Psychosis, stress and even diarrhea: doctors told how love can harm health

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, medical specialists decided to share their views on how love affects the body and human health. At the same time, they argue that love is not always an exceptionally bright feeling, it can also harm. This writes the Russian edition of “Medikforum”.

For example, psychiatrists compare love with psychosis. A person who is in love has his critical, rational thinking turned off, and he is able to do things that can end up harming himself .

Thus, the famous Russian psychiatrist Yevgeny Kovalev believes that these changes occur due to changes in the hormonal background in the human body. During the outbreak of love in the adrenal glands, the neurotransmitter dopamine, also known as the hormone of happiness, is intensively produced.

And in the book “The Chemistry of Love”, authored by American scientists Larry Young and Brian Alexander, it is claimed that dopamine affects the critical thinking of people, making them actually more stupid . Also, this hormone impairs the work of the prefrontal cortex, which weakens control over sexual desires. Therefore, it is very easy to manipulate a man in love.

At the same time, another psychotherapist Alexander Poleev notes that strong love can affect human health in the same way as stress and cause some harm.

“There is an increase in the work of the kidneys, an increase in the sensitivity of the bladder, and an increased urge for urination. Sometimes it affects the large intestine occurs diarrhea ” – said the expert.

In turn, the cardiologist Yury Kremnev adds that love can physiologically and harm the heart. For example, it increases the risk of coronary heart disease and myocardial infarction.

“The positive and negative stress that strong love can turn into is equally harmful to the body. It activates the pulse, violates the rhythm, increases blood pressure. At the same time, the heart is working for wear, ” the doctor shared his opinion.

As previously reported by FACTS, in an interview with our publication, a psychologist, Ph.D. Tatiana Zaporozhets stated that love is one of the basic human needs. And this is not only the love of a man for a woman, but also the love of a child for parents, parents for children.