musk. The Prime Minister met him cordially. He was erect and focused, just like a student listening attentively.

Later, the leader of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Li Qiang, secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, received the Internet star of the science and technology innovation community with high standards, which shows how important the competition at the top of the science and technology tree is.

The goal of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen to build a world-class urban agglomeration is by no means empty talk or nonsense. It is a ” capital and technology geography” confrontation.

Let’s talk about a real example. In Zhangjiang, a suburb of Shanghai, how did housing prices get tough? At first, it was a remote village. Later, a development zone was set up. It was actually a shell. It was to provide services, to give land and to attract investment for factories. Many of the world’s top 500 industrial chains were moved one after another. High – income people poured in. Outsiders said nothing else. Buying a house was to go to work. As a result, the housing prices of Zhangjiang were high.

The problem now is that the baton of the global industrial chain has to be changed. The price of the whole plate must rest. Although the logic of raising the price of water by lever has not changed, the key is to have industries catch the water to form a virtuous ” water circulation”. Otherwise, it is just a number game that deceives oneself. It is not meaningful and has more risks.

Why do you want to revive the central provincial capital city? Why do you want to hold down the house price that caused trouble first? Why should the ” national team” be strengthened before foreign capital is introduced?

An overall situation, forced, for the baton of the world industrial chain.

As my good friend Mr. Murakami said, the interests of the world are ultimately disputes over ownership and income rights.

It used to be nothing for old players to play chess, but now with the entry of foreign capital and the full influx of new games, new logic and new games, how should individual investors deal with it?