Being annoying is also a value.

Since I joined the work, I have been criticized by others: ” I don’t listen to what I say.” Hidden meaning is too straight, too sharp, too not turning, too offensive. For this reason, I have been worried for a long time. I have even been impulsive many times and want to buy all the speeches and eloquence I can find. when teaching materials are trained to change myself, I can improve my speaking level and be artistic.

Later, I found that eloquence is just like one’s own appearance. It is born, not something you can change if you want to. In desperation, I had to give up. I thought to myself: I am a frank person by nature, and I have spoken like this in my life. Change, I’m afraid there is no hope.

So, from now on I have no secret. I feel that when I speak, I will say what I have to say. Therefore, there are no fewer criminals and no fewer troubles.

Suddenly one day, the department manager came to me and said, ” QA is short of an engineer. I want you to try it.” I was dumbfounded. I really have not flattered myself, why is it my turn? Many years later, my former manager became the boss. One day when I was chatting, I asked how he discovered me at the beginning. He replied: ” I had an impression of you. Once, when I was chatting with boss Chen, he suddenly mentioned you and said that you were honest and had the opportunity to cultivate. So later, I paid special attention to you. ” In this way, I got the chance by mistake.

So, I went to work. Finding this position is really not a good place. The quality department, for its part, is a fault-finding department. It has to be corrected, prevented, and implemented. After the whole set of movements have been completed, they will have to run to track and verify them before they make any mistakes. Think about it, a person who makes mistakes for others can make others welcome him? With my outspoken and quick talk, offending people naturally has no suspense. At one time I was in great pain and wanted to resign.

Until one thing happened, I had a completely new understanding of this position and work. We have given a famous Japanese camera accessory. The first batch and the second batch of products have all passed and have already begun to turn into mass production. Once, when I was looking at the drawings, I suddenly found that there were two seemingly identical holes, which were actually different, one was slightly oval and the other was circular. But we did the same thing. Obviously, we did not find this slight difference, nor did our customers find it during the trial production. As a result, I immediately pointed out that the product was not qualified and the design and tools needed to be revised. To this end, a quality and production, engineering three departments of the war broke out, the three department managers noisy joy. In the end, we stopped at the vice president and decided not to change the decision and continued to deliver the goods. Unfortunately, when we shipped the goods to the third month, the customer found out. The customer found out when testing and analyzing the market response problems after the products were sold in small batches and completely installed. As a result, all the products above 500K previously produced need to be reworked. But at that time, the products had already been distributed from Hong Kong to three companies in Malaysia and Japan for assembly, and the company had to spend huge sums of money to have people go to these two countries for rework.

The new position for themselves. Some things, to do well, you have to make others hate. For example, at least let those who make up for the number and work poorly see that you are uncomfortable. If he sees you comfortable or listens to you like a spring breeze, you have no value in existence. At least, your post and you in this post are worthless. In other fields as well, we must at least make those who do poorly, those who don’t know how to pretend to understand, and those who earn nothing become uncomfortable when seeing you.

In contrast, whether our language is direct or tactful, and whether our expression skills are better or worse are not the most important issues. What matters is whether you have done the right thing. Yes, the art of improving expression is something we have to practice all our lives. However, compared with those gifted orators and communicators, it is useless for us to work hard for several lifetimes. Even if you are promoted, other people will criticize you for not doing well in other areas. In this way, you will find that you have lost yourself instead of becoming the person expected by others all your life. Rather than this, it is better to keep the shortcomings, to exert the advantages and to be an imperfect self.

I am not greedy or waiting. I find the right person and decide. I don’t like to keep my eyes fixed. My time is unlimited. I want to live better with another person with unlimited time. Instead of using my life to find a better person. The one who stays beside me is the best.

Remember, don’t let survival trample on your original ideas and secrets.

Yang Jiang said that we had been so eager for the waves of fate that we finally discovered that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calm and serenity … We had been so eager for the approval of the outside world that we finally realized that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others.

Defending one’s true feelings, one does not need to curry favor with others and blend into the community to brush off the sense of being. To maintain a unique temperament and inner abundance, in the eyes of others, it has another special charm.

I hope you can always maintain your original heart, have independent thoughts and souls, and live your life the way you like, without trying to fit in with others to prove your value.

Don’t wronged yourself for anyone. Humility is not what you deserve. Remember the principle that your left hand holds your principle and your right hand holds your heart. Life, there is no if. Life cannot be assumed, nor can it be restarted. What can be bought with money is actually not precious. The bridge built with status is actually not solid.


Let yourself live with confidence and dignity, let yourself live diligently and upward.

Let yourself live a compassionate and virtuous life, let yourself live a steady and steady life.

Let yourself live with elegant taste and extraordinary temperament.

Let oneself live relaxed and happy, let oneself live poetically romantic,

Let yourself live sensibly and politely.

Let yourself live clearly, let yourself live well.

Let yourself live your dream come true, let yourself live irreplaceable.

The greatest thing in the world,

It is a person who knows how to be his own master.