Knowing how to stop loss in time is the awareness you should have in your feelings.

A lifetime of one or two people and a long and lasting relationship are the most simple yearning in people’s hearts. Who does not want to grow old with his lover?

But falling in love is only the beginning of a relationship. It cannot guarantee everything.

Two people may have different views, or they may not get the approval of their families, or if you find yourself falling in love with the wrong person, the person who consumes you, or one of your zeal cannot warm up the person who does not love you.

At this time, if you refuse to let go because you can’t give up this love, in fact, this will only cause more and more damage to the two people.

Knowing it is wrong, but still refusing to let it go, this is the most common mistake many women make in their relationships.

The meeting between two people really needs to be treasured, but if the relationship falls apart and the marriage is tottering, it also needs to stop.


On November 25, Jia Jingwen and Jiekai Xiu, who had been registered for three years, went through their wedding ceremony in Bali. Their three daughters and over 100 relatives and friends witnessed their sweet moments. During the swearing-in ceremony, the two wept bitterly and the contents of the oath touched countless people.

People found that Jia Jingwen, who is over 40 years old and has experienced so many changes in his life, is not at all embarrassed, but exudes a kind of elegant beauty of harmony between husband and wife, family and beauty.

But if we look back on Jia Jingwen’s past life story, you will find that his happy life is not a success in one day.

As we all know, Jia Jingwen once had a rich and powerful marriage with dog blood. At that time, she thought she was married to love. Unexpectedly, after marriage, her husband Sun Zhihao exposed her ugly face.

In the face of sexual immorality, frequent infidelity and domestic violence, and even her husband who was drinking and dancing with Spice Girls in nightclubs the day before she gave birth, Jia Jingwen, in order to be free and dignified, did not make do with it, but resolutely escaped from that miserable marriage, and even fought back her daughter’s custody at the price of 26 million yuan.

There is an idiom called ” a strong man cuts off his wrist”. it says that a brave man’s wrist was bitten by a poisonous snake. in order not to let the poison spread to his whole body, the brave man immediately cut off his wrist. this is not only courage, but also wisdom of life.

Only by daring to give up and knowing how to stop loss in time can we have a better life.

When outsiders feel sorry for Jia Jingwen, she has been able to give up the sunk cost in exchange for a new life, preferring to break up rather than survive. This is Jia Jingwen who knows how to stop losses in time.

Having loved scum men and divorced, so what, Jia Jingwen, who was able to support his own life, has become the envy of the whole world.

Jia Jingwen’s emotional experience tells us that if you meet the wrong person, you will have a chance to find the right one. Even if you are single all your life, it is better than being trapped in an unfortunate marriage. It is the best policy for a woman to regain her happiness by not pestering her with bad things and stopping in time.

Jia Jingwen remarried and was able to marry a man who deeply loved and cherished herself. This luck did not fall from heaven, but she knew that even if she stopped, she could meet and grasp a good match.


However, some women are unwilling to get returns after giving, preferring to struggle in a bad marriage, spending half their lives with someone they do not love, rather than letting go of a loveless relationship.

Liu Shufen is such a woman in the movie ” No Questions to the West and East”.

Liu Shufen is a worker. Her husband Xu Bo is often a high school language teacher. Her husband is very friendly to foreigners and is respected by students and neighbors, but he is only indifferent to her.

In fact, in their early years, they were also conjugal lovers. The air was sweet when they were together. When they were deeply moved, Xu said that he wanted to marry Liu for a lifetime.

In his early years, Xu Bo often came from a poor family. Liu Shufen offered him a college education. After graduating from university, Xu Bochang felt that the gap between Liu Shufen and himself was getting wider and wider. He proposed to withdraw his marriage. Liu Shufen went to Xu Bochang’s office with a knife and forced him to die. Finally, he forced the marriage.

Xu Bo was often very dissatisfied with the marriage and filed for divorce many times, but Liu Shufen refused. She always insisted: ” You said you would live with me for a lifetime.”

In the end, Liu Shufen jumped into the well in despair after suffering the cold violence that Xu Bo often used to kill without seeing blood.

Knowing that this is a marriage without love, Liu Shufen still believes in death and refuses to let go. This is also the main reason for her tragedy.

Many women in the world are like Liu Shufen. They are unwilling to give up because they have too many feelings.

Obviously, I don’t love her, but I still don’t know how to turn around. I would rather spend it in my marriage than let go of a tragic marriage. In fact, this is very unwise.

The longer you indulge in a loveless relationship, the deeper the damage to yourself, and the ultimate pain, it is still you who waste your life!

You will never wake a person who pretends to sleep, and you will never impress a person who does not love you.

Two people have no love, consumedly square square choose to separate timely stop loss, is better than together twist baba unhappy, timely stop loss is in reconciliation with yourself, and reconciliation with the world.


Yi Zhongtian said: If life is in the wrong direction, stopping is progress.

Smart women all know how to stop losses in time in their feelings. This is not only responsible for their life, but also for their own life.

Some feelings, the deeper the depression, the deeper the injury, the more at this time, the more to cut the Gordian knot, long pain than short pain.

Mao Xiaotong didn’t cry when he found out that his boyfriend Chen Xiang was cheating. Instead, he called his assistant with tears in his eyes, packed up his things quickly and moved away. It only took four hours!

If you cheat, I will break up. I will never give you the chance to hurt me again. This decisive turn, quick break-up and neat and generous character make people feel good about her.

There’s nothing wrong with loving someone, and it doesn’t matter if you love someone wrong. The most terrible thing is that you clearly know that you love the wrong person and still have fantasies. You have been entangled with each other all the time, and ultimately it’s only you who are hurt.

Smart women, who know the true meaning of love, are not afraid to meet a rotten person, nor are they afraid to meet two rotten people. As long as they stop their losses in time and get out of the mire of feelings, they will not be trapped in a helpless situation!

Just like Mao Xiaotong’s decisive move, she will not lose more because she stops her losses in time.

The best feeling is wishful thinking, the worst feeling is mutual torture. If you don’t meet the feelings of wishful thinking, it is better to get out in time and turn away happily than to torture each other in the worst feelings.

During the long journey of life, we will inevitably go wrong and love the wrong people. However, mistakes are not terrible. It is good to stop losses in time. We do not have to punish ourselves for others’ mistakes.

Knowing how to stop loss in time is a must for every woman who is groping in her feelings. She must have some consciousness and not waste her whole life for someone who has changed her mind.