He who never loses his temper can’t get to know each other very well.

A few days ago, a reader complained to me that she broke up with her best friend.

I asked her why.

She said that she and this friend got along very well and had many things that she liked and were interested in.

The only problem is that this friend has a bad temper. He is very childish and often loses his temper easily.

This time just because she was late for a while, her friend pulled her face and said to her for a long time. She felt that this friend did not cherish her, and when the two of them came and went, they broke up.

In fact, I don’t know what other people think, but I feel more and more that it’s really easy to associate with people who don’t look good with this kind of temper and explode when they have it.

Compared with those smiling tigers with hidden knives, I think those who lose their temper are more worthy of deep friendship.

People who lose their temper are very frank.

In the movie ” a man named oway decides to die”, oway is such a person. he is eccentric and disrespectful to the east and west. he swings around the community with indestructible principles, scrupulous conventions and a quick temper. he is secretly called ” the evil neighbor from hell”.

He goes around early in the morning every day. His bicycle doesn’t stop at the grid. He will lose his temper.

Garbage is not classified according to regulations. He will lose his temper.

If someone else’s lawn is not mowed, he will lose his temper.

Even in the face of a stray cat that lost its hair, he would lose his temper.

However, it is such a person who often loses his temper and seems unfriendly to everyone, but he delays his ” suicide” plan again and again because of helping others.

Every time he tried to commit suicide, he would stop because other people asked him for help: helping to look after the children of his neighbor, helping the pregnant woman next door to learn the car, taking in the boy who was thrown out of the house because he came out of the closet … finally, he got everyone’s love and affection.

In fact, people who lose their temper more often have a frank and simple heart. They seem to get angry easily, but they simply and directly maintain their inner order and principles.

As Lin Yihan said: ” Patience is not a virtue. Taking patience as a virtue is the way this hypocritical world maintains its distorted order. Anger is the virtue.”

Yes, whether a person is worthy of deep friendship depends on whether he is sincere enough.

Every time you lose your temper, you actually show your bottom line and principles. If you associate with a person, he never reveals his principles and never maintains his bottom line, then maybe you are only suitable for casual acquaintances who meet and smile, but not for intimate and in-depth contacts.

He who never loses his temper can’t get to know each other very well.
People who lose their temper are less worldly – wise.

Oscar Wilde said: We can always be gentle and gentle to those we don’t care about.

I think so.

Whether it’s for friends, colleagues or family members, it’s actually very simple to not lose your temper, be worldly-wise and be indifferent.

A friend told me before that she broke up with her ” perfect boyfriend”. her boyfriend looked perfect and always depended on her. he never blushed with her. he seemed to be a perfect gentleman and made her feel that she had found the best man in the world.

But in the end, they broke up because of a little thing, but this time the perfect boyfriend broke out in full swing: I tried to get angry countless times before, but I endured it, so what else do you want to do with you? ……

Pushing all the problems onto the girls.

In fact, the older you get, the more you will find that there are a lot of people smiling at you and very few who will really lose their temper with you and point out the problem. After all, maintaining superficial harmony and maintaining the image of a ” good man” are the things adults are best at doing.

However, as Lu Xun said: ” The world is really a difficult place. To say that a person is” unsophisticated ” is not a good word, but to say that he is” deeply sophisticated ” is not a good word.”

Can seek the world with ” sophisticated” people, can’t share this life with people who don’t show their emotions.

Compared with a person who has always been wearing a beautiful mask and never confides in others, I prefer to make friends with someone who will expose his temper.

He who never loses his temper can’t get to know each other very well.
He will lose his temper and his relationship will last for a long time.

Matsuura Yataro said in the book ” Live with Heart Today”:

I am inclined to continue to use the broken things, and even think that the moment when the things are broken is the real beginning of your relationship. Don’t rush to discard them and buy new ones, but make up your mind to repair them.

The same is true for communication with people. After collision, friction and rupture, bad blood is generated, and then it is slowly repaired. This is the real beginning of your deep-seated relationship.

In this world, there is no soul that can hit it off at once. Losing one’s temper is only a running-in process. Compared with saying nothing and other contradictions, it is better to solve them on the spot every time conflicts occur.

In the English drama ” The Best Kid’s Wife,” Freddie and Stewart are just two bad-tempered couples who have always fallen in love and killed each other. The golden sentences in their daily conversation are seemingly poisonous but full of love.

He who never loses his temper can’t get to know each other very well.
In one episode Stewart made an appointment with a doctor. Freddie was obviously worried but did not forget to say, ” What’s your problem? In addition to your body that has become a horror movie? ”

Stewart tore it back angrily at once: ” Just check my stomach function so as not to spit it out when I see you.”

It is their daily ” mutual resentment” and straightforward emotional expression that make their sunset life extremely wonderful.

People who never lose their temper and always accumulate anger and resentment are not worthy of deep friendship.

If we really attach importance to a relationship and really want to get to know someone deeply, we will not lay a lot of thunder on this relationship. Two people come and go, and resolve all conflicts and conflicts on the spot, so that whether friends, colleagues or partners, the relationship can last for a long time.

There is a saying: ” The more people you know, the more you like dogs.” Because dogs are simple enough, like is like, don’t like is don’t like.

The same is true of people. Don’t be afraid to lose your temper. Deep friendship requires a moderate exposure of each other’s emotions. The two parties involved know the real each other in the process of emotional exchange.

The first step in heart-to-heart communication is to let people see your sincerity.