Seven Efficient Thinking Methods for People with a Monthly Salary of 100,000

Determining a person’s height is cognition, and determining a person’s cognition is thinking.

Today, I will share with you the methods of thinking training in the closet. High IQ people have the following thinking:

First, divergent thinking

Divergent thinking is to help you jump out of the problem itself, then pay attention to the problem and find out the relevance of the problem.

Divergent thinkers have super rich imagination. For example, Thailand’s advertisements are just like movies. A story that has no connection can be grafted onto advertisements naturally, and a product can be sold irresistibly.

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Learn to fall in love with Friedman, Keynes and Man Kun

Today is February 14, 2019. First of all, I wish everyone a happy Valentine’s Day.

In response, let’s gossip about the love of economists. Economists always have a lot of technical terms to explain the problem. Let’s imagine if there is such a problem in their minds – if love is Short? Why is there always the risk of Default for romantic vows taken the previous month? How can I find someone who will never make me feel Zero Interest-Rate?

Do economists have to be rational, calm and determined not to suffer? Not necessarily, there are exceptions. This article will say that five economists have different views on life and love.

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World’s 3rd and 4th Largest Economies Escape Technical Recession

Since the fourth quarter of last year, worries about the global economic slowdown have been on the rise.

In January this year, the International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) lowered its global economic growth forecast once again after three months. Factors such as trade friction are considered to be the triggering factors of the economic downturn, and export-oriented countries are facing great pressure. In the third quarter of last year, Japan, the world’s third largest economy, and Germany, the fourth largest economy, both experienced negative growth in gross domestic product ( GDP ) on a month-on-month basis, causing widespread concern. However, the latest data released today ( February 14 ) show that the performance of the two major economies has not continued to deteriorate.

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Knowing how to stop loss in time is the awareness you should have in your feelings.

A lifetime of one or two people and a long and lasting relationship are the most simple yearning in people’s hearts. Who does not want to grow old with his lover?

But falling in love is only the beginning of a relationship. It cannot guarantee everything.

Two people may have different views, or they may not get the approval of their families, or if you find yourself falling in love with the wrong person, the person who consumes you, or one of your zeal cannot warm up the person who does not love you.

At this time, if you refuse to let go because you can’t give up this love, in fact, this will only cause more and more damage to the two people.

Knowing it is wrong, but still refusing to let it go, this is the most common mistake many women make in their relationships.

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What can be solved with money must never take time.

Why is youth praised? Because youth is a lot of time. Some people squander their youth recklessly, while others make contributions at a young age.

Many people do not realize the value of time at all. In trivial daily life, the most valuable time that never comes back is easily wasted on some meaningless things because of petty profits.

Don’t let your time pass by on a trivial matter. This is the life experience of the past.

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