Marriage is meaningless; company has light.

In the past two years, my father always told me:

” You’re young, you can spell it, but after a few years, when you’re tired, find a lighter job.”

When he said ” work”, he was thinking of another word.

Fulcrum. Or, depend on.

It’s a lifestyle that allows me to ” stop and rest.”

Father wants me to be more stable and comfortable. Feet fall to the ground, no longer so airy, upside down.

I understand his worries. Since I broke up with my boyfriend of five years, my father has increasingly found me ” unreliable”.

To do a job that does not correspond to one’s major has been absent for many years.

There are fewer and fewer videos and telephones, and they never report their recent situation.

I heard that the three brothers in the family have already said in secret that I am unfilial.

He was right to scold. When I return home for the New Year, I expect him to teach me the same lesson as Ryan’s sister taught Ryan in the movie ” In the Cloud”:

” You didn’t help anything.”

” You are a non-existent person to this family.”

A person who does not exist.

People who are not only isolated from their families but also from the world.

At this point, I am Ryan –

Everything in the world has only a ” superficial” relationship with us.

Just like this bowl of noodles in front of me, if it weren’t for starvation, I wouldn’t eat it.

If I can finish it in 1 second, I won’t spend 10 minutes.

If I can live on electricity, I may not eat noodles.

I don’t expect it before I go to the table. After eating, I will not miss it.

Just focus on the present and the present.

No feelings.

This is slag in the relationship between the sexes. In the workplace, it is unreliable.

In other people’s eyes, it is heartless, but in ourselves, it is a good way to live.

A very ” light” way of life: no tie, no memory, no effort, no responsibility.

As the movie said:

Your interpersonal relationship is the most ” important” part of your life. Yes, some animals, they choose to walk with their loved ones or stay with them for a long time, such as kangaroos and swans … but we don’t need this. We are sharks. Just go ahead. – Ryan in the clouds

Should one live a ” lighter” life or a ” heavier” life?

This is the theme that the movie ” Up in the Cloud” wants to discuss.

In the traditional concept, to be a human being, one should have feelings and righteousness, be grateful to one’s parents, and give one’s best to one’s lover.

The kindness of dripping water is reciprocated by gushing water.

In short, you have to live ” heavily” and have feelings, so that you can rely only when you are down and out and need help.

On the contrary, there is no caring and no deep giving. When you are tired and cannot fly, and want to stop, you will find that there is no branch to follow.

This seems to be the case.

However, after watching this movie, you will find that this kind of passionate and vigorous living method is not applicable to everyone.

For example, Ryan, the hero of the movie.

Ryan’s job is very special. He is an expert on layoffs.

To put it more bluntly, if the boss doesn’t need you, thinks you are useless, and is embarrassed to open his mouth to dismiss you, he will come to you and negotiate with you.

This is not a good job.

Nine times out of ten, the dismissed employees will be angry, cry, declaim and move out the family of three and the 18 generations of their ancestors.

My daughter has asthma. She is only a few years old. The next time she gets sick again, I can only hold her like this and watch her gasp … I have a mortgage, a car loan to repay, and a sick wife … I have devoted my entire youth to the company, and you count as an X to dismiss me.
Everyone loves to share good news, but your job is to constantly convey bad news to those who are immersed in happiness.

Sometimes, they think it’s OK. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

Other times, before you finish, they silently took out a knife and put it on the table.

There are also times when they smile and listen to you, then go out and turn left, climb the overpass and jump down.

Indeed, Ryan is a man, an elite in the industry, with countless readers.

But if you want to kill people’s dreams and destroy people’s hopes, you will still find it difficult to do such a thing after ten years.

Every family has a difficult book to read. I’ll give it to you and let you read it locally.

In this case, Ryan must turn himself into a ” doctor” if he wants to maintain his physical and mental health and does not rely on pills to sleep through the night.

Doctors rely on medical skills rather than benevolence.

They will not feel dizzy when they see blood, nor will they feel heartache when they see the dead. Hearing more crying, seeing more separation.

They don’t have nightmares.

Their hearts are hard enough.

We can make people endure hell. Escort the wounded heart and cross the river of despair. Arriving at a place where there was little hope, we stopped the boat and pushed them into the water. Let them swim by themselves. – The movie ” Up in the Cloud”

Is interpersonal relationship really an oppression?

To some extent, yes.

In a speech, Ryan put his backpack on the platform.

He called on everyone to use their imagination and put all relatives and friends, parents, brothers and sisters, leading colleagues, wives or husbands, and all the messy relationships into this bag.

Then, take it back.

” Feel the weight of this bag.” He said.

Now, I want you to simulate this feeling.

Start with your parents and pack it in.

Before loading, think about what they expect of you at school.

The pencils that have been sharpened for you, the book covers that have been wrapped.

Sticks that hate iron but not steel, and tears.

The figure waiting outside the college entrance examination.

Think about their current situation, senile plaques on their arms, wrinkles on their foreheads, and fragile bones.

The physical condition they concealed. Slipping in the bathroom, holding the waist, unable to stand up.

In the empty house, they were sitting alone on the sofa, napping on the white-screen TV.


Then there are colleagues, leaders and customers.

Think about the naivety, mistakes, supercilious look and broken teacups when you first started your job.

People leave and stay. Those you like and hate. Those misunderstandings, deliberate retaliation, or resentment.

Those who fight for fame and gain, power struggle, office politics.

Those who clarify, and forgive.

The ” Sea and Sky” ordered by KTV; Under the light, with false confused true ambiguous feelings; The wine drunk under the pretense of sorrow.

The CEO who worked overtime all night and had red eyes borrowed fire and chatted with you when you were about to resign.

The yellow jokes of those customers, you cooperate with all smiles, stagger home, enter the house, dare to fall down.

Those soaring KPI’s, and the results that can’t be achieved anyway.


Finally, it is the wife or husband, lover, lover.

At first, it was an encounter or a premeditated plan.

The figure of the library, the small cards hastily crammed into TA books, the feeling of deer bumping, and the long and painful waiting.

The heartbreak of being rejected.

The joy of being accepted.

The night when he summoned up his courage and finally agreed to check in with TA to review the CET – 4 and CET – 6.

Those unbridled, unreserved days and nights, holding hands, hugging and kissing ……

The betrayal that was accidentally caught.

The sentence ” break up”.

That kind of weakness, and the loneliness of losing the whole world.

The room that only has itself and TA smell.


These are all in your bag now.

Feel their weight on your shoulder.

How do you feel?

Chaos, heavy, I think so. This little bit of emotion will condense into mercury.

To crush you.

You can’t walk half a step behind it, let alone dream behind it.

Therefore, in the movie, when all the misery in the world poured into Ryan, he decided to empty the baggage.

All throw away, all forget.

And, very carefully to pack new things into the bag, carefully to establish new relationships.

These relationships are also mostly superficial.

He was ruthless at last.

Those who have been dismissed by him, whether they live or die, have nothing to do with him when they leave the office.

Those attractive women, he would rather develop into long-term friends, not to expect, and each other have a future.

Photo Source: Movie ” Up in the Cloud”

All encounters become passers – by.

All the heart moves, only stay in the heart.

Only in this way can he keep his spirit and motivation after one bitter drama after another.

Only then can he live.

He has naturally become a scumbag in the emotional world.

There are people outside, and slag outside.

Seeing this, you can never imagine that our invulnerability Ryan will also have a heartbreaking day.

In fact, having said so much, you must have a question in your heart:

Can people continue to slag like this?

There has been no attachment, only dating, only emotional not infatuation.

Is such a person not lonely and insecure?

Indeed, the movie arranged a desperate scene for Ryan in 90 minutes.

He is old, in love with others, want to keep others, want to be accompanied by a long stream of water.

He ran in the snow, shuttling between streets, trying to find the woman.

The woman who, like him, dared to have sex on the plane.

Like him, he did not believe in long-term relationships.

The one who knows him very well and looks into his heart at a glance.

He found it, pressed the doorbell, and a familiar face emerged from the warm indoor light.

Followed closely by three to five giggles from underage children.

And a vigorous male voice, politely asked:

” Who is it, dear?”

Ryan’s hopes were dashed, and he turned his head and walked away worldly wise, fearing to cause trouble to the other party.

Ear, is a long, scattered blind sound ……

” Sorry, the subscriber you dialed is married.”

When you are young, you don’t want to stop, you are afraid to stop.

Old, sentimentally attached to the warmth, but when the weather turns out to be unsatisfactory.

In this way, it seems that life has no absolute importance.

Those who live lightly are not all natural and unrestrained. Those who live a heavy life are not all stumbles and sorrows.

As the movie said:

Marriage may be meaningless, but companionship does have meaning.

Accompany, make life better.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with being secular and step by step.

But from another perspective, if one day you meet people like Ryan who live a very ” light” life, don’t despise or spit on them.

Most importantly, please forgive their superficial behavior and leave without saying goodbye.

Because, just like the song in ” An He Qiao”:

I know,

Those summers,

Just like you, you can’t come back.

I can’t wait for anyone anymore.

I know,

The world,

There are too many regrets every day.