Making money is only for a moment.

Today, I share 4 small stories, but there is great power behind this small story. Because it can completely trigger your business thinking and bring you a different perspective. And more importantly, these little stories all reflect the human nature of consumers. If you understand human nature, you will understand marketing.


Make money in a flash, 4 stories trigger your business thinking!
Once upon a time there was a miser who never gave anything to others. The last thing he likes is: ” Give something …”

One day, he accidentally fell into the river. his friend wanted to pull him up and shouted: ” give me your hand, give me your hand!”

Hearing this, the man muttered, he didn’t want to give anything to anyone, and refused to stretch out his hand. My friend was worried and cried out one after another, ” Give me your hand.” But he would rather struggle than give him his hand.

Fortunately, my friend knew him better and knew that he had this habit. He immediately had a brainwave and shouted, ” Take my hand, take my hand.” This talent held out his hand and took his friend’s hand.


” Give it to me” or ” Take it”? This is a problem that we should first consider when running a business. Have you been expressing ” give me your money” to customers? Customers, like the stingy one above, are willing to struggle with pain and dissatisfaction and are unwilling to give us money.

But would it be better if we said to our customers, ” take my product”? Customers should be more willing to experience your products and buy your products.

” Give it to me” or ” Take it”? This is a question, and it is also a question of whether a shrewd businessman can design a transaction and a business model from the perspective of customers.

From another angle, the career will suddenly open up.


Make money in a flash, 4 stories trigger your business thinking!
When we traveled to the countryside, we saw an old farmer shoveling the fodder for cattle to the eaves of a small hut. We were surprised and asked.

” Father – in – law, why don’t you put the grass that feeds the cow on the ground for it to eat?”

The old farmer said, ” This kind of grass is not good in quality. If I put it on the ground, it will not care. But I put it on the eaves that it can barely reach, and it will try to eat it until it has eaten all the fodder.


After reading this story, what will be a product in your mind? Xiaomi mobile phone! Yes, Lei Jun is the old farmer. Put millet cell phones on the eaves so that you can barely reach them and you can’t stop wanting to reach them.

Those that are easy to get will be thrown away. It’s too hard to get, some people give up after fighting for a while. People will be pleasantly surprised and cherish only what they can get reluctantly or accidentally.

This reminds me of another thing.

One of my clients, who runs a clothing store, made a lot of vouchers when opening and distributed them free everywhere. The results showed that the conversion rate was surprisingly low and very few people came.

She couldn’t understand why she hired a team to hand out leaflets, but the results were not good. I told her: ” People will not treasure what they get easily.”

So we came up with a way to sell these vouchers instead of giving them away. God, are we selling vouchers? This is so funny! But facts have proved us right!

How do you sell it? We found convenience supermarkets, beauty salons, hair salons and various shops that can reach young women. Tell their shop assistants that our coupons are for them to sell, and all the money they get from selling is theirs.

By selling coupons, we find that the probability of people coming to the store is greatly increased. Maybe people just spent 5 yuan’s money to buy a voucher for 100 yuan, but this 5 yuan money will encourage him to come to the store to spend.

Want customers to remember you? You can change the way to let the customer give some for you and give some easily. Customers will think about their own efforts, thus thinking about you!

” Convenience” or ” Temptation”, use it artistically!


Make money in a flash, 4 stories trigger your business thinking!
There are two small shops selling porridge.

The one on the left and the one on the right have the same daily customer flow, but when it comes to settling accounts at night, the one on the left always earns more than 100 yuan more than the one on the right. Every day.

To find out, I walked into the porridge shop on the right. The service lady welcomed me in with a smile and filled me with a bowl of porridge. Ask me: ” With or without eggs?” I said plus. So she added an egg to me.

Every time a customer comes in, the waiter asks, ” with or without eggs?” There are those who say ” plus” and those who say ” no”, each accounting for about half.

I walked into the small shop on the left again. The service lady also welcomed me in with a smile and filled me with a bowl of porridge. Ask me: ” Add one egg or two eggs?” I smiled and said, ” Add one.”

When another customer came in, the waiter asked again, ” One egg or two eggs?” Those who like to eat eggs require two more and those who do not require one more. There are also requirements that are not added, but very few. At the end of the day, the small shop on the left will sell many more eggs than the one on the right.


In fact, if you look closely, this is only the difference of one sentence, but in the end it has produced different results. Different service concepts and service methods will inevitably produce different results. Simply put, when you go to buy a car, if the salesman asks, ” Sir, are you here to buy a car?” Then you will definitely hesitate between buying a car or looking at it. if the salesman asks, ” sir, what color do you want to buy?” Then at this time, your subconscious mind is already that you want to buy a car, just struggling with color. Similarly, in the above story, the waiter asked, ” with or without eggs?” , your choice is ” add” or ” do not add”, and the waiter asked ” add one egg or two eggs?” At that time, your subconscious is already adding eggs, just hesitating between ” one” and ” two”. This tells us that when we leave room for others, we must strive for more territory for ourselves. Only in this way can we win quietly.


Make money in a flash, 4 stories trigger your business thinking!
There was a rich man and a man lived in a mansion. As I get older, I want to go back to my hometown to live. I play cards and chess with other old people. I have a companion in my heart.  

So he wanted to sell the mansion. A lot of rich people have seen this luxurious house, and when they come to see it, there are endless offers.

One day, a young man came to see the house and praised it after seeing it. The rich man asked him, ” Have you decided to buy it? How much do you want? ”

The young man said to the old man, ” Yes, I’d like to buy it, but I only have 1000 pounds.”

The rich man thought to himself: how can I sell it to you?

The young man thought for a moment and said to the rich man, ” I really decided to buy it. Can we discuss another purchase plan? ”

The rich man said, ” Tell me about your plan”. The young man said, ” I am willing to give you all my 1000 pounds. You sold me the house. At the same time, I would like to invite you to live in this house together. You don’t need to move out. And I will treat you like a grandfather, take care of you and accompany you. ”

The young man went on to say, ” When you sell your house to someone else, all you get is some money, and the money is dispensable to you. You are rich enough. If you sell me the house, you will reap a pleasant old age, a filial grandson and the warmth of the family. In the future, I want you to witness my wedding and the birth of my baby. Let him accompany you and make you laugh. ”

You can choose to get some dispensable money, or you can choose to get a warm home and a happy old age.

The rich man listened quietly to his story. The young man in front of him was so sincere and firm. He was waiting for his choice. Money, he has earned enough in his life, chasing money also makes him tired, happiness is what he wants.

Three days later, the rich man sold the house to the young man and they lived happily together.


What do your clients really want? Only when you understand the customer’s heart can you approach the customer.

You can easily maintain a relationship with customers by communicating with them attentively and becoming ” bosom friends” with them. Customers are also willing to spend money here!

Of course, we can also see from this story that this young man is very good at using his unique value – company. Do you find that originally you thought you had nothing, ordinary you can live in a dream mansion as long as you know how to tap your own value and make good use of your own advantages!