Dreaming of sleeping with a best friend boyfriend

Six months ago, Ms. Ye came to my consulting room, feeling very depressed, but tidied up.

After sitting down, she spoke hesitantly and hesitantly. Finally, she told me very embarrassedly that she had a dream, a dream that made her very ashamed.

Ms. Ye is introverted and doesn’t have many friends. However, she has a very good friend. They talk about everything and are true friends.

My best friend has a boyfriend who has already talked about marriage. Ms. Ye is not familiar with her best friend’s boyfriend.

However, suddenly one day, in a dream, she dreamed that she was in bed with her best friend’s boyfriend, a man whom she had not met several times, let alone knew.

God, she woke up in a cold sweat.

This can be said to be a horror story.

I want to rob my best friend’s boyfriend? Why am I so shameless? I really deserve it. I deserve to have no friends all my life. I am so cheap. I am a bad person. Am I sick?
This is the idea that came out of Ms. Ye’s mind when she woke up.

Ask yourself, she and her best friend are true feelings, who knows, she has no desire for her best friend’s man.

My god, I want to tell people, it is difficult to say, can only suppress in my heart …
After waking up from a dream, Ms. Ye felt extremely self-reproached because she was filled with a ” huge secret” and attacked herself all the time, and finally fell into depression.

But why did you have such a dream?

As the saying goes, ” think day by day and dream at night”.

Psychoanalytic theory holds that dreams reveal our subconscious mind.

The so-called ” interpretation of dreams” is to see how we approach our subconscious mind with the aid of dreams. Therefore, the understanding of dreams is very important.

First of all, we should not reject our own dreams, let alone be afraid.

With the heart of acceptance, let’s take a look at what happened in the dream.

One of the facts revealed in Ms. Ye’s subconscious is that she probably does have a crush on her best friend’s boyfriend.

Even so, this is not a scourge and there is no need to be nervous. This has nothing to do with morality.

Because, Ms. Ye will not really do anything, because our morality, character and reason will restrain us.

We are not children.

One of the biggest differences between adults and children is to distinguish between imagination and reality.

Imagination is not equivalent to reality.

For example, young people love fantasy, and children love daydreaming: imagine that they took the first place in grade, passed the college entrance examination to Peking University in Tsinghua, grew up to be Madame Curie, and married a prince to be a princess …

But the fact is, when you are really old enough to love, get married, and have children, you will not always wait for the sovereign treasure with colorful auspicious clouds, nor will you die waiting for a prince riding a white horse, or stubbornly pulling Tang Priest like the king of the daughter country.

This is the difference between imagination and reality. Most of us adults can distinguish between imagination and reality. Therefore, things at the level of imagination need not surprise you.

Secondly, you cannot control your imagination, because you cannot control your subconscious mind.

All attempts to control the subconscious mind will be met with great frustration.

What we should do more than control is to approach our subconscious mind and try to coexist peacefully with it.

If you can do this, you can almost be ” iron and steel, invincible”.

The so-called ” inner strength” is nothing more than this: you can truly face your deepest hidden side, including the dark side.

In the sleep state, this is a moment when all our defenses are laid down, and the subconscious comes out involuntarily.

This is a fact, not a scourge, and you don’t have to be nervous.

More importantly, dreams are far more than what you look like in your dreams. They are only the shallowest level.

Many people feel that they are like mental derangements after having some strange dreams. They always wonder if there is something wrong with them and whether they need to see a psychologist. In fact, they don’t have to.

For example, Ms. Ye’s dream of sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend does not mean that Ms. Ye really wants to sleep with that man shamelessly. The meaning behind this dream is far from it.

The meaning behind it is: ms ye, a single-parent family with many years of empty windows, apparently rejects the family. Because, to the family, to the love, she has many distrust feelings.

However, in fact, her heart is extremely eager for love and family.

Although she has not met her best friend’s boyfriend several times, she often talks about her happy state and details of her life in her confidences, which makes Ms. Ye very envious.

The dream is just telling her that she is eager to have a good close relationship like a best friend. Instead of refusing to enter marriage as she thinks.

If we dig deeper, the subconscious mind is also telling her with the help of dreams that she has regrets for the broken family when she was a child, yearns for the love of both parents, and yearns for a happy and complete family.

Even the subconscious is telling her that she wants to be close to her father.

Therefore, dreams are sometimes like an elder, prophet, alien, soothsayer, psychic, prophecy.

The dream hides all the answers, as long as you are willing to let yourself approach.

Da Hui is a very self-disciplined and excellent girl who often feels anxious –

Life can’t go wrong, work can’t go wrong, family can’t go wrong, even as detailed as how to arrange the weekend, seems to be can’t go wrong.

Everyone should follow her unified command and finish every step accurately, otherwise, she will almost collapse.

After consulting for half a year, the visitor had a very important dream for her.

She dreamed that she went back to the house where she lived when she was a child and was locked in a very dark basement full of precision instruments.

However, the instrument is a bit old, but it is still operating in perfect harmony.

French windows hung in the room. It was dark and dark.

The answer need not be interpreted, but it is already obvious.

When she was trying to explore the answer to this question, her subconscious mind read her anxiety and told her the answer through dreams.

It turns out that she has been militarizing herself since she was a child. For example, during the summer and winter vacations, her timetable is very scientific, combining work with rest, and she is working hard.

Get up at 5: 30 in the morning, do morning exercises at 6: 00, have breakfast at 7: 00, read at 7: 30 in the morning, do math at 8: 00, write several compositions a week, read many extra-curricular books in a summer vacation …

The obvious advantage of all this is that she is excellent.

However, the side effects are also obvious. She herself is a precise instrument and cannot step on the wrong step. This keeps her anxiety level high.

The past model once achieved her, but now it also limits her.

The subconscious mind is telling her through dreams that the past mode is old and not suitable for the present state. She needs to relax.

There was a time when I was especially fascinated by the interpretation of dreams.

However, in the process of dream interpretation, I found that the most difficult thing was not me, but the person who asked me to interpret the dream.

The most difficult thing is not the skill of interpreting dreams, but the problems I put forward in the process of interpreting dreams. The other side’s layers of defense are like loyal warriors, making it difficult for people to push further.

It is often a problem that we have to go through many interviews before we can make a big detour and return to the problem itself.

When many people answer questions in the process of dream interpretation, their defense is usually repeated. This is the norm.

However, please remember one thing, that is, if you do some strange dreams again, don’t be scared and don’t feel sick. This is often the subconscious is sending you some important messages, so try to interpret the dreams yourself.

Only you are your best dreamer.

Facing yourself is never easy, but if you can face your dreams, you will be closer to knowing yourself.