The invisible poor 

Some people live exquisitely on the surface –

Lipstick has a new color number. Buy it. The SLR produced a new lens and bought it. Idol Endorses New Products, buy buy Buy …

If you are too tired to work, take a taxi. After work too lost get fitness; I have to travel abroad after the holiday.

It looks delicate and exquisite, but in fact?

At the end of the month, they will eat the soil …

I have been working for many years, and my salary is no lower than that of my peers, but I can’t save any money. I have to repay my credit card every month and start a new month of ” borrowing” life.

The vicious circle of hidden poverty is: the more you earn, the more you spend.

Their favorite saying is: I want to buy XXX!

When I chopped my hands, I was very happy. When I returned my credit card at the end of the month …

So you are in a dilemma:

Buy it and eat dirt. Don’t buy, the in the mind uncomfortable.

Isn’t there a solution that has the best of both worlds?

The answer is – yes!

A good view of consumption can enable you to realize buy buy’s desire to buy and not eat at the end of the month ~

What is a good view of consumption?

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Any consumption includes basic services and spiritual services.

The basic service is a meal, one must be satisfied, one must not have loose bowels, one must be clothed, one must hide oneself from shame, wind and cold.

A house should be habitable and watertight. A door can prevent oneself from being killed at home to the greatest extent. A pair of shoes, to be able to walk …

Spiritual service means that I will get a certain sublimation after using something, which is similar to happiness, confidence, peace of mind, cow force, etc.

Before shopping, one must first understand oneself, not everyone’s character, and must be based on basic service before spiritual service.

The basic value of such things may be completely different for people with different personalities.

For example, some girls feel uncomfortable wearing high heels, but she doesn’t walk many roads every day, and she will overcome physical pain because of the psychological pleasure brought by high heels!

There are also people who don’t care whether they live in a fixed place or not in their natural character, but a car will feel free …

In fact, spending any sum of money is a small test to know oneself. No one is born to know oneself. Some of the money, after spending it, was found to be worthless and distressed, so it became tuition fees.

Since it may take several years for us to understand a subject systematically, it is quite normal for us to pay tuition fees in terms of consumption.

Personally, I now apply the principle that basic service comes first and spiritual service comes second.

Because I think spiritual service can be more fully satisfied through some of my own efforts and knowledge activities, after all, money is limited for me, so when I buy something, I will pay more attention to the core functions of such things themselves.

In terms of basic attributes, shopping is not only a vertical comparison process ( similar to why this pair of shoes is better than that pair of shoes ), but also a horizontal comparison when shopping.

For example, why do you need a pair of shoes? Many tuition fees are actually paid when you judge the consumption and forget the horizontal comparison.

In front of a pair of beautiful, discounted ” always have a chance to wear” shoes, sometimes I forget the essential problem, that is, in addition to the pleasure of buying and selling instant, this pair of shoes is actually not needed.

Although sometimes, many people think that money is earned just for spending, but sometimes the price of spending money is to feel in my heart that I cannot control my regret. This regret may be instantaneous ( after all, it can also be spent ), but it is not a taste to accumulate in my heart.

In addition to the basic attribute, it is the attribute of spiritual level or cultural level. This is the vertical comparison that accounts for the majority.

The same piece of steak is eaten at home, at chain stores, and at high-end western food shops at different prices.

Similarly, skin care products that have passed quality certification have different prices and brand awareness. One bag, one pair of shoes, one house, one car, one mobile phone …

At this time, every thing you buy will have a reason to buy him. Is this reason rational or emotional, is this reason spontaneous or brainwashed by business rules, is this reason permanent or ambiguous …

I think at such times, this reason is very personal, just like I asked you where the Mona Lisa painting looks good. There is no good or bad reason for any reason, so long as you like it.

At this time, tuition fees will also be paid.

For example, when I personally feel that I have both the capital and the desire to advance to the brand selection stage in some consumer goods, if my parents or friends and elders whom I like more from three perspectives find good brands useful, then I will continue to use the brands they appreciate ( this is the power of word of mouth! );

If they don’t have suggestions or understand them, they usually blindly choose a few trial products with similar prices, and then see if they are more comfortable and reluctant to change them. This is probably belong to the fate of the gens.

Of course, not every consumer product has the strength to choose a brand – if it does not have the strength, it will continue to depend on the basic practical value to judge ( for example, the house … ).

As far as the individual is concerned, before spending, it should be clearly established. I’m sure I know what I want, and then I’ll choose and buy ( instead of just browsing around and probably looking for a way of spending ).

In this way, both shopping experience and later use experience will be very good.

I think spending money and making money are equally important skills. Don’t underestimate money. In this world, there are not many people who have the strength to underestimate the charm of money. We ordinary people still believe in a word, money is a bridge to happiness, but we don’t live on a bridge.