What can be solved with money must never take time.

Why is youth praised? Because youth is a lot of time. Some people squander their youth recklessly, while others make contributions at a young age.

Many people do not realize the value of time at all. In trivial daily life, the most valuable time that never comes back is easily wasted on some meaningless things because of petty profits.

Don’t let your time pass by on a trivial matter. This is the life experience of the past.

1, can use money to solve never spend time

Learn to outsource, get used to spending some money and let more professional people help you do things they are better at than you are.

Housework is a waste of time. Please hire a part-time worker as soon as possible. If your family is rich or well – paid, please hire a personal assistant as soon as possible. No matter how good the dish you spend 3 hours cooking, there will be no authentic dish made by the master of the shop on the corner downstairs.

Tell yourself these are small money in the future, and don’t waste time saving a few small money.

2, to ” bo”, but also to ” special”

In the student age, people with a wide range of knowledge are more likely to be positively encouraged.

But in the early stages of a career, what is needed is to find one’s own professional field and drill down.

There are already too many empty talkers in this world. What is scarce is a craftsman who makes an extreme of a thing.

After choosing the right direction, you should stick to it and immerse yourself in a special field.

3. to too many meaningless social Say No

In the name of so-called ” networking”, many people participate in a large number of social activities happily. Compared with the time invested, the income obtained is very limited. On the whole, it is still a loss-making business.

A lot of time is wasted on people who have no meaning or value, and the lost opportunity cost is incalculable.

4. Spend more time on the elderly

You will soon find that as you get busier and busier, as you meet your significant other in your life, you will meet the elderly less and less often. When you realize this, you will wake up suddenly. The remaining number of times you meet the elderly may be counted by both hands.

A meal every year and a few innocuous greetings may be the greatest expectation and expectation of the old people for the rest of their lives.

Especially those traveling thousands of miles away from home, every gathering is a countdown. If the old people live one more day, they will live one less day. Don’t wait until you receive a sudden emergency call one day in the future to make you suddenly regret.

5. Eat better and be more expensive. Health is the best investment.

Many of our eating habits are not reasonable. We take in too many sugars and carbohydrates. Moreover, most young people nowadays give up breakfast just because they have to stay in bed.

A few years after graduation, if there is a reunion, you will find that there are always several boys in each class, their bodies bulging like balloons, shocking the circle of friends.

Eat some really good ingredients and don’t mistreat your body. This may be one of the most cost-effective investments in your income.

6, did not find a really good field, to start a business Say No

In the absence of any industry experience, the vision of college students is very narrow. 10 college students are locked in the house for a week, and the last ideas that can be written down are nothing more than those such things as milky tea gifts to take out, free board games vouchers, flower shops, bookstores, cafes, etc.

Starting from a low starting point, coupled with students’ limited execution and funds, it is easy to make the pattern smaller and smaller.

If you want to start a business, the platform and moat must be high, instead of messing around in the red sea where dogs fight.

7. I will not set any rules for the future partner.

It is the common fantasy of people who have never talked about love to think that love can be quantified. Anyone who has talked about it knows that it is meaningless to use 12345 as a criterion for choosing a spouse.

People who do not attend school tend to overestimate the significance of many things. For example, the brand of the school and the fame of the job, but after a few years, these things were found to be meaningless for the complicated life.

People who have not been polished by the society will feel that choosing a mate is an examination. They are examiners of each other. Only when they have truly experienced the love can they know that choosing a mate is a struggle. It is their greed, greed and greed that they fight against.

9, to deliberately curry favor with the opposite sex Say No

Too many young girls claim that they need to spoil.

But to be honest, which man can’t play tricks? But who can maintain this level for a long time in the long-term life? Who can ignore the actual cost?

How many days can these tricks be played if there is no perseverance to keep the heat from dropping, no sufficient resources to support long-term costs, no expectation of diminishing marginal returns for girls, and no correct estimation of one’s fatigue curve?

One day it is found that it cannot be maintained, that is, the gap. Once there is a gap, it is worse than not playing tricks.

On the emotional road, sustainability must be taken into account.

10, expression ability I will focus on training

All the people who feel unable to be understood by the people around them because of their ” divergent thinking” or ” jumping out of ideas” are ultimately limited in their ability to express themselves.

Many otaku and otaku don’t say a few words to the people around them for a day. After a few years, they can’t even speak coherently and smoothly.

Only by practicing expression and how to explain what you know to others can empathy be implanted into each other’s heart. There will be fewer and fewer so-called ” unique feelings or moods” that cannot be described by words and are unique to you.

This will bring immeasurable benefits to your development.

11. learn to Say No to classmates’ gathering.

If you mix well, you will feel intuitively that you are constantly being asked for value in this kind of reunion. Each cosseted face stated ” everyone, let me take advantage”.

If you mix badly, then attending is a kind of torture, and every party is a declaration of ranking. But unlike being humiliated at the bottom of the scores list when you were studying, now you can choose not to take part in this kind of competition and let the winner’s superior punch hit the air.

In fact, I like the first sentence best. If you can solve it with money, try not to spend time on it, because when you get to the back, you will find that the time you spend will become less and less valuable!