The Boundary between Life Realm and Human Nature

When you come to the seaside for the first time and look at the waves from afar, you will be speechless. Staring at the sky at night with stars and bright eyes, you will be silent. This is because the vastness of the sea and the depth of the starry sky are beyond the limits of your understanding and imagination, so that you cannot find a suitable language to express the shock and emotion they cause in your heart. When you write about Wittgenstein’s life story, similar feelings will come to mind.

Wittgenstein is best known for his extraordinary intelligence. He was a genius: at the age of 13 he made sewing machines, designed engines, worked as an architect, and, of course, most importantly, created two completely different philosophical schools with great influence. This one alone is enough to make him one of the greatest thinkers, and his philosophy is also a topic of enduring popularity. In contrast, although there are many good stories about his 62 – year – old life circulating in the public, it is a pity that most of them are anecdotes of the east scale and the west scale. As a matter of fact, I have not seen the words that tell Wittgenstein’s life story very well, which are enough to show the brilliant edges and corners of his unique and even eccentric personality and highlight the mythical quality of his life from being extremely rich and destitute. Yes, Wittgenstein has always believed that his thoughts have nothing to do with his life, and he has always dismissed attempts to decorate his philosophy with his magical life stories. However, I think that his life does have meaning beyond his philosophy, so it is another book worth studying. The two books, his philosophy and his life, are not necessarily complementary but can both be wonderful. They can be read separately.

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Women’s Best State: Always Delicate and Occasionally Rough

I often joke with my husband: when I was 80 years old, there were still people chasing me. others couldn’t get lost. eighty – two old men were fine.

Mr. Wang also made fun and pretended to gnash his teeth: dare you, see how I cooked you.

I even came to realize that if the old lady is afraid to live to that age and become a knockout, she must still have the courage to go all over the world. Who is afraid of whom?

Although it is a joke, it reveals another important thought of mine: no matter how old I live, I will be beautiful to the old.

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Rice stir-fried into a good Chinese medicine antidiarrheal spleen effect is better!

Rice is a common staple food in our life, also known as the head of five cereals. It can not only fill the stomach, but also has very rich nutritional value. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that rice has the effects of invigorating spleen, nourishing stomach, tonifying middle-jiao and invigorating qi. At the same time, it can also quench thirst and stop diarrhea, and the five internal organs, especially parched rice, have also become a panacea.

What are the benefits of fried rice?

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The greatest creation in the universe

If an alien discovered the earth, what would he be most interested in? Most people will definitely choose man-made behemoths such as high-rise buildings or trains and planes, which is of course very reasonable. But if this alien had come 1,000 years earlier, he would hardly have seen these things. In fact, if this alien came to earth 10,000 years ago, he would almost certainly not be interested in ” man – made” things, because there were not many such things on the earth at that time, and 10,000 years was a blink of an eye for a 4.5 billion – year – old earth, and he missed it carelessly.

In other words, if we look further, this alien visiting the earth will not meet us at all. But he will certainly be interested in one thing on earth, that is, life, but this is not because of how magnificent the appearance of life is, there are more magnificent scenery than life on earth, but because life has a very unique nature, which seems to violate the entropy increase law prevailing in the universe.

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How to discover the essence of demand through phenomena

For those who are engaged in the work of Internet products, user demand is an inextricable concept. It can be said that the working aim of the producer is to solve the demand.

What is the demand? I believe every product manager has his own understanding and answer. However, if the question becomes ” what is the essence of demand”, I believe most people will hesitate in their hearts and then go into meditation.

First, why should we think about the essence of demand?

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