I wish to spend my youth in beautiful writing.

” If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris when you were young, she will be with you wherever you go in the rest of your life, because Paris is an irregular holy festival.” Hemingway wrote affectionately in a 1950 letter to a friend.

Hemingway has reason to cherish Paris, the world famous art capital, because he spent the most precious five years of his life here when he was young.

He began his hard writing career here, and he and his first wife were helped by many famous writers and poets in the days of poverty. He eventually wrote a number of excellent novels such as ” Big Double Heart River” and ” The Sun Also Rises”. He began to emerge in the literary world and laid a solid spiritual foundation for the continuous writing of good works in the future.

” Paris is always worth your visit, no matter what you bring her, you will always get something in return.” For this reason, Hemingway resolutely wrote down this ” we are still very poor but also very happy” early life in Paris in 1957 under the condition that his body and mind were severely damaged in his later years. This is also a reward for the city of Paris.

Because this period of time is very beautiful, Hemingway wrote very patiently and meticulously, which can be called meticulous work. It took him three years to write this little book of nearly 130,000 words, ” The Unfixed Sacred Festival”. This memoir, which can be called a quasi – novel, contains many meaningful philosophies and interesting anecdotes.

It can be used not only as a ” writing guide” for young people who are interested in writing, but also as a ” life guide” for petty bourgeoisie to taste the unique ways of love, making friends and working.

Friendly celebrities

Reading these meaningful and poetic words, you will feel a cool mountain stream flowing through your heart. Famous poets and writers such as ezra Pound, Toth Eliot, Joyce and Scott Fitzgerald will come to you one by one.

They don’t have the lofty, mysterious and pretentious airs of so-called celebrities, but they are as kind as your close friends. You can appreciate their extremely vivid side. This is Hemingway’s credit. His brilliant writing has written the ” human” side of these celebrities. It is because they have so many lovely human radiances that they can achieve such high attainments in art.

Ezra Pound is well-known for his warm heart. ” He is willing to help anyone, whether he trusts them or not, as long as they are in trouble.”

Later, Toth Eliot, who is famous for his poem ” The Waste Land”, was working in a London bank at that time. He did not have enough time and ” could only play the role of a poet at an inappropriate time”. Pound was very worried about him. He suggested that everyone donate some money to free Eliot from that bank so that Eliot could concentrate on writing poems and give full play to his talent.

However, Scott Fitzgerald, who wrote ” The Great Gatsby”, a work that even the proud Hemingway sincerely admired, can only describe his performance in daily life with ” hurry – scurry”. He lacks the ability to cope with complex changes, and he doesn’t know how to restrain himself. He is addicted to alcohol. What’s worse, he has become an unfortunate short-lived writer by sharing a beautiful but vain wife who is finally insane.

He took what his deranged wife said seriously, believing that he could not win women’s favor because of ” size” problems, and asked Hemingway to help him verify it. It is probably because of his naive spirit that his works become acute and profound.

A caring wife

What is even more amazing is that you can read Hemingway’s own experience of seeing his first wife through thick and thin. Hemingway married four times in his life, which inevitably gives the impression of being a ” lecherous”. The last three wives were all found after he became famous. They more or less tasted of ” enjoying the benefits”. Hemingway, who is extremely intelligent, knows this well. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that he is deeply attached to his first wife.

In the last work he wrote in his lifetime and modified by himself, the unfixed holy festival, Hemingway wrote in great detail about the wife, her beauty, her kindness, her strength, her wisdom, her happiness in poverty. it can be said that without her understanding and silent dedication, Hemingway’s fame would have been postponed for many years or would never have become famous.

At that time, Hemingway was penniless, and his first wife, Hadley Richardson, loved him only for himself, not for anything else. Such love was pure and sincere. Therefore, when he broke up with Hadley, he gave Hadley the title of ” The Sun Also Rises” and said that the royalty of the book was also due to her in return for their common struggle.

At the end of the memoir there is such a mixed feeling: ” when the train finally pulled into the station by piles of logs, I saw my wife again. she was standing by the railway track. I think I would rather die than love anyone but her. She is smiling. The sun shines on her face tanned by snow and sunshine. She is beautiful. Her hair looks red and golden in the sun. It grew up all winter. It is not decent but beautiful … ” If you read here from the beginning of this book, I believe you will have the impulse to shed tears, because soon after this meeting, the two caring couples will go their separate ways.

A highly inspiring view of writing

For young people who are interested in writing, Hemingway’s opinions on writing in this book are very instructive.

” Writing can cure almost everything.” Hemingway said. Proust had a similar view: ” writing is good for physical and mental health.” Writing can make people noble, compassionate, hopeful, open-minded and happy. In a word, writing can make life better. Only by establishing this belief can you love writing and never give up.

” In Paris, no matter how poor you are, you always have time to read, just like you have a great treasure house.” Hemingway said. We all know that Hemingway is a famous writer who writes about his own experience, so that we all have the illusion that Hemingway can write freely because of his rich life experience.

Hemingway, on the other hand, admitted that he is a diligent reader. He has read most of the works of Turgenev, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky and others. Judging from his accurate evaluation of these senior writers, he has made great efforts in reading. Culture is inherited. Writers who do not study will not make much progress.

Of course, for a person who is interested in writing continuously, there is another very important point: ” You must exercise regularly,” Hemingway, as strong as a bull, said with a smile. If only Lu Yao and others had read this sentence.