Learn to use condoms correctly

On the International Day of the Condom, which is celebrated on February 13 , the Anti-AIDS Foundation – the United States invites Kyiv residents and guests of the capital to Taras Shevchenko Park . From 9:30 to 15:00 everyone can take an HIV test for free , get condoms and … learn how to use them.

It turns out that according to the research, 41 Percent of the respondents do it wrong. The question “Do you know how to use a condom?” The majority replies in the affirmative. Nevertheless, the result of a survey on Google showed that 620 thousand participants believe that the condom can be reused.

Specialists who will conduct testing on February 13 are ready to dispel the myths concerning this popular latex product.

The organizers also prepared an original project – an art installation with elements of reality from the famous Ukrainian artist Vladimir Belokon. How it looks, only those who attend the event and see the installation with their own eyes will recognize it.

Earlier, FACTS reported that a condom is the most effective weapon in the context of the current fight against sexually transmitted diseases.

Meanwhile, British scientists have developed the world’s first intelligent condom, which is able to assess a person’s sexual abilities.