The natural enemy of investment is oneself.

When I was at school, I watched romantic chicken soup. It said that fate ” if you take an early step, you will miss it.” A late step is a pity. ” The lovers in the relationship are crazy, sad, sad, regretful, mad …

Now think about investment is the same reason, the reason is the same.

Investment is looking for objects. People who have no chance to find opportunities and have their own jobs will also like the new and dislike the old. Seeing other people making investments ” the red flag inside the wall does not fall, while the colorful flags outside the wall are fluttering”, I feel that I also need to have a ” lover” to catch the opportunity to have a good time. Then regardless, just embrace a ” opposite sex”, whether it’s fate or not. As a result, just like the love and marriage market, there are more people who can’t afford to fail, more people who steal chickens can’t afford to lose their rice, and new investments have not done a good job, which has affected their own work at home. ” It” has hurt you, and you want to catch it crazily, to save it, to cry to ” master” and let them tell you the way …

Opportunities are fleeting. Real opportunities are very scarce and should be taken into consideration. In fact, just like falling in love, we should learn to let ourselves go. If we miss it, we should also learn to let go.

I saw such a picture on the Internet that day:

I think so. Every day backstage contact with all kinds of friends, really think everyone’s patience is declining now. Much like the dating market today, I was thinking of discussing marriage right away. If you don’t read the article, just look at the title and start quoting out of context. As a result, with the public number as the carrier, everyone just passed by and there was little chance. Then our content actually loses its meaning. This is very realistic and very helpless.

But this is very normal, fate, but very precious.

1. Natural enemies

Are we talking about fate today? Is it about love and marriage? No, no, I’m talking about investment.

The friends around you are not single, but you can never meet the right person. We will all persuade him to ” change your stinking habits,” ” you have to go out and don’t be too curtilage,” ” you have to be friendly to people,” ” you have to open yourself up and don’t live in the past.” …..

What are we talking about? It is in our human nature that we are greedy, angry and vexed. With the passage of time, these things will become invisible forces blocking fate.

Investment also needs predestination. Then we should do a good job in investment, that is, we should try our best to avoid blocking fate.

This natural enemy is either others or ourselves. The greed, hatred, delusion, slow suspicion, resentment, anger and vexation in our character.

For example, when an opportunity arises, she appears in front of you like a graceful lover, waving to you:

You will be greedy: I like ” her” very much, it is true love. Do it, copy the guy, mortgage to borrow money and gamble. However, it is necessary to have excellent psychological quality to place heavy bets. There is no wave of war, everyone knows that there are one, two, three echelons. Then you will be angry: this is my chance to turn over in my life. how come none of them understand me? I feel so wronged. ” One thought makes one angry, one million barriers open”, irrational. Then you will be crazy: you SB, you all don’t understand me, I and ” she” are sincere, do you understand? I think I’m right, everyone else is wrong, and everyone else is not as smart as I am. Don’t say anything, I know what I’m doing. Then you will be slow: treat others with arrogance and start to look down on others. Wait, if we are successful, we will hit you in the face. Let me tell you this Loser, what is success? In the end, you may wonder: ah? Why do they still advise me that he has no intention? Are you trying to cheat me of my money? Do you want to dig my corner? Is it hard to see me?
A sum of money is thrown out without sufficient argument, living in one’s own inherent thinking, not listening to voices, not listening to other people’s views, and being the only one who is privileged. However, investment is just like love. There is very little success in this world. Most of the time, you think you can grow old together and meet the right person. As a result, things turn out to be bad and things end in discord.

Then, resentment, anger and vexation began to hinder the new fate. Just like every round of real estate cycle, some people start to complain about the weather and others start to hate this and that, exasperated and irritated. The new mood blindfolded, blocked by the previous fate, tried to retain, seize, and find out the real culprit …

During the Chinese New Year, a friend asked me, ” Why didn’t you bring the stock market to 10,000 points, and speculation in individual stocks made me suffer so much?” ” Why did real estate harvest me?” What really makes me ponder is not the stock market and housing market. But why do you want to pull it up for you? Who are you? Don’t you understand what is written in the real estate document? Is the market in your eyes the same as the market in the eyes of the government?

In investment, there are good skills. It’s a pity that many people are not skilled in art, and Tao is also missing.

In the investment, the biggest natural enemy is ourselves. Our self – solidified thinking, our self-thinking way.

2. Overall situation

Some people often leave messages such as ” you rice baskets are always very pessimistic, becoming more and more boring”, ” what’s the matter with you? One moment is very optimistic, another moment is very pessimistic, how to change “.

In the past, I always did not understand why some people like landscape painting and some people even hang a painting at home. It was mostly arty. Later, by chance, I turned to a book entitled ” A Brief History of Chinese Aesthetics”, which said that the Chinese view of mountains and waters is the Chinese view of the universe and philosophy.

Suddenly I had a feeling that painting is the carrier.

For example, in this picture, the rocks on the cliff are like knives chopping and hammering, giving the viewer the feeling of danger. Looking from the top of the mountain, the distance is full of clouds and mist, and the mountains are covered with black clouds and mist.

In the majestic mountains, a line of streams secretly flowed out of the mountain stream and ran into the great river.

So how do we appreciate this painting? Pessimists see mountain ranges and dangers. Optimists see the majestic atmosphere, and canoes have crossed thousands of mountains. But whether optimistic or pessimistic, is it the whole picture? No, neither. This is all about dots, not noodles. The combination of the two is the whole picture.

The same is true of our articles and investments. The world is a picture scroll that cannot be seen through. We are just touching the elephant for the blind. You touch the ear and I touch the nose in order to find out the truth as much as possible.

Taking risks means being pessimistic? Opportunity means optimism? Linear thinking, narrow vision, black or white thinking. The road ahead is not straight, it is tortuous and bumpy. There is joy at the end and adventure on the way. This is the normal world.

We always hope to describe complicated processes by simple words. We turn a blind eye to these things.

Investment is very hard. Investing in this road is very simple, but it is not easy. We must constantly break, constantly adapt and constantly learn. The eternal enemy is ourselves.

During the Spring Festival, I kept reflecting on myself, how it seems that I have become more and more ” superstitious” and more and more believe in things that cannot be explained or cleared up.

Many friends came because of the excitement and dispersed because of the silence. Investment, writing articles and finding objects are all fate in the end. I can only comfort myself by saying ” follow the fate”.