You can save money so much. No wonder you are so poor.

When I first came up with the idea that saving money also leads to poverty, I was ” enlightened” by my cousin.

For the first time, two days before New Year’s Eve, supermarkets engaged in sales promotion activities, and queues took at least two hours at the back of the morning.

I advised him to say that the holiday is just a few days, very precious.

Cousin said, this time the supermarket to promote sales, only the opportunity is more rare.

Then, he spent the whole morning to win a promotion discount of several tens of yuan and said that he had taken advantage of it.

Unexpectedly, after the Spring Festival, my cousin delayed work for two days because he didn’t buy a ticket. The company fined 800 yuan and wrote a review.

The second time, I went out to eat noodles with my cousin, because the boss’s price was not clear, causing disputes.

The price list in the store is clearly written in black and white. Beef noodles are every bowl in 10 yuan.

But when the boss collected the money, he said that because the price of Spring Festival rose, it was every bowl in 15 yuan.

Cousin said that he did not accept the decision and felt that he had been cheated by the expensive food. Because of this difference of 5 yuan, I just openly challenged my boss.

Later, seeing more and more audiences, I didn’t want to spoil my mood because of this and handed the money to my boss 30 yuan.

The next day, my cousin had a bitter face and heartache over the 10 yuan and could not extricate himself.

When I asked my father my doubts,

The father said, because your cousin’s family was poor from an early age, he was used to it.

I thought to myself, I’m afraid this is not material poverty, but thinking poverty.

I know that we cannot choose our own birth or the favor of fate.

Poverty is not a sin. And the province, is taken for granted.

However, when you waste a whole morning’s vacation time queuing up for a supermarket promotion discount of several tens of dollars; When you fight with your boss for the price of two bowls of noodles, and you cannot let go for a long time.

Then you, unfortunately, have fallen into the thinking of the poor, which was widely discussed some time ago.

In the minds of the poor, the hardest thing to get rid of is to pay attention to ” saving money” in everything.

In the ” gourmet childe”, there is a passage like this:

Do you know the poor?

Poor people’s time is the least valuable. Sometimes they even want people to go into the garbage can.

They can be angry because it cost a penny more to buy a kilo of cabbage.

But it won’t hurt to waste a day.

This is the poor’s sad view of time.

I remember when I first came to Shanghai, I rented a small room in the outer ring because I thought the rent in the city was too high.

From home to company, it takes two hours to change buses and one subway.

At that time, I woke up in the dark at five or six o’clock every morning, and when I got home at night, it was often midnight.

Sacrifice 4 hours of precious time every day, endure the torture of getting up early and dark every day, and endure the crowds of subway and bus during the early rush hour every day.

In order to save only 1200 yuan per month rent difference.

However, in less than half a year, my work performance was a mess.

Fortunately, I soon discovered this wrong calculation.

I moved out of the Outer Rim, gritted my teeth and spent all my savings to pay the city’s rent, a ” huge sum” of three mortgages and one mortgage.

However, in the four extra hours, I used to read books, to restock dishes, to study and to recuperate.

Then what I received back was a rapid increase in my ability and a continuous doubling of my salary.

Then I understood a truth:

If you can solve it with money, don’t waste your time, especially when you can still struggle.

Writer Li Shanglong has a passage, saying it very well:

Have you ever thought that every time you buy vegetables and spend more than ten minutes with others for that few cents, it is better to do a good job and read a few pages and articles, which is a better investment.

Have you ever thought about whether you can watch a movie in the public class during this period of time when you spend hours frantically grabbing red packets to buy all kinds of discount products? This kind of slow growth will always enable you to afford all goods without discount.

It is because everyone uses the same 24 hours differently that some people are rich and some people are always poor.

You should know that the best treasure is to cherish time. The greatest waste is to waste one’s time.

Because money can only be money, while time can be exchanged for knowledge, vision, contacts and another possibility of life.

An article in ” Picking Up” once told a story:

When you were driving, you accidentally ran a red light and was stopped by the traffic police.

You see, the traffic police is an acquaintance, exchanging pleasantries, let you pass, save 50 yuan fine.

Once again, you took the wrong turn and were stopped by the traffic police, only to find it was him.

Therefore, by spending one more favor, you have saved 50 yuan’s fine.

However, after all, I had trouble with somebody else twice, so I couldn’t help but ask the traffic police friend to have a meal.

At the end of the meal, the cost far exceeded that of 100 yuan.

This is nothing, but he has a cheap mouth and asks, ” What are the younger siblings doing?”

Then a friend of the traffic police said, ” I don’t have much to do at home one day. why don’t you find a job?” Just give me some. ”

Therefore, you readily agreed at the moment.

As a result, less than three months later, the traffic police friend called:

” Eldest brother, you have to take good care of your staff. You can’t bully my daughter-in-law all the time. She didn’t go to college. That’s also a human being.”

First you said hello to the following people, but at last even you couldn’t bear it, so you called him:

” Let him go home. I’ll give her 2000 yuan a month.”

On hearing this, the other party was anxious: ” You look down upon my daughter – in – law ……”

As a result, you spent 24,000 yuan this year and offended your friends.

But if you hand in 50 yuan from the very beginning and don’t consume that one person, all the troubles behind this will not happen.

Most of the time, we owe the favor easily, but we have to repay it with things that are especially difficult for you.

As economist Yu Long said:

Because the essence of friendship is equivalent exchange.

The essence of human feelings is debt and responsibility.

So if you can solve it with money, don’t spend human feelings.

Because when you see human feelings as cheap, you will also become cheap.

Writer Li Shanglong in ” Why do you say to stay away from the” poor “? , wrote a story of his own experience.

When I was in college, I borrowed a friend of my roommate’s to make a phone call once when Li Shanglong’s cell phone had no electricity.

After saying thank you, Li Shanglong turned and left the dormitory.

But unexpectedly, the roommate chased him out and said seriously:

” Shang Long, you just played for two minutes. Please give me 50 cents.”

At first, I thought my roommate was joking, but when I saw his calm expression, Li Shanglong was surprised and stared at his roommate.

” Where do I give you fifty cents? Otherwise, I’ll treat you to lunch. ”

My roommate seriously thought about it and calculated it. when he found it was worth it, he said, ok.

This meal, eat very depressed, not a redundant words, not a look in the eyes.

After that, Li Shanglong and he did not have any intersection.

Later, I learned that the roommate’s family was relatively poor, and he was haggling over everyone, so everyone didn’t blame him very much. Of course, they ignored him.

As Li Shanglong summed up, because he is poor, not only is his family condition, he is poor, but also his vision and pattern.

This kind of short-term pattern, standing in the crowd, will infect, will make your world smaller, will pull you to the same height as him, will defeat you with rich experience.

Just like that roommate, he thought he took advantage of a few dollars, but he actually suffered more.

Because what is lost is the resources and reputation of so many friends, how much money will it take to earn it back?

In our life, such examples abound.

For example, if you have dinner with friends, and others invite you once or twice, it doesn’t matter, but for the fourth or fifth time, you don’t even have the action to pay for the bag, so your friends can see through you completely.

For example, if you buy vegetables in a vegetable market, because of the price difference of a kilo of cabbage and a few cents, you and the peddlers are all flushed and panting, while what you lose may be a good mood for a whole day.

You think you have taken advantage of the present, but what you have lost is the road and hope far away.

The poor people’s deep-rooted weakness is that they only see the current pattern of three-thirds of the land being short – sighted.

In fact, whether it is the ” poor thinking” often talked about in the past, or the ” scarcity mentality” often used in sociology, it is often inseparable from one characteristic:

The poor always try their best to save money before thinking about making money.

In the head of a rich man, he always thinks about how to make more money first and then how to make money.

As a result, there is a common saying: the rich are in various forms, while the poor are roughly the same.

So many times, how you look at the attitude of ” saving money” determines your thinking, your class, your poverty or wealth.